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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLOSER

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Externalisation, 561:for instance, that the Hierarchy is approaching closer to humanity and will eventually make anExternalisation, 563:in nature: A constant effort to set up a closer and more understanding relation with Shamballa.Externalisation, 564:the relation of Shamballa to the Hierarchy is closer than at any previous time, owing to theExternalisation, 566:basic decisions and to readjust Itself to a much closer cooperation with the human center of lifeExternalisation, 567:Path of Initiation. Therefore, my brothers, the closer relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, theExternalisation, 592:than at any other time in human history; He is closer than the most [593] aspiring and hopefulExternalisation, 593:and hopeful disciple knows, and can draw closer still if what I here propose to write is understoodExternalisation, 613:of this postwar period are very great. The closer an aspirant is to the source of spiritual lightExternalisation, 632:to the reappearance of the Christ and the closer relationship which will then be establishedExternalisation, 657:- responsive to these four energies; the closer they are affiliated with some Ashram in theExternalisation, 672:you), but It is approaching daily and yearly closer to humanity. The power of the focused,Externalisation, 685:minority of Masters are entering into a much closer with the Council of Sanat Kumara.Externalisation, 686:realization that the minority - in renewed and closer contact with Shamballa - have to master theFire, 89:two physical bodies, man will be brought into closer conscious contact with the other evolutionsFire, 100:the distribution of prana within the body with closer attention, and will see that the vitalizationFire, 113:are likewise allied to the human evolution in a closer sense than the higher three. A furtherFire, 472:of the devas to man in the future, and their closer approximation to him through the incoming typeFire, 472:unable to guard itself, any return of man to a closer dependence upon the devas is as if a fullFire, 497:in this kingdom are a special group, and have a closer and more peculiar relation to it than haveFire, 525:view will be the bringing about of an eventual closer merging; it will mark primarily the line ofFire, 531:central stream bisecting the double spiral. The closer the approach to reality the simpler will beFire, 850:that each expansion of consciousness brings man closer to this realized Oneness. Fire, 894:that this evolution on the etheric planes has a closer effect upon man than on the physical. IfFire, 1035:giving them coherence, and ever swings them into closer relation to himself. Later, as the momentumFire, 1095:main, distinctive feature, the faculty of a much closer adhesion, and a decisiveness of groupingFire, 1217:of the repulsed unit and of driving this unit closer to its own center. Perhaps some idea of theGlamour, 52:redoubling his efforts and thus establishing a closer contact with the kingdom of souls and lovingGlamour, 149:and [149] women would bring their lives under a closer scrutiny by the true inner or spiritual manHealing, 160:aspirant is slowly drawn into an increasingly closer relation to his soul, and then two expansionsHealing, 306:questions, the teacher himself can enter into a closer rapport with the students' viewpoint. ForHealing, 382:the coming of the Hierarchy and Humanity into a closer relationship. The blending (slowly goingHealing, 568:related to the expression of something closer to the man's ideal as he sees it, and upon theHealing, 611:understand each other; nations are arriving at a closer contact with one another; statesmen of allHealing, 624:the personality; later, the law works in an even closer cooperation with the soul purpose. TheHercules, 179:is free to disregard it, to kill it, or to come closer to God by showing his eagerness to work withInitiation, 42:that will an accomplished fact. He works in closer cooperation with the building devas than doesInitiation, 76:This must be endured and passed, leading to a closer link at a later period with all associatedInitiation, 81:As time elapses, and they are brought into closer relationship with the two Masters with whom theyInitiation, 90:is coordinated. The initiate is admitted into closer fellowship in the Lodge, and his contact withInitiation, 110:the final year upon the Path of Probation, when closer and more frequent reports are handed in.Initiation, 131:force in the Rod is wielded in order to draw closer together those influences which demonstrate inInitiation, 163:secrecy, the newly made initiate advances alone closer to the Hierophant; he then places his handMagic, 6:period and the subtler realms of life are closer than ever before; unusual phenomena andMagic, 74:soul and its triple instrument becomes steadily closer, and the resulting vibration more