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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLOSELY

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Meditation, 222:to indicate lines of thought which, if followed closely, may lead to surprising results. By theMeditation, 259:new in import. The things that concern us most closely and the things that are to us the mostMeditation, 304:sixth root-race. These branches are and will be closely inter-allied and will work in the closestMeditation, 325:also that much that was taught was necessarily closely allied with the exoteric teaching of thePatanjali, 185:impulses take, and a form which allies a man closely with the animal kingdom. Any impulse whichPatanjali, 304:are mentioned and they are the five which most closely concern the aspirant, and which are the mostPatanjali, 387:are composed and as he studies his problem more closely he will become aware that his consciousnessPatanjali, xiii:other schools of mystical training and thought, closely connected with the founder of ChristianityProblems, 28:history, and to its own deeds and enactments, is closely related to every other nation, and of thisProblems, 46:of that whole which we call Humanity are most closely related. This needs emphasizing. These twoProblems, 71:still exist. They form an international group, closely interrelated, working in complete unity ofProblems, 88:falls into two major categories; these are so closely related that it is well-nigh impossible toProblems, 89:to another more powerful and controlling; it is closely tied up with the problem of nationalism, ofProblems, 108:the medium of the white races - are tying them closely into the developing scheme of modernProblems, 111:states. The situation in the West Indies more closely resembles that in the northern states, whereProblems, 163:uniformity of approach which would link them all closely together These three Festivals arePsychology1, xvii:interplay is set up, the group becomes more closely integrated, the units in it more closely linkedPsychology1, xvii:more closely integrated, the units in it more closely linked together and as a group more closelyPsychology1, xvii:more closely linked together and as a group more closely blended in the unfolding Plan of the GreatPsychology1, 13:the form nature. In this unity, the soul is so closely identified with the matter aspect that itPsychology1, 19:the quality of Love. This we shall study more closely when we take up the consideration of thePsychology1, 23:Lord of Active Intelligence. His work is more closely linked to matter and He works in cooperationPsychology1, 88:The seventh ray and the first ray are very closely allied, with the third ray linking them, so thatPsychology1, 102:and the light of the planet itself will be more closely blended, and the result upon humanity andPsychology1, 133:plane correspondences of the seven rays, and are closely related to and governed by them all. ThePsychology1, 135:we can, at this time, grasp it) will reveal how closely the entire building-wrecking-rebuildingPsychology1, 171:up. Secondly, it was determined to link more closely and subjectively the senior disciples,Psychology1, 186:The New Group of World Servers are being more closely integrated, and the work they are to do isPsychology1, 244:matter. The entire problem of magnetism is closely connected with the problem of sex. In the occultPsychology1, 371:the animals and those of humanity have been more closely investigated there will appear a new andPsychology1, 378:and of sensory perception and of feeling. It is closely concerned with the development ofPsychology1, 384:The fluid, mercurial, intuitional mind is closely allied with the divine aspect of love andPsychology1, 390:when the destinies of these three nations seemed closely to interlink. The newly forming country ofPsychology1, 397:slaying of the Master by the three most [397] closely associated with Him in His death and burial.Psychology2, 52:over so long a period of time, and are so closely interrelated, that one stage and period makesPsychology2, 74:process, the gain of the past months or years is closely assessed; the effect of that gain upon thePsychology2, 99:He requires three complete schemes - all three closely allied and interdependent - through which toPsychology2, 111:- at the best - embody an ideal which is so closely tied up with material things in the mind of thePsychology2, 146:work, but it will be secondary work, and more closely affiliated with the old age than with thePsychology2, 161:succeed in doing this and approximate ever more closely to that which is not the pairs of oppositesPsychology2, 184:of energies, and all these energies are closely interrelated and constitute the one syntheticPsychology2, 222:This urge is, as can easily be seen, closely connected with the fourth Ray of Harmony, producingPsychology2, 234:the laws of the universe and of nature. It is closely related to the Law of Attraction and to thePsychology2, 239:consciousness, and each of which admits man more closely and more definitely into the heart andPsychology2, 242:world adjustments! This instinct of Deity is closely connected with the Law of Economy and is anPsychology2, 358:system also) these two major rays are always so closely associated, and why all esoteric schoolsPsychology2, 413:- Some Problems of Psychology These centers are closely concerned with the endocrine system, whichPsychology2, 418:As a rule, however, the average man today is a closely knit and functioning unit. (This is truePsychology2, 447:this whole problem of the