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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLOSELY

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Rays, 572:New Age. The first initiation is therefore closely related to this problem. The seventh ray governsRays, 574:mind and the soul, the Son of Mind) become more closely related and enter eventually into aRays, 581:Age, now in process of passing away, is also closely related to this plane and to the symbol ofRays, 607:to you that this Principle of Conflict is closely related to death. By death, I mean extractionRays, 607:This principle is, as you can well see, closely linked to the law of Karma; it is to this principleRays, 612:man realizes; the world of men today is more closely knit subjectively (in spite of all outerRays, 631:ray soul (conditioned by the Ray of Order) is closely related to the personality ray of GreatRays, 655:cannot yet know; we do know, however, that it is closely related to the will-to-synthesis; thisRays, 689:and the center at the base of the spine became closely en rapport - through the use of the will.Rays, 693:disciple. Let us consider this a little more closely: The Mutable Cross governs the three worldsRays, 695:that this fourth or Renunciation Initiation is closely linked with the sixth initiation and withRays, 700:and the fifth initiations; these follow very closely upon each other. From the buddhic level ofRays, 707:the initiate of the fifth initiation. It is too closely related to Shamballa, and I have not myselfRays, 712:astral plane. Forget not, the buddhic plane is closely allied with the cosmic astral plane, andRays, 713:uses of the will. A natural sequence can be seen closely related to the idea of revelation. On theRays, 714:This first aspect of divinity is necessarily closely associated with the first Ray of Power orRays, 725:the Ray of Intelligent Activity. This ray is closely related to the mental plane of our planetaryReappearance, 20:are working at this time under direction, are closely related and their activities most intimatelyReappearance, 77:and His heart in unison with His." This Being is closely related to the Will Aspect of divinity,Reappearance, 96:have truly taken place. The Buddha is closely allied with the Christ in this process of HisReappearance, 118:forward under the Law of Evolution. It is closely related to and conditioned by the Law of CauseReappearance, 122:it here with Masonic purpose because it is closely related to the restoration of the Mysteries andReappearance, 123:only be when the mind and the will-to-good are closely fused and blended and are thus conditioningReappearance, 123:life of the planet is dependent; they are also closely related to the despised psychic powersReappearance, 172:for the return [172] of the Christ. It is closely tied up with the problem of right humanSoul, 22:and succession of bodily activities which are closely related to or involve the verbal and gesturalSoul, 39:system pursue their own activities, but are closely linked to the endocrine system. The blood actsSoul, 47:brain of the instinctual animal nature) and is closely concerned with the "mobilization of energySoul, 49:Personality, p. 76. Also: "Courage is so closely related to fear and anger that all are alwaysSoul, 51:the body and with growth, and all of them seem closely related to sex life. Finally, theySoul, 111:These lines are called "nadis" and are closely related to the nerves and at the same time to theTelepathy, 14:both as initiating agent and as recipient, is closely connected with initiation, and is one of theTelepathy, 20:plexus. With this we have already dealt. This is closely connected with feeling, and little or noTelepathy, 37 To:you to a renewed vital effort to approach more closely to his soul; the revelation to you of aTelepathy, 48:an educational objective, it will be found to be closely linked to the emerging teaching anentTelepathy, 143:planetary Life. These lines of energy and this closely interlocking system of streams of force areTelepathy, 146:aura, outside the physical body. They are closely related to the dense physical body by the networkTelepathy, 159:bodies. These three major energy centers are closely related to each other, and through his ownTelepathy, 192:is related to the personality [192] and is closely allied to desire, and therefore to the solarTelepathy, 192:is related to the divine-spiritual man and is closely allied to the soul, and therefore to the
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