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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLIMBED

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Astrology, 156:sought illumination as the Bull of God and has climbed the mountain top in the semblance of theAstrology, 436:mountain of initiation which must eventually be climbed and surmounted. It signifies, therefore,Autobiography, 48:one unfoldment to another. It is as if one had climbed a mountain peak and - at the moment ofBethlehem, 46:to the pinnacles of attainment, and so climbed the mountain of initiation. But today this becomesBethlehem, 158:few. It is the rare and developed soul which has climbed the Mountain of Transfiguration, and thereDiscipleship1, 674:OF THE FIVE HUMAN STAGES Stage I. The life has climbed the stairway long through daily use of form.Discipleship1, 773:depths, into hell and into the valleys; he has climbed the mountain top of initiation and fromDiscipleship2, 62:to initiated disciples and to those who have climbed the mountain of initiation. The term "sheep"Hercules, 90:rest until he has emerged out of the water and climbed steadily on until he finds himself on theHercules, 110:experiences the mountain of transfiguration is climbed, the mount of crucifixion is achieved, to beHercules, 125:And so unarmed, save with his trusty club, he climbed the mountain steep, seeking the boar, andHercules, 125:of fear and terror. Higher and higher still he climbed. And then he met a friend. Upon the way, heHercules, 173:zodiac, learned all the lessons of the signs and climbed the mountain of initiation; he [174] hasHercules, 186:to give you an idea of his psychology. He had climbed up to the top of the mountain. He had passedHercules, 197:in a golden cup and when he arrived there he climbed to the top of a mountain and spent the nightHercules, 228:of the methods employed by the disciple who has climbed the mountain in Capricorn and has no longerMagic, 4:vision which I can impart (owing to my having climbed higher up the mountain than some) is my mainMagic, 467:in the human kingdom. Stage I The life has climbed the stairway long through daily use of form.Magic, 515:women who are on the opposite scale, and have climbed relatively high on the ladder of progress.Magic, 605:point of the Mount of Initiation has been climbed, it is not possible to vision the Promised LandPsychology1, 150:who have undergone the third initiation and have climbed the mount of Transfiguration can - fromPsychology2, 169:and build anew. But only build when thou has climbed the upward way, traversed the gallery ofRays, 705:world of experiences. [705] He knows that he has climbed to the mountain-top or has "ascended" to
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