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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLOSELY

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Healing, 21:but is related to the Laws of Thought far more closely than has been believed; towards anHealing, 39:concerned! Stomachic physical plane effects are closely tied up with the desire aspect of theHealing, 73:each knee. There is one powerful center which is closely connected with the vagus nerve. This isHealing, 80:reverse conditions when the etheric body is so closely knit or integrated with the personality -Healing, 90:and the emotional reactions of man are so closely interrelated that it is not easy at this stage inHealing, 93:The two problems which I have posited [93] are closely related. We could express them in the formHealing, 104:heart center of all the persons involved will be closely interrelated. You see here where the valueHealing, 107:vitalization and circulation, for these two are closely related. The nervous system is controlledHealing, 141:functional and the organic life of the body, all closely interrelated and all producing bothHealing, 142:Adrenal glands These three systems are very closely related to each other and constitute anHealing, 147:by the creative thread of life, and is therefore closely connected with the throat center (theHealing, 149:therefore, and - curiously enough - it is closely related to the sixth ray, just as the head centerHealing, 155:and the carotid gland. This gland is more closely related [156] to the thyroid gland than it is toHealing, 165:express itself. The three glands in the head are closely related to the soul or psychic natureHealing, 177:throat center. The sacral center is therefore closely related to matter, and there is a flow ofHealing, 189:The nervous system The endocrine system are closely "related to each other and constitute anHealing, 196:Experience will tend to show that the more closely the interplay between these two - the nadis andHealing, 200:personality, the instrument of direction, and is closely related to the pituitary body and the twoHealing, 226:men were scarcely human and when they were so closely related to the animal kingdom that we callHealing, 245:life, cyclic in nature and eternally present, is closely related to the influence of the first ray.Healing, 282:to emotional, mental or soul impression; so closely, however, is the etheric body interwoven withHealing, 306:could be set up which would link them more closely together. Because through the questions, theHealing, 334:itself, independently of form. It is therefore closely related to the planetary physical body. ItHealing, 336:problem of light? The eyes and the soul are closely related and - speaking in the language ofHealing, 341:but not astrally as yet, and is therefore still closely linked with the astral body of theHealing, 347:situations and produces difficulties which are closely connected with a man's karma and destiny.Healing, 379:when I say that electricity and photography are closely related because the human being isHealing, 386:- a force which might integrate the soul more closely with the body in the three worlds andHealing, 386:point of development, both to integrate more closely into the Master's ashramic group. These tenHealing, 446:of imminent peril and destruction and something closely approaching an electric shock. No more. ForHealing, 455:at the top of the head. Protecting both is a closely woven web of etheric matter, composed ofHealing, 461:totality of etheric substance, are two which are closely related to and in the region of the lungs.Healing, 466:each knee. There is one powerful center which is closely connected with the vagus nerve. This isHealing, 493:and the loved, because the relation has been closely established over many incarnations and - asHealing, 536:to each other, for several of the Rules are closely related to a Law which controls the healer.Healing, 542:there the life principle is focused and is closely involved and affected by whatever occurs. WhenHealing, 549:of humanity. The economic ills of mankind closely correspond to disease in the individual. There isHealing, 562:the brain, the mind and the organs of generation closely together and proves the fact of astralHealing, 593:have the expression of radiation. These two are closely allied at a certain stage of unfoldment.Healing, 615:also in the esoteric presentation (and this is closely allied with the Christian doctrines) thatHealing, 618:be correctly understood. The entire subject is closely related to the art of healing; one of theHealing, 628:through the blood stream. Both are in fact so closely related and allied that, in action, it is notHealing, 652:magnetic healing, the healer needs to cooperate closely with the patient's physician or surgeonHealing, 691:seeking incarnation for the first time. This is closely related to the abstruse subject of theHealing, 696:The ray in the personality vehicles most closely related to the second ray (for which all theHercules, 12:century, objective and subjective have become so closely blended and merged that it is almostHercules, 34:by horses, and the "princely sign of the Ram" is closely connected with the horse symbology, a factHercules, 44:rises at the same time with Scorpio; they are closely linked in symbolism. Scorpio is 'the monsterHercules, 45:of matter and is seen in many of our churches, closely connected with the Virgin Mary. TheHercules, 45:represent creation, and so Taurus and Venus are closely linked. The