powerful.Magic, 118:in collections of units is approaching closer to the ideal and approximating the higher principles.Magic, 138:a result of world work some will be drawn into closer connection with the work of the Hierarchy,Magic, 174:heart." [174] There is a later stage of a still closer identification, where there is a blending ofMagic, 275:the seven solar Logoi. Bringing the analogy down closer still, the human kingdom itself is anMagic, 312:ancient days they were still more potent, being closer to our earth than now; hence the ritualisticMagic, 314:for the "heart of the solar Logos" beats now in closer rhythm with this planet than has heretoforeMagic, 353:upon Them is great now that They are moving closer to the physical plane. More souls are consciousMagic, 498:that astrally and mentally the interplay can be closer and more sensitive than ever before for heMagic, 524:more specifically understood, and who stand in a closer relation to man. Men are not yet equippedMeditation, 33:the causal body to the Personality became ever closer and the channel connecting the two becameMeditation, 109:a similar staging and a stronger urge, and a closer ring-pass-not until he complies with the willMeditation, 190:the student and to incite him to greater effort, closer study, and deeper investigation. Only thatMeditation, 271:has learnt to do this he cannot advance into a closer relationship, but must remain where he can beMeditation, 271:blends and has earned the right to be gathered closer to his Master's Heart. Later I will explainMeditation, 271:in different cases) the disciple advances ever closer to the heart of the group, and finds his ownMeditation, 273:final stages of the Path and is entering into closer and closer touch with his group and with theMeditation, 273:of the Path and is entering into closer and closer touch with his group and with the Hierarchy. HeMeditation, 278:when the probationer may be admitted into a closer relationship. The Master views the image atPatanjali, 179:the heart of the mystery of himself and draws closer to the "Angel of the Presence" which can onlyProblems, 42:be cultivated and which will bring about a closer understanding in the world of men. These areProblems, 144:making His presence felt as men approach closer to Him and His group of disciples and worldProblems, 154:them intensify the fire in their hearts and draw closer - with deliberation and understanding - toProblems, 154:- to the Christ they serve; let them gather closer to the Hierarchy those they are seeking to help;Problems, 154:stage and cycle after cycle, humanity approaches closer to divinity, discovers a more brilliantProblems, 158:place - whereby God immanent is entering into a closer relation with God transcendent, via theProblems, 159:of the world for relationship with God and for a closer spiritual relation to each other. ThisProblems, 163:the entire year. They would serve to unite in closer spiritual ties the Eastern and the WesternPsychology1, 93:and of adaptation; as the group life grew closer and the group integration was improved; as thePsychology1, 106:leaving Him free for more important work. The closer a disciple is to a Master, the more deeply hePsychology1, 108:by some chela in his group. This chela, who is closer to the Master than he is, passes on to himPsychology1, 111:could well be given to more fruitful service, to closer study of the life-essentials, and toPsychology1, 211:that the characteristics of any given ray find closer correspondence with one of the other raysPsychology1, 247:power felt in the animal kingdom, and an ever closer relation will then be set up between men andPsychology1, 249:of the universal and the whole. The greater and closer the identification with the form aspect, thePsychology1, 251:between man and the animals, it is really a much closer relation than that existing between thePsychology1, 256:existent forms of animal life lived in a much closer relation than today. Then, only the fact ofPsychology1, 257:of the race to bring men and animals into a closer relation, and because a cycle was present inPsychology1, 282:ray (bringing the pairs of opposites into closer cooperation), we can look for the "raising ofPsychology1, 371:kingdom and the establishing of better and of closer relations. This will lead men to takePsychology1, 415:refine the animal bodies. It will bring about a closer relation between men and animals. It willPsychology1, 426:man and the animals, there is really a much closer relation than that existing between the animalPsychology2, 49:the Angel of the Presence approaches ever closer, and lights the disciple on his way. The sense ofPsychology2, 234:and all religions, for man seeks ever a closer union with God and naught can arrest his at-one-mentPsychology2, 247:of a truer beauty in the world and, therefore, a closer approximation in the world of created formsPsychology2, 278:Christ. It is because the Christ has approached closer to humanity by focusing divine energy uponPsychology