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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLOSE

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Discipleship1, 479:of strong distaste for some you know and who are close to you in this incarnation. Wrench thatDiscipleship1, 496:- L.U.T. August 1940 MY BROTHER: You have been close to me for many years, even though you belong,Discipleship1, 517:possessive love for those you have gathered close around you in the karmic process of life, thatDiscipleship1, 521:between the sixth and the second rays is so close that the problem of your soul is not insuperableDiscipleship1, 521:realization. This will necessarily involve a close watchfulness over the personality. You will haveDiscipleship1, 521:your own divinity in daily expression. A close watchfulness over the first faint tendency to swingDiscipleship1, 535:up with your group brothers and with all who are close to you on the inner planes and send forthDiscipleship1, 536:So let it be and help us to do our part. And close with the benediction: "May the Holy Ones, whoseDiscipleship1, 539:Simplicity I would suggest then that at the close of this period and as a contribution to the lifeDiscipleship1, 544:learnt much, and on the inner side remains close. Discipleship1, 546:the Inner Light." This meditation comes at the close of this relatively brief communication whichDiscipleship1, 548:I have watched over you with a good deal of close attention during the past four months. I realizeDiscipleship1, 550:planes. I would commend this thought to your close attention. Discipleship1, 553:to this work. Then, give fifteen minutes to a close pondering upon the thoughts of healing. YouDiscipleship1, 553:from my words and make them the subject of your close attention. Upon them make and keep notes.Discipleship1, 553:BROTHER OF MINE: In establishing, as I do, a close and more enduring contact each time IDiscipleship1, 559:with the work of the Full Moon Approach, paying close attention to the latter. Learn the way intoDiscipleship1, 571:contribution lies as yet deeply hidden; only a close attention to my imparted instructions, aDiscipleship1, 574:or service idealism which you may care to do. Close with a dedication of yourself and of all thatDiscipleship1, 577:The New Group of World Servers. Humanity. Close with the Benediction. My blessing rests upon you,Discipleship1, 597:the truths learnt thereby. Instead, study with close attention The Bhagavad Gita, and use that asDiscipleship1, 597:fellow disciples by making (on their behalf) a close study of the psychology of the intuition?Discipleship1, 608:during the coming six months and, at the close, give your interpretation of each Rule for theDiscipleship1, 625:as it exists on the astral plane at this time, close to materialization, and, secondly, by theDiscipleship1, 628:disciples whom you know and seek to get into close rapport with them. Study what they say and writeDiscipleship1, 632:occult exercise for you to do, save that you pay close attention to your spiritual sensitivity atDiscipleship1, 645:each other and likewise a strong liking for close personality contacts. Neither of these attitudesDiscipleship1, 646:and failure which go with that situation. The close juxtaposition of your soul and personality raysDiscipleship1, 649:all time. NOTE: This disciple had a peculiarly close place to the Tibetan and some very definiteDiscipleship1, 652:towards release. We need those who are seeking close contact with their souls and with us who areDiscipleship1, 667:integration, but your group brothers are close to you and the consciousness of this fact isDiscipleship1, 670:presumably active in the Tibetan's Ashram and close to him, but has disappeared in the chaos of theDiscipleship1, 673:can get his Master's ear at any time. He is in close touch always. This is the stage wherein aDiscipleship1, 674:picture changes form. Another voice, coming from close at hand utters another phrase. The lifeDiscipleship1, 675:comes - a vision of a folded lotus flower, close petalled, tightly sealed, lacking aroma yet, butDiscipleship1, 696:along lines similar to that of the Master. How close is the disciple to the Master's thoughts? TheDiscipleship1, 713:can get his Master's ear at any time. He is in close touch always. This is the stage wherein aDiscipleship1, 723:which produce: Hierarchical integrity. Eventual close relationship between humanity and theDiscipleship1, 725:working in or out of an Ashram, should be in close telepathic rapport and thus provide a trainingDiscipleship1, 758:There were the three disciples, beloved and close; then the nine, who completed the inner Ashram.Discipleship1, 760:at the same time to humanity. Only disciples close to the Master's heart (technically understood)Discipleship1, 766:of all-inclusive extension and perfection. A close concentration upon and study of the spirally andDiscipleship1, 767:terms: [767] "The stage where the disciple is in close touch always; he is being definitelyDiscipleship1, 767:to be truly loved and, therefore, to be truly close to the Master. His life or lives of serviceDiscipleship1, 768:to you elsewhere about world disciples being "close to the Master's heart." This is not the sameDiscipleship1, 768:to all disciples to become world disciples, close to the Master's heart, and to pass rapidlyDiscipleship1, 770:the various stages of discipleship. Disciples close to the Master's heart, world disciples andDiscipleship1, 778:to offer study to disciples and initiates at the close of this century and the beginning of theDiscipleship1, 789:is that in the new cycle which will come at the close of the war, the fact of the Hierarchy and theDiscipleship2, 11:I was thus responsible for A.A.B. and hence the close link between us