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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLIMB

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Astrology, 158:the heights takes place. The attempt today to climb Mount Everest is amazingly symbolic, and it isAstrology, 180:vision of attainment is seen; the man begins to climb out of the depths to which he has descendedAstrology, 180:in Capricorn which he knows he must eventually climb. He walks no longer in the dark, for he seesAstrology, 233:follow either instinct or custom and those who climb freely where they choose and are self-directedAutobiography, 49:there, and then there would be the terrific climb to its summit - a feat seldom accomplished. So itAutobiography, 138:It was safe ground for the children, trees to climb, gardening to do and no care to make meAutobiography, 143:permitting her to take violent exercise, or climb a hill, or walk up stairs I conquered the heartBethlehem, 37:is finally spoken humanity will be enabled to climb to the final peak of human achievement. TheBethlehem, 156:we have no time, after the six days' labor, to climb the mountain of vision. A certain familiarityBethlehem, 158:only after the Transfiguration can we dare to climb Mount Golgotha. Only when we have achievedBethlehem, 159:through the birth chamber, enter the stream and climb the mountain, furthering God's work forDiscipleship1, 462:as moves the hare upon its path. With joy I climb as doth the goat which scales the precipice andDiscipleship1, 513:dreaming and colorless. Enter your tower and climb to the summit and then release the light whichDiscipleship1, 537:There is no need to ask you to go on and climb the mountain of attainment. The seed thoughtsDiscipleship1, 599:if you find the upward way stiff and hard to climb. You are in good company and are not alone. OutDiscipleship2, 533:forth the sun and shadows will disappear. Men climb a wall, the sage remarked, and sit athwart theDiscipleship2, 533:remarked, and sit athwart the top. Then they climb down. Ponder on this. At the foot of the wallDiscipleship2, 654:the purpose of the two hands I possess. I climb the ladder, hard as it may seem, with both my handsDiscipleship2, 716:The thing before thine eyes. 9th month - I climb the mountain top with others and watch the sun. IHercules, 107:in the future, knows that before he can climb the mountain in Capricorn he must slay the Hydra, andHercules, 109:full powers of the soul. In Capricorn we shall climb the mountain-top, and entering now, as we are,Hercules, 150:forget the larger view. If ever we are going to climb the mountain top in Capricorn we must loseHercules, 160:kingdom in nature, the spiritual kingdom, or climb the mountain of Capricorn, until there has beenHercules, 161:existence are severed, we are freed and we climb the mountain like the goat in Capricorn. It hasHercules, 182:learn to have individual thought, become goats, climb the mountain and exchange the position ofIntellect, 94:[94] height and brace ourselves for the arduous climb and the fierce endeavor. We must say with J.Intellect, 237:stairs up the steps of which the learner may climb to the Temple of Divine Wisdom." H.P. BlavatskyPatanjali, 46:of living water." Thus the rapidity of their climb up the mount of initiation has to be modified,Patanjali, 331:the seeker after truth escape from drowning and climb the river's bank. Let him turn towards thePsychology1, 156:the "place of recognition," and are preparing to climb the mountain of vision. If aspirants butPsychology1, 169:the immortal individual Ego starts on its upward climb through the human kingdom. This is the thirdRays, 707:this life than take the fifth initiation and climb the Mount of Ascension. The revelation for me is
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