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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLEAVAGE

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Astrology, 567:brought about (paradoxically) the present world cleavage. Cancer - The potency of this sign isAutobiography, 43:interests were totally different and the first cleavage between us appeared. My sister chose toAutobiography, 170:of the [170] society truly at heart. The cleavage in the society was steadily widening and the lineAutobiography, 173:this whole situation was reaching a climax. The cleavage between the authoritarian of the E.S. andAutobiography, 188:in miniature a tiny replica of the major world cleavage which has climaxed since 1939 in the WorldAutobiography, 293:May it not be true that, because of this ancient cleavage between spiritual life and materialBethlehem, 18:unified world. It is outstandingly a religion of cleavage, demonstrating to man his duality, andBethlehem, 138:manner; people are distraught because of this cleavage. We hear of multiple personalities, and theDestiny, 127:has led to a world which is suffering from cleavage in as true a sense as an individual person canDestiny, 127:and have been clearly and forcefully drawn. The cleavage to which I refer has been drawn by theDestiny, 133:is Attraction and Repulsion - hence division and cleavage, producing eventually a realization ofDiscipleship2, 59:On the mental plane, a great and deep seated cleavage is going on and the occult significance ofDiscipleship2, 59:and succeed in winning the day. This great cleavage is now in process of settlement. On the otherDiscipleship2, 68:the people, it would produce a far more serious cleavage than now exists, for instance between theDiscipleship2, 163:The second indication produced a pronounced cleavage between the forces of evil and the Forces ofDiscipleship2, 163:the forces of evil and the Forces of Light; this cleavage resulted in the world war (1914-1945) andExternalisation, 49:the animal condition. This necessarily causes a cleavage but it is one of which the highest groupExternalisation, 88:in the Jewish problem, is definitely producing cleavage as a part of the divine plan. The Jews areExternalisation, 118:place, it is due to certain major lines of cleavage which were brought about by this essentialExternalisation, 119:evolved and yet in spite of this the lines of cleavage, though present, were not recognized. TheExternalisation, 119:nature was, as always, present and the lines of cleavage gradually appeared; slowly yet steadily,Externalisation, 120:himself with that which he wanted. The lines of cleavage between the instinctual animal andExternalisation, 121:and give new values to living. The lines of cleavage between the animal, instinctual nature andExternalisation, 121:a vague control, thus making the lines of cleavage between materialism and spirituality still moreExternalisation, 122:any more than is the mind of a little child. The cleavage between the two groups (the oneExternalisation, 124:state them concisely and clearly. The lines of cleavage between materialism and spirituality (as weExternalisation, 126:will is that of their leaders. The lines of cleavage have grown steadily until now they can beExternalisation, 126:of this situation, and the wide extent of the cleavage, which induced the watching Hierarchy toExternalisation, 129:and solemnly beg you not to make the lines of cleavage wider by placing yourself, and all whoExternalisation, 182:[182] as the world grew closer, the lines of cleavage and the antagonism of the nations increased,Externalisation, 254:a basic understanding of the lines of world cleavage; it concerns right choice and consequentExternalisation, 320:possible cost, and secondly, a steadily emerging cleavage between the relatively few who haveExternalisation, 375:has brought about the present world crisis and cleavage and this global clash of interests andFire, 525:of the masses. This again will eventuate in a cleavage between the two groups in the middle of theFire, 525:the fifth round. It must be remembered that this cleavage will be part of a natural process, andFire, 525:who know not, and from those who care not. This cleavage will be self-induced, and a naturalGlamour, 101:This duality temporarily produces another cleavage in a man's life, and thus reinitiates aGlamour, 102:you that this sense of peace or perception of cleavage is in itself an illusion and of the natureGlamour, 110:of unity in the early stages, when the previous cleavage had been healed and the initial dualityGlamour, 110:have succeeded in resolving the initial physical cleavage and have become centered in the astralGlamour, 118:to each other. The recognition of the points of cleavage or the splits in the personality whichGlamour, 154:Dweller then controls. The stage of a growing cleavage in the consciousness [155] of the disciple.Healing, 96:plane. This failure produces not only the cleavage in the personality so well known to theHealing, 302:primarily the field of multiplicity. He produced cleavage on every hand. He wrought with potentHealing, 302:many psychological disorders and mental trouble. Cleavage is the outstanding characteristic -Healing, 302:Cleavage is the outstanding characteristic - cleavage within the individual or between theMagic, 544:cycle, corresponding to this final battle and cleavage, will appear during the sixth subrace whichPsychology1, 9:that it is in this region of thought that the cleavage comes between black and white magic. It isPsychology1, 29:[29] Christianity is primarily a religion of cleavage, demonstrating to man his duality and soPsychology1, 376:branches, empires and nations. These Laws of