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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLIMBING

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Astrology, 153:his feet upon the earth, yet running free and climbing to the heights of worldly ambition or ofAstrology, 157:"need for green," but the Goat is equal also to climbing to the mountain top. This is theAutobiography, 56:perhaps four or five hundred soldiers in it, and climbing on a table, get their attention and, whatAutobiography, 141:both he and I in our separate places would go on climbing the ladder of evolution, life after life,Bethlehem, 170:to follow Christ, and who aims eventually at climbing the Mount of Transfiguration, service leadsBethlehem, 282:Baptism in Jordan, whilst a few are valiantly climbing the Mount of Transfiguration. One here andDiscipleship1, 537:will give you needed hints upon the mode of climbing. 1st month - Lift up thin eyes. Look not uponDiscipleship1, 538:use of love in service and give seven rules for climbing - rules you have wrought out for yourselfDiscipleship1, 688:seen and how much you discovered for yourself by climbing arduously and earnestly the Mount ofDiscipleship1, 688:becomes an Accepted Disciple when he starts climbing towards the vision, towards the mountain top;Discipleship2, 127:and love each other. Then visualize yourself as climbing into the boat. When all of the group areHercules, 161:foot of the hill through which we pass before climbing the mountain and in passing through thatHercules, 174:the heart, nor by tremendous detachment, nor by climbing a pedestal. The world disciple does notHercules, 176:will have much personal significance for us. The Climbing of the Mountain Capricorn tells the storyHercules, 176:of the Mountain Capricorn tells the story of the climbing of the mountain and of the descent intoMagic, 11:the knowledge of the objective, and when through climbing the mountain of vision his perspectiveSoul, 120:higher than that of the animal, and that he is climbing upward on the ladder of evolution. Such in
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