at-one-ment is closely connected with the building of the antahkarana.Psychology2, 499:or in unconsciousness. He remains, therefore, closely identified with his body, and because of thePsychology2, 518:Leo which is its polar opposite and, therefore, closely related to it. The interplay of the twoPsychology2, 519:of energy found in the human mechanism and closely connected with the endocrine system. This isPsychology2, 532:later be avoided. These early stages resemble closely the interest shown by the adolescent both inPsychology2, 532:adolescent both in sex and religion. The two are closely allied in this particular period ofPsychology2, 536:in a peculiar manner the life aspect in man, is closely connected with the heart center, as mightPsychology2, 537:and the solar plexus center (for the two are closely allied and have a reciprocal action for a longPsychology2, 564:lowest point in evolution and, therefore, allied closely to the animal kingdom; or at the highestPsychology2, 592:and resemble five strands or fibers of force, closely knit together within a covering sheath of aPsychology2, 592:also, that these five types of energy form one closely knit unit, and these units form, in theirPsychology2, 611:as follows: The theme of light and energy is closely connected with the problem (for such it is atPsychology2, 622:plus the emotional problems (and are they not closely related) from which the majority of peoplePsychology2, 638:are therefore truly representative. They are closely interrelated, and in constant contact andRays, 13:of the invocation of humanity and become more closely related to the three Buddhas of Activity. TheRays, 18:this means that the Hierarchy will be more closely related to the Great Council at Shamballa, andRays, 18:Great Council at Shamballa, and very much more closely interrelated with humanity, so that a dualRays, 58:the third degree who have been integrated more closely into the hierarchical life than ever before.Rays, 70:with those initiates and disciples who are closely related to humanity. Here again we come upRays, 79:at the third initiation. That initiation is closely related to the third major center, Shamballa;Rays, 86:will but Thine be done." This final episode is closely related to the consciously expressed will ofRays, 92:to the soul), He now seeks to relate more closely, with the aid of the Buddha, the Hierarchy toRays, 113:synthesis has also been emphasized by me, and is closely related to the will-aspect, the firstRays, 160:This involves a great mystery which is closely tied up - little as you may realize it - with theRays, 180:"Three Buddhas of Activity." They are therefore closely connected with the third aspect ofRays, 217:deals with the work of the group when - as a closely knit unit - it can move forward. ThisRays, 245:goals. This fifth purpose is therefore closely related to the whole theme of "the garment of God"Rays, 269:three Buddhas of Activity Who create a triangle, closely related to the planet Saturn. The triangleRays, 275:the agents of goodwill, and the two groups are closely interrelated. The men and women of goodwillRays, 290:Great Renunciation. The numbers four and six are closely connected, and the lesser renunciationRays, 307:in the three worlds; this is much more closely related to desire and aspiration than to pure will,Rays, 310:discarding the distortions. This fourth word is closely related to the fourth initiation in whichRays, 324:constellations and the planets are all of them closely interrelated and the human being is theRays, 331:I mention here the Masonic purpose because it is closely related to the restoration of theRays, 331:be only when the mind and the will-to-good are closely blended and conditioning human behavior thatRays, 337:the experience and relates the expression more closely to the latent unfolding divinity. The sameRays, 362:own development and His eventual decisions are closely related to the Ashram which He controls. ItRays, 375:Logos. Nevertheless, magnetic action is more closely allied to first ray functioning than it is toRays, 382:planet, demonstrating great activity, much more closely related than ever before, and ready now toRays, 410:to the cosmic Paths. You will find, if you study closely the three presentations of the teachingRays, 413:in my various books that the Sun, Sirius, is closely related to our planetary Life; much is knownRays, 415:deeply veiled - Lucifer, Son of the Morning, is closely related, and hence the large number ofRays, 419:and spirit, of form and matter, and is also closely connected with the cyclic appearance of theRays, 431:man, occasionally related in average man, and closely related in the spiritual man. These glandsRays, 437:of Karma will be negated; it is at present so closely related to past and future. The dual life ofRays, 447:process the gain of the past months or years is closely assessed; the effect of that gain upon theRays, 453:of the individual disciple, and forms a strong closely woven thread upon the mental plane. [454] Rays, 467:progressively at each initiation they are more closely fused into one divine expression in full andRays, 473:Hierarchy, and Humanity. These are now closely aligned, thus producing a fusion of energies whichRays, 475:thread). The life thread or sutratma proper is closely blended with these two. You then haveRays, 503:threefold egoic vehicle is a reflection of and closely related to the three aspects of theRays, 566:Discipleship, even though the two paths are very closely related; we are not dealing with the
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