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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLEARLY

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Psychology2, 58:soul's experience, wherein the soul knows more clearly the design, and in which much material hasPsychology2, 67:entire man can be brought about. To understand clearly what occurs, it will be wise to define morePsychology2, 72:and the forms of the higher psychism may be clearly seen. It requires a constant disciplining ofPsychology2, 83:passages in A Treatise on White Magic give clearly the intended [84] technique. They are asPsychology2, 125:of world salvage. This distinction must be clearly grasped, or else our whole attitude to thisPsychology2, 135:upon his chosen field of service. This must be clearly grasped. That might only indicate (if itPsychology2, 138:an observation of the methods employed by these clearly isolated Ray types and groups. ThesePsychology2, 240:and purpose which results when the objective is clearly seen by Him and developed in plain andPsychology2, 269:upon the mental plane, there is summarized clearly and concisely the attitude of the soul towardsPsychology2, 277:Way." I cannot translate these terms more clearly, nor can I find an adequate word for the phrasePsychology2, 297:by similarity of ray, there will also be a clearly pronounced tendency to lay the emphasis uponPsychology2, 299:the ray of the soul and of the physical body are clearly defined. The other rays are regarded asPsychology2, 304:did with deliberation, as I was anxious to have clearly established the difference which will bePsychology2, 316:characteristics. As we study, let us bear clearly in mind that it is the soul as a center ofPsychology2, 348:into a phase of light, wherein the man sees clearly the next step to be taken. Receives thePsychology2, 352:of the life though uttered not, yet still is clearly heard: 'I move to power. I am the One. We arePsychology2, 361:is. As he works, revelation comes, and he sees clearly what he has to do. Usually this entailsPsychology2, 368:which are indicated hereafter, we shall bring clearly into our consciousness the keynote for thePsychology2, 396:bearer. Perhaps my meaning will emerge more clearly to some of you when I point out to you that thePsychology2, 408:apparatus, and the power to express desire, most clearly demonstrated. The same thing can also bePsychology2, 480:becomes aware of inclinations, urges, voices, clearly impressed commands, revelations of courses ofPsychology2, 482:world today whose voices are ringing loudly and clearly along the lines of free choice, and thePsychology2, 515:the withdrawal of the old, is apt to produce clearly felt effects upon humanity, as a whole, andPsychology2, 517:force will then be stabilized and its note clearly heard. Psychology2, 545:the saints of the earth, and among those who are clearly oriented towards the light? The answer isPsychology2, 616:problems more defined and the difficulties more clearly delineated. They are: Those arising as aPsychology2, 640:to deal with it and to see its outlines clearly. This reason is the conflict between certain greatPsychology2, 653:live more in their mental natures, and to think clearly and wisely. As a direct result of a growingPsychology2, 660:Servers must also be presented constantly and clearly to the thinking public. The form in whichPsychology2, 720:the emergency [720] Define the plan more clearly Become more sensitive to inner, subjective,Psychology2, 724:idealistic, subjective and sensed, be so clearly formulated and considered that nothing whateverPsychology2, 727:formulation of the ideals - sensed dimly or clearly - in terms of sacrifice and the resultantPsychology2, 729:of this appeal to cooperate and aid, or to know clearly why we will not. Psychology2, 732:have been. The demand for cooperation has been clearly sounded from the inner side, and by thePsychology2, 735:aiding of humanity. The case has been presented clearly and most definitely. The responsibility nowPsychology2, 736:The lines of world cleavage are becoming more clearly defined and humanity is slowly forming itselfPsychology2, 747:bring about the training of ourselves to see clearly the issues involved in any situationRays, 47:on Initiation, we gained (or perhaps fixed more clearly in our minds) three major thoughts: ThatRays, 49:than in this phrase; nowhere is it more clearly shown and yet, unless the intuition and the senseRays, 50:the Spiritual Triad. This takes place in three clearly defined stages: The stage wherein the lowerRays, 54:with Shamballa, are steadily and ever more clearly hearing the Sound emanating from the CentralRays, 59:in these brief expositions? [59] Do you see more clearly the growing beauty of the Whole and theRays, 74:of the Spiritual Triad. Let me make myself clearly understood, if possible. You have, therefore,Rays, 75:I cannot and must not put these truths more clearly, even if the necessary words were available toRays, 146:next two rules will reveal the issues still more clearly and will outline for you when betterRays, 149:free in the world of light, where all stand clearly revealed. Then he can begin to face the lessonsRays, 149:The initiate knows it not. First let us clearly define the various septenates referred to in thisRays, 156:For Group Initiation I would have you grasp clearly the highly