Cleavage are too difficult for general comprehension.Psychology1, 376:under what we (esoterically) call the Laws of Cleavage. It is the mind which separates and divides;Psychology2, 403:the many points of view to each other. The same cleavage and even warfare is to be found within thePsychology2, 404:into the following groupings: The Problems of Cleavage, leading frequently to the many ways ofPsychology2, 406:intelligence is beginning to control) a sense of cleavage and of duality. These integrations, asPsychology2, 407:of three kinds of people: Those conscious of cleavage. Those achieving integration with much painPsychology2, 409:into three major groupings: The Problems of Cleavage. These in their turn are of two kinds: ThePsychology2, 409:This sense of duality, as the result of realized cleavage, ranges all the way from the "splitPsychology2, 415:- Some Problems of Psychology a. Problems of Cleavage Thinkers are today awakening to thisPsychology2, 416:is only the symbol or lowest expression of the cleavage or separativeness of which the mystic isPsychology2, 416:what he calls divinity. In between this physical cleavage and this spiritual recognition ofPsychology2, 416:of this is to be found a still more fundamental cleavage - that between the human kingdom and thePsychology2, 416:the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls - a cleavage in consciousness more than in fact. ThePsychology2, 416:cleavage in consciousness more than in fact. The cleavage between the animal and the human kingdomPsychology2, 416:to the healing of the personality cleavages. The cleavage between personality and the soul isPsychology2, 417:various cleavages in human nature. There is no cleavage to be found today between the vital bodyPsychology2, 417:physical body. There is only at times a partial cleavage and what one might call a "loosePsychology2, 419:done today and the less serious forms of etheric cleavage are rapidly yielding to treatment. LackPsychology2, 421:- Some Problems of Psychology The true sense of cleavage and really serious difficulty comes,Psychology2, 422:[422] satisfaction. In the one case the cleavage begins to appear in the lower aspects of hisPsychology2, 422:aspects, but in both cases the lines of the cleavage are clear. The conflict has begun and twoPsychology2, 422:wheel of life, either physically or mentally. 2. Cleavage comes also when the man fails to use hisPsychology2, 423:possible recognitions but the resolution of the cleavage for which these are responsible willPsychology2, 423:perhaps be said that the release of many whose cleavage lies primarily in the realm of the desirePsychology2, 426:of these cleavages are of major importance: The cleavage between the mind and the rest of the lowerPsychology2, 426:- physical, vital, astral or emotional. The cleavage between the man and his environment which -Psychology2, 427:the two - himself and his environment. [427] The cleavage between the man (the personality) and thePsychology2, 427:polarized or spiritually inclined. The sense of cleavage, the need for orientation, the bridgingPsychology2, 430:The process is always and inevitably the same: Cleavage. A recognition of duality, eitherPsychology2, 430:gradually carried forward, once the point of cleavage is determined. The achievement of periods ofPsychology2, 430:understood, for it then serves to increase the cleavage instead of being recognized as a moment ofPsychology2, 437:structure, will be evidenced. The cause of the cleavage in this case is usually found somewherePsychology2, 441:which has recognized the need for bridging the cleavage between the emotional nature and the mindPsychology2, 442:The group that has already bridged this cleavage and is now aware of a major task which is thePsychology2, 445:the lower energies and therefore indicating a cleavage in the man's nature. The energy of thePsychology2, 446:for the bridging process? Where is the point of cleavage, and, therefore, the point of presentPsychology2, 446:period of the present life expression did the cleavage make its appearance? Or has an achievedPsychology2, 446:the difficult situation? Is this problem One of cleavage, requiring a bridging process, and leadingPsychology2, 448:will-to-good. This bridges not only the major cleavage in individual man, but it is that which willPsychology2, 517:energies. They would thus offset the tendency to cleavage which is one of the major anxieties ofPsychology2, 517:upon humanity, there will be fusion and not cleavage to be found in the world. Thus the kingdom ofPsychology2, 540:by this vibrant and potent central force center. Cleavage, astralism, delusions, hallucinations,Psychology2, 604:which leads to the common phenomenon of cleavage. It is one of the hardest to handle. The mysticPsychology2, 631:in the world at this time? - for the lines of cleavage are daily clarifying, and the situation canPsychology2, 668:the race, the groups which foster the spirit of cleavage and which build up barriers to impede thePsychology2, 736:in the life of everyday. The lines of world cleavage are becoming more clearly defined and humanityPsychology2, 744:state the immediate plan. To make the lines of cleavage, already existing, so apparent that thePsychology2, 744:from the broad and true issues. These lines of cleavage fall into three general lines. Between theRays, 416:Shamballa and the Hierarchy, nor do they signify cleavage or differing aims and goals. The wholeRays, 596:time in human history - humanity is aware of cleavage at the time it is being brought about.Rays, 600:of what lies ahead. The great principle of cleavage (which the fifth ray governs) is the dominating
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