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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLEARLY

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Discipleship2, 722:of . Let us look at your situation clearly, and I would like to indicate to you the wiseDiscipleship2, 737:and it will end when you see soul purpose more clearly. You might here ask: In what way can I know?Discipleship2, 737:I would ask you (in order to help you to see clearly and so be of greater service to others) toDiscipleship2, 737:a group significance. I am not referring more clearly to your life decisions and plans. They areDiscipleship2, 742:forty-nine his pathway of life service should be clearly defined. Yours is not. You have, however,Discipleship2, 744:plane - sound the OM inaudibly, dynamically and clearly, and as you do so, see a movement orEducation, 10:given should have enabled him to strike his note clearly, and should have indicated the patternEducation, 22:of a man's discontent, and of his power to see clearly, he passes from one point of temporaryEducation, 24:energy, the complexity of the problem emerges clearly. If it is true that all these distinctiveEducation, 34:intelligently and to express his awareness clearly, in order that he may share it with the publicEducation, One of:learn the lessons of the present which have been clearly presented to him; he must accept them andEducation, One of:to him; he must accept them and understand clearly the nature of his problem and of the crisis withEducation, 51:ordered, directed process, and the goal will be clearly visioned. It will be apparent, then, thatEducation, 70:light upon racial and individual types; it will clearly formulate the nature of individual andEducation, 78:trends and the gaps in his equipment emerge clearly. They will not be hidden until the years ofEducation, 110:you as one who sees the pattern emerging more clearly than you, because I can see it both from theEducation, 111:or en masse), so that you do not see clearly the purpose and the urgency of the life within theEducation, 118:The subjective outlines of this type can already clearly be seen. So glamored are we by the formEducation, 145:problem of life and death. Keep these two themes clearly in your mind for they are basic andExternalisation, 13:from their high and pure position let them see clearly, hear truly and report accurately, and soExternalisation, 31:the Trained Observers, has the objective to see clearly through the use of the intuition; theyExternalisation, 36:be of service to you if I outlined a little more clearly what is the purpose of the new seedExternalisation, 69:giving these Instructions I am anxious for you clearly to comprehend the end I have in view.Externalisation, 70:to him; he must accept them and understand clearly the nature of his problem and of the crisis withExternalisation, 73:the minds of men), then you must yourselves see clearly and relate the abstract and the concrete inExternalisation, 105:and it is in order that you may see more clearly that I write today. A broader vision and a widerExternalisation, 107:tabular form and thus get the general idea more clearly in mind. 1. SHAMBALLA The Holy City. LifeExternalisation, 120:animal and acquisitive man began to be more clearly defined. Gradually the mental element unfoldedExternalisation, 124:taking place. Let me state them concisely and clearly. The lines of cleavage between materialismExternalisation, 125:and the ranging of the opponents into two clearly defined groups is now so complete that the finalExternalisation, 137:case today, but there are enough people thinking clearly to make the future of right decision moreExternalisation, 137:sequence of the predisposing factors can be clearly traced in the exoteric records of all nationsExternalisation, 141:at the close of this conflict, and To explain clearly to all people the cause which produces theExternalisation, 141:of you who read my words. 2. Study and apprehend clearly the issues which lie behind this conflict,Externalisation, 166:the mass of men in all lands are responding clearly and definitely to this note of sacrifice.Externalisation, 183:Allies to state their peace aims and indicate clearly what adjustments will be made after the war,Externalisation, 209:periods and the practical work in each can be clearly defined: The interim between today and theExternalisation, 213:and the two objective attitudes are far more clearly defined than at any previous time in theExternalisation, 213:consultation and with open eyes. The choice is clearly before the thinking people [214] in everyExternalisation, 215:It is of value to you to get this picture clearly in your minds, and I would like again to defineExternalisation, 216:those neutrally-minded people who fail to think clearly, who seek to place the blame upon theExternalisation, 217:of humanity have sought to do is to bring clearly to the attention of men the basic duality whichExternalisation, 217:of unselfish spiritual objectives. This is now clearly defined. The second stage of their task nowExternalisation, 218:more ably and to present the situation more clearly to the bewildered. A horror of war and aExternalisation, 218:is on. It is of ancient lineage. The issues are clearly marked between right and wrong, betweenExternalisation, 218:upon the need to face the problem, to think clearly and intelligently about what is going on aroundExternalisation, 220:the world conflict under one or other of the clearly defined banners, their immediate action isExternalisation, 221:Your problem in all three cases is to see clearly the spiritual focus of this world crisis, toExternalisation, 226:consciousness all negativity, seeing yourself clearly as ranged on the side of the Forces of Light;Externalisation, 226:of the