following is of interest: "TheHercules, 46:which could be adduced, it is apparent how closely linked with sex, in its lower and in its higherHercules, 47:goal, and in Pisces we find the King. The more closely we study this heavenly picture book, theHercules, 71:the point in his evolution where he is so closely in touch with his soul that he becomes a [72]Hercules, 90:his sheep. The thought of the sheepfold has been closely associated in the minds of people withHercules, 135:of divinity. It is for this reason that Libra is closely connected with, and explains the thirdHercules, 175:Aquila, the eagle, is regarded as being as closely related to Capricorn as to Sagittarius. You haveInitiation, 56:the Master Jesus are interesting themselves [56] closely with the work of unifying, as far as mayInitiation, 57:Executive, and in Church matters he cooperates closely with the Christ, thus saving him much andInitiation, 57:as he the problems of the West, no one is so closely in touch with the people who stand for allInitiation, 110:liable to lead to error. The three Great Lords closely cooperate in the work, for that work is one,Initiation, 110:evolutionary law. Therefore the Great Lords are closely connected with the initiations of a humanInitiation, 116:in three circles around a central set of three closely folded petals, which shield what is calledInitiation, 199:use, be enumerated as follows: Motives will be closely searched, and a strict check will be keptInitiation, 209:to the eye, which (when approached more closely) resolveth then itself into a Cross, by which oneIntellect, 69:blind guides leading to the morass of illusion. Closely connected with this belief is theIntellect, 134:and the brain and the focused mind are closely coordinated. He is no impractical dreamer, yet theIntellect, 164:and Intuition, page 165. This position is closely paralleled with that of the Oriental teaching,Intellect, 226:as choosing the subject, and holding the mind closely and faithfully to it; we rushed past allIntellect, 243:if we considered these two points a little more closely. We have seen that the deep need of theMagic, 19:of nerves. Peripheral system of nerves. It is closely associated with the energy aspect, being theMagic, 44:express itself. The three glands in the head are closely related to the soul or psychic natureMagic, 65:vibration and the study of atomic substance are closely [66] intertwined. When more is known aboutMagic, 129:an Oriental, that I am on the Teaching Ray, and closely associated with the Master K. H., that partMagic, 266:When the idea is clearly grasped, the attention closely focused, and the energy or life aspectMagic, 284:that marvelous apparatus of sensation, is closely related to the emotional or astral body. TheMagic, 300:of imminent peril and destruction, and something closely approaching an electric shock. No more.Magic, 310:for material living and for the sex life are so closely blended. The solar plexus in the animal isMagic, 310:all the instinctual reactions, but is not so closely allied with the purely sex expression as it isMagic, 325:[325] of that work and should - along lines so closely affecting their power to serve - be fullyMagic, 369:be yours, and all is well that associates you closely with Them; the joy of having helped to solaceMagic, 424:sentiency must be developed and are also closely interlinked with each other. I have thereforeMagic, 431:it profits us not to study these energies too closely is because the planetary Spirit or Logos andMagic, 501:the top of the head. [501] Protecting both is a closely woven web of etheric matter, composed ofMagic, 533:sons of men. With the problem of limitation is closely linked that of liberation. Into the prisonMagic, 548:upon which I have thus lightly touched, must be closely studied by the aspirant and as he studiesMagic, 554:from a family group to the group of egos who, closely interlinked, form a group on the higher levelMagic, 566:mist he has clothed upon himself an outer web of closely interlocking streams of force. TheseMagic, 574:His words will indicate this to him if he will closely study them. Similarly, if he is using thirdMagic, 630:sees the vision. He then seeks to keep so closely in touch with his soul that he can stand withMeditation, 38:This is largely a matter of ray, and affects closely the relationship between egos. Those onMeditation, 55:to that of the cosmic mental level, and is closely allied with the [56] first Breath. It is theMeditation, 70:This was our fourth point. The first two are closely allied, for the Sacred Word (when properlyMeditation, 94:us, therefore, consider first those dangers most closely connected with the man's own personalMeditation, 123:books that obsession and insanity are very closely allied. Insanity may exist in all three bodies,Meditation, 170:our Solar Logos imposes His Will on men. It is closely linked to the Lords of Karma, and it isMeditation, 170:Effect is wielded. The four Lords of Karma work closely with the Manu, for They impose the Law, andMeditation, 183:Their action, interaction and reaction will be closely studied and watched. It is hoped that theMeditation, 199:vivifying and stimulating effects will be closely watched. The centers will be studied in theirMeditation, 199:for certain constructive ends. This work is closely allied to that undertaken by the NirmanakayasMeditation, 216:as the fifth plane and the fifth principle) is closely allied to the cosmic ray of the
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