condensed presentation I have givenRays, 156:endeavor to help you to understand somewhat more clearly what the initiate-consciousness would readRays, 174:walks, unitedly its units learn a lesson (one clearly enunciated by modern science) that light andRays, 289:of the divine purpose to emerge more clearly in the consciousness of the initiated disciple. It isRays, 327:forward and the new spiritual enticement must be clearly disclosed. Evolution is not a staticRays, 350:after the second initiation, and see their way clearly ahead; but their goals emerge as widelyRays, 350:of matter; and to others, the divine will is clearly impressed upon them and becomes the motivatingRays, 355:this fourfold picture and this threefold symbol clearly distinguished in their minds, forRays, 378:and the relation of energy to force. With these clearly held in mind, the detail is of smallRays, 379:process, the newer concepts may emerge more clearly. The points I want you to bear in mind are asRays, 447:and the forms of the higher psychism may be clearly seen. It requires a constant disciplining ofRays, 488:so that the dedicated bridge-builder may clearly perceive what is being done. The steadyRays, 499:race. This is something which can be seen quite clearly emerging, if you have the eyes to see. ItRays, 502:orient energy currents, and see their objective clearly in the mind's eye pictorially. It is aRays, 508:of Synthesis, by a fiat of the will, based on a clearly formulated purpose and program. You willRays, 545:to the desired fusion, falls into certain clearly defined stages: Rays, 562:within the periphery of the three worlds through clearly defined ray forms and relationships. He isRays, 599:factor in the world of men. He knows clearly what has been [600] accomplished and senses somethingRays, 605:the effects of its activity will emerge more clearly. Fundamentally, this fourth ray is that whichRays, 613:certain basic renunciations, once the issues are clearly seen and the cleavage which exists inRays, 622:when they have been educated to see the issues clearly, the relationships which should beRays, 634:be reached. The issue of aggression can be more clearly seen because of their activities. Very fewRays, 641:between separateness and right relations is clearly to be seen, men will know of themselves whatRays, 647:material living and spiritual living will be clearly demonstrated. This is made possible by theRays, 650:- a blazing forth of the light which will focus clearly for him, and in a flash of time, theRays, 652:realizes, through the revelation accorded, more clearly than has hitherto been possible, theRays, 665:successive initiation will see this fact more clearly demonstrated. The Birth Initiation liesRays, 729:initiations demonstrate these points still more clearly and definitely, and the light in which theRays, 745:These conflicting ideologies are presenting clearly to the human consciousness certain greatRays, 746:are making their presence and their differences clearly felt; the spiritual issue, as I have latelyRays, 747:of Democracy. These issues will emerge clearly in Great Britain, where the socialist point of viewReappearance, 34:from those in the past in that he is able clearly to indicate to others the techniques of the Path;Reappearance, 72:this reappearance is complete and settled. It is clearly perceived by the Christ. The workReappearance, 79:Yet, in The New Testament, that recognition is clearly revealed and colors the presentation of theReappearance, 79:the period of Pisces, is forgotten, but is clearly evidenced in the fish symbology which runsReappearance, 133:disillusioned and will consequently see more clearly. World glamor is being steadily removed fromSoul, 25:1925, p. 223. Western psychology in the mass is clearly materialistic. It is mechanistic, thrivingSoul, 27:this has been the thought of the East, and it is clearly pictured in that venerable scripture ofSoul, 39:interlocking system with functions and organisms clearly distinct from those of other systemsSoul, 42:[42] causes intellectual precocity as is clearly indicated in the historic case discussed below.Soul, 46:in ovarian cases. In the lower vertebrates it is clearly connected with the ducts of the sexualSoul, 51:experimental stage, and much remains to be done. Clearly, however, there is a close relationshipSoul, 64:directly apprehend matter. Matter we apprehend clearly when young children, but as we grow up weSoul, 112:as to the luminous quality. However, it must be clearly understood that, between the nadis and theTelepathy, 53:heavenly world (as the mystics call it) are as clearly perceived by [54] the higher initiate as areTelepathy, 89:which are hierarchical; his life becomes more clearly directed; he next distinguishes definitelyTelepathy, 104:the true significance of the Cross of humanity clearly revealed. The fact of registration is noTelepathy, 104:or energy distribution. He must be able to state clearly on what aspect of his recording mechanismTelepathy, 126:of working of the One Life is to be grasped more clearly than is now the case. The aim of theTelepathy, 141:cycle or world period. If you are to understand clearly, it is essential that I lay down certainTelepathy, 196:that the trend of human aspiration became more clearly emphatic; and the new era, with its latent
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