and the basic understandingDiscipleship2, 24:greatest servers are men and women who are very close to the spiritual Hierarchy and working underDiscipleship2, 29:Finally, my brothers, one parting word as I close this instruction. The world tension increases andDiscipleship2, 34:of all life, the identity of purpose and the close sense of relationship which characterizes anDiscipleship2, 34:six statements upon which to ponder. Through the close consideration of these statements you canDiscipleship2, 46:realize - briefly and fleetingly at times - the close link with the Ashram; your attitude isDiscipleship2, 72:of the group results, for your fusion into one close bond of brotherhood and devotion, into oneDiscipleship2, 82:is going out from every Ashram to all workers to close their ranks and to stand together in theDiscipleship2, 82:the reorganization of the Arcane School, to close its ranks and to deepen the proposed trend of theDiscipleship2, 90:write an instruction upon group work which will close all that I have to say on the subject in theDiscipleship2, 96:strengthen each and all of you. This will close our cycle of instruction. If you avail yourselvesDiscipleship2, 96:of major importance to the group. The time for close attention to yourselves and to your individualDiscipleship2, 104:cycle. This unanimity of purpose produces a very close subjective relationship, and each member ofDiscipleship2, 125:because "as a man thinketh, so is he." 10. Then close with the new Invocation and also with theDiscipleship2, 130:happening. Do this exercise each morning at the close of the alignment work, endeavoring to holdDiscipleship2, 135:and who will be the hierarchy of workers at the close of this century and during the first quarterDiscipleship2, 138:outline the work, asking you to do it after close study of all that I have written above: [139] I.Discipleship2, 139:of the creative imagination, all the Ashrams in close contact with Shamballa as: Responsive to theDiscipleship2, 146:Sound the OM, thus "closing the episode." Close the above meditation with a daily dedication ofDiscipleship2, 147:shortened form of the meditation follows at the close of this general instruction. At the end ofDiscipleship2, 147:for useful distribution or transmission. At the close of the year send in your thirty-six seedDiscipleship2, 148:this world catastrophe draws to its inevitable close and the Forces of Light triumph over theDiscipleship2, 168:Earth. Right here the work of the Triangles - so close to the heart of the Hierarchy at this time -Discipleship2, 169:the center which we call Humanity. There is a close relation between the first stanza and the finalDiscipleship2, 174:door where evil dwells will symbolically slowly close through the sheer weight of public opinionDiscipleship2, 183:man, grounded in the soul, entering into a close contact (leading eventually to fusion) with theDiscipleship2, 230:And may it seal the door where evil dwells.' " Close with a careful consideration of your ownDiscipleship2, 256:consciousness becomes at this stage increasingly close. They constitute essentially a pair ofDiscipleship2, 285:phrase out of the six has its own symbol at the close of each unit of thought, if I may call itDiscipleship2, 297:entirely new avenue of perception and relatively close to and an aspect of the will aspect ofDiscipleship2, 298:systems which will be functioning at the close of the New Age, so rapidly approaching. Only nowDiscipleship2, 315:can find no more to do, and all the weaving and close-related plans are all worked out, then theDiscipleship2, 317:to emphasize. Much that I have said above has a close connection with the hint given on pagesDiscipleship2, 318:already presented. There is here usually a close adherence to the esoteric teaching of the time,Discipleship2, 318:once in a century after their Conclave at the close of the first quarter) there is the imparting ofDiscipleship2, 322:Impact. You have here also an indication of the close interrelation of the outer and the inner,Discipleship2, 335:or those periods in which the Masters pay close attention to the quality aspect of mankind, areDiscipleship2, 373:of disciples or aspirants who are working in close with some hierarchical group. If IDiscipleship2, 390:arrives at the very heart of things and is so close to the heart of the Master that theDiscipleship2, 400:created, flashes into being, and then - at the close of the initiatory process - fades out, leavingDiscipleship2, 418:of initiation; you can see, therefore, that a close study and a vital comprehension of Hint VI mustDiscipleship2, 445:the world of causes. Three in this group stand close to you. Discover who they are and know theDiscipleship2, 454:and the second interlude might come at the close of every three months of work, at the time of theDiscipleship2, 455:your process of rhythmic mental building. Keep close to your group brothers. Seek to establish aDiscipleship2, 455:- subjective and real - with F.C.D. who is so close to you in nature, though with more first rayDiscipleship2, 461:yourself (for selfless purpose) from too close a contact with those in distress. Aid them; loveDiscipleship2, 465:are still working in my Ashram, as I remain in close touch with world affairs in relation to theirDiscipleship2, 466:of any Ashram in order to draw you into a very close relation to myself and to the group. Such aDiscipleship2, 466:to myself and to the group. Such a definite and close relation [467] produces healing andDiscipleship2, 469:which have been held for you until the close [470] of the war and the attainment of physical safetyDiscipleship2, 484:into it a conversation by means of which you got close to someone, a contact with some stranger
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