two Full Moons, keeping your objective clearly in mind and submitting yourselves to anExternalisation, 236:there are enough people in the world who think clearly, see the vision truly, act intelligently,Externalisation, 244:vision - long desired, much discussed and clearly outlined. The hindrances appear to be many, butExternalisation, 244:what they can do, and yet are eager to see clearly and to play their part when right vision isExternalisation, 247:pointed out the lines of demarcation which are clearly emerging, I now call upon all of you toExternalisation, 280:will be clear. One point you need to grasp more clearly, and it is both an encouragement and aExternalisation, 293:divinity and the glory of light more truly and clearly before the disciple. Similarly, there comeExternalisation, 306:one in intent. The first step is to realize clearly what are the methods whereby the Avatar canExternalisation, 311:to cooperate. The second step is to understand clearly what is the task which must be undertaken inExternalisation, 322:undertaken in our joint work so that you can clearly see the background of our coming effort andExternalisation, 322:immediately ahead at the close of the war is clearly indicated. 2. The founding and the work of theExternalisation, 325:be done if each servant of the Hierarchy thinks clearly, loves intelligently and serves to theExternalisation, 331:freedoms of the New Age and can therefore think clearly, teach the new ideals correctly, and aid inExternalisation, 335:will ponder on this, you will see the way more clearly. There are many first ray workers wieldingExternalisation, 354:Buddha and the Christ. It is difficult to write clearly about this matter of world glamor (ThisExternalisation, 356:the basic dualism of manifestation can be seen clearly defined. Because of this clarity ofExternalisation, 356:the new world era and its cultural order can be clearly noted and appraised. All generalizationsExternalisation, 360:disillusioned and will consequently see more clearly. The world glamor is being steadily removedExternalisation, 368:The issues in this war are being increasingly clearly realized; even the ignorant and theExternalisation, 368:These three points of view are today being clearly realized by men everywhere, and their decisionsExternalisation, 377:that it is even probable. How can we simply and clearly express the goal of this hoped-for newExternalisation, 378:helpful to recognize is that this vision is more clearly seen by the man in the street and by theExternalisation, 395:now, as a whole, been able to see and grasp more clearly than ever before, the nature of evil. MenExternalisation, 428:understanding, or with the ability to think clearly, who hate evil and who can hold to a vision.Externalisation, 431:in America - an effort to see the issues clearly, to understand the causes of this war, and aExternalisation, 434:longing of all the Masters that men would see clearly and make free and right choice, so that -Externalisation, 439:men and women of goodwill. Therefore, get this clearly in mind, so that your cooperation can beExternalisation, 443:allied nations. See the issues of this conflict clearly, and let no false and glamorous sentimentExternalisation, 445:of light and of goodwill has been placed clearly before you. The need for clear thinking is plain.Externalisation, 458:if the men and women of goodwill will think clearly, speak forcefully, demand spiritually andExternalisation, 482:of Reconstruction. I would ask you to have clearly in your minds the three groups of spiritualExternalisation, 494:humanity to choose rightly and to see the issues clearly. The necessity to withdraw was averted. IExternalisation, 495:the following four of real interest: There was a clearly directed inflow of extra-planetary energyExternalisation, 633:has been meticulously carried out under a most clearly visioned plan. First, there was theExternalisation, 685:in the Ashrams, and by them was formulated clearly and presented to humanity. H.P.B. (one of theExternalisation, 685:events - historical and psychological - can be clearly noted as the foundation for all presentExternalisation, 685:indicating the way of the future and revealing clearly the Will-to-Good which is animating theExternalisation, 701:I would ask you to have this distinction clearly in your minds. Your material goal is the defeat ofFire, 84:in all the three bodies will the resemblance clearly be seen, and the working out in perfectFire, 97:passed its nadir it shows itself somewhat more clearly. The third outpouring which descends fromFire, 151:- remembering ever to keep the distinction clearly in mind that we are dealing now simply with theFire, 157:forms within the solar system. Let us keep clearly in our minds that we are simply considering theFire, 207:The dual revolution in the lower centers is clearly to be seen and the three higher are commencingFire, 266:we have sought to emphasize and to impress clearly upon our minds that the three lines ofFire, 300:here to bring out perhaps a little more clearly the place of cycles in the evolution of all theseFire, 338:student might apprehend the underlying idea more clearly if it is realized that: The Spirit employsFire, 339:of the active mental principle somewhat more clearly before the student. In the Hall of IgnoranceFire, 402:in considering these points, to remember very clearly the distinction between transmutation and theFire, 402:as usual, tabulate our premises, and thus keep clearly in mind, and visualized, the points underFire, 408:in this treatise. Certain ideas stand out clearly against the background of intricate plans,Fire, 427:fruition. Let us keep the numbering of the Rays clearly in mind. The numbers preceding the names
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