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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLOSE

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Fire, 1215:In one case we have a correspondence of so close a nature as to be almost a replica on a tinyFire, 1215:at his own conclusions. We will, therefore, close this part of our Treatise by a brief enumerationFire, 1225:to disciples, may be given, and from the close scrutiny of these some knowledge as to the essentialFire, 1258:sense the sun Sirius and the Pleiades hold a close relation to each other. It is a relationFire, 1263:just as the Manu is upon the third. Hence the close link between the two paths, for those on theFire, 1266:are fitted for that line of work, and who are close to the Logos in a personal and intimate senseGlamour, xi:have to say into three parts, and I plead for a close study of my words: I seek to define for youGlamour, 2:through the study of symbology. [2] I shall close by giving some specific instructions as to aGlamour, 7:reality. [7] It tends to bring about a close integration between soul-mind-brain, and when that isGlamour, 25:Keep a copy of your full moon record and, at the close of six months, subject it to a carefulGlamour, 84:might be given, but if all of you would pay close attention to the above four suggestions, youGlamour, 91:judge, given you enough to ponder upon; I would close it, however, by pointing out to you the veryGlamour, 150:might otherwise have been the case. Before I close this particular instruction upon glamor, I wouldGlamour, 155:Angel and the Dweller are slowly brought into a close rapport. In the earlier stages of effort andGlamour, 156:of Dweller on the Threshold who was faced at the close of the spiritual cycle (not the physicalGlamour, 158:versa. This is taking place at this time at the close of the Piscean era and when the Aryan raceGlamour, 188:to meet human demand. The era is [188] close at hand when science will bend every effort to healGlamour, 188:aspiration and achievement of one man who is so close to the Hierarchy and so imbued with consciousGlamour, 197:new era which will open up before mankind at the close of the war will be distinguished by itsGlamour, 218:It must be done in such a way that at the close of the process the glamor will be appreciablyGlamour, 224:grasped by their individual minds. They are too close to the picture; their perspective hasGlamour, 231:tends to perfect both processes. At the close of these three stages, the group members are unitedGlamour, 232:as to how the task is to be carried out. At the close of this instruction you will find the twoGlamour, 240:Our consideration of glamor is nearing its close. We have carried a consecutive theme steadily andGlamour, 248:be the result of prolonged observation and a close analysis of acts and sentient reactions, ofGlamour, 249:tell you that to this information he must add a close consideration of the potencies of the forcesHealing, 46:may be stated to be via the nervous system; the close interlocking directorate of the nervousHealing, 50:ray, eventually brings synthesis. There is a close relation between the highest center (the headHealing, 59:with them. This is beginning to be realized. So close, however, is the relation between men andHealing, 72:There are two of them in front of the ears close to where the jaw bones are connected. There areHealing, 72:There is one where the breast bones meet, close to the thyroid gland. This, with the two breastHealing, 73:two also connected with the gonads. There is one close to the liver. There is one connected withHealing, 73:from the thymus gland. There is one which is close to the solar plexus, and relates it to theHealing, 77:system, you will also have trouble. The close relation between the seven major centers and theHealing, 77:never be forgotten. The two systems form one close interlocking directorate, with the glands andHealing, 80:of the Centers." Too loose a connection or too close a connection leads to trouble, though theHealing, 85:It will be apparent, therefore, that there is a close relation between: The etheric body as aHealing, 104:he becomes a reality in your consciousness and close to you. When you are aware what the physicalHealing, 116:of their vibratory influence (i.e. the stomach, close to the solar plexus, and the heart, close toHealing, 116:close to the solar plexus, and the heart, close to the heart center, etc.), you will see how it isHealing, 130:prime center of attention. The sixth ray has a close relation to the solar plexus center as theHealing, 155:It will eventually be determined that there is a close physiological relation existing between theHealing, 157:the Hierarchy and Humanity - are brought into a close contact and relationship. As the Bible says:Healing, 161:alignment and contact, has put his heart into close rapport with the soul. He then becomesHealing, 161:concerned, is the Hierarchy. He is drawn into close service relationship with humanity. His growingHealing, 162:in the diagram on page 715. Eventually, at the close of the next root race, you will have the fullHealing, 162:number of petals found in each. Finally at the close of the great world cycle when all the lotusesHealing, 197:and transmuting agency, and - at the close of the Path of Discipleship - by the monad, via theHealing, 207:scientific process of bringing all three into a close and healing rapport. This is done via theHealing, 216:All three, simultaneously and consciously, into close cooperation. This serves to establish rightHealing, 225:diseases are due to two basic causes: One is the close interplay between people, living underHealing, 227:dense population of its civilization and to the close relation of the animal kingdom. The origin ofHealing, 248:is to the normal dissolution of the form at the close of a cycle of reincarnation. As we well know,Healing, 254:men. When these four groups can be brought into close relation, and can work together for theHealing, 326:a weak hold upon the outer form, for it is the close integration of the etheric body with theHealing, 343:second ray entities? How can the example of the close cooperation and friendship between the MasterHealing, 354:of the body. This stimulation is caused by our close contact in our daily lives with each otherHealing, 364:largely upon two things: First, the amount of close contact between the dying person and the oneHealing, 365:light" into which he will some day enter, and so close the chapter for a while upon the fever andHealing, 372:be developed in the near future, not before the close of this century. Only the preparatory work isHealing, 376:in A Treatise on the Seven Rays. Towards the close of this century and when the world situation hasHealing, 376:and the period of reconstruction is drawing to a close, discoveries will be made which will revealHealing, 402:and of a series of initiations at the close of the cycle of incarnation, are being more readilyHealing, 418:This, as the perfected cycle draws to its close, will be true of the individual human being, of theHealing, 419:from out of the sheath. The cycle draws to a close, the experiment has been made, the objective (aHealing, 421:Therefore, at the next solar pralaya, at the close of the one hundred years of Brahma, the matterHealing, 442:- Page 300. As time progresses and before the close of the next century, death will be finally seenHealing, 446:bias of all their desires, force them to remain close to the earth and their last setting in theHealing, 454:and as its controlling agency, and through the close relation of the endocrine system to the bloodHealing, 465:points: There are two in front of the ears, close to where the jaw bones are connected. There areHealing, 465:There is one where the breast bone connects, close to the thyroid gland. This, with the two breastHealing, 465:also, connected with the gonads. There is one close to the liver. [466] There is one connected withHealing, 466:from the thymus gland. There is one which is close to the solar plexus, and relates it to theHealing, 472:Under the Law of Attraction, the soul, at the close of a life cycle, and with full intention,Healing, 477:the two, and this keeps the spiritual man still close to the body just vacated. That is whyHealing, 492:those he previously loved or with whom he had close contact. It can be accepted as a fact that theHealing, 499:Later, when soul and mind are establishing a close rapport, the light of the soul hastens andHealing, 499:the Ashram or by the Master Himself, towards the close of the cycle of incarnation. Healing, 500:about a situation wherein the integration or close relation between soul and form is so real thatHealing, 503:of death has a somewhat similar effect and has a close parallel in the phenomena brought about byHealing, 574:with simplicity, to hold his consciousness as close to the soul as he can. This will aid inHealing, 589:in due time and under the evolutionary urge, a close fusion [590] or at-one-ment. The abstract mindHealing, 624:by the Lords of Karma; karmic law works in close cooperation with the lunar Lords, who build andHealing, 651:use a definite laying on of hands. At the close of the healing period the "sealing of the triangle"Healing, 671:where the Forces of Evil are concerned. A close but esoteric study of the three temptations of theHealing, 705:can assemble his own technique and rules after a close study of these healing instructions, whichHealing, 710:healing unfoldments [710] to be noted at the close of the next century. More teaching along thisHerculesChamber of the Lord. He turned to one who stood, close at his hand, and said: "Who is that soulHercules, 11:God, immanent in nature; that he was the Self in close relation to the Not-Self; he had toHercules, 29:the sign in which it took place, for there is a close link between the two, and the labor onlyHercules, 29:the relationship of sign and constellations, and close each chapter with a definite application ofHercules, 35:Mary gives birth to Jesus. In Pisces, at the close of the great round, we find Andromeda, theHercules, 35:will be found seated on the Arctic Circle, close to [36] Cepheus the King,or Lawgiver, whom weHercules, 36:in Pisces. At the commencement, Law; at the close, Law; for Cepheus has a close relation with theHercules, 36:Law; at the close, Law; for Cepheus has a close relation with the first and the last sign of theHercules, 37:brood mares, if for one entire day he pays close attention to his thoughts and to the words heHercules, 56:the great arch-deceiver, son of the waters, of close kin to Poseidon. His is the work to bringHercules, 72:the satisfaction of his aspiration. At the close of his search he meets Atlas, bearing the burdenHercules, 76:labor he contacts his soul as Nereus; at the close of this labor, having overcome much glamor, heHercules, 79:to hill and wood to wood, he hunted it until close to a quiet pool, full-length upon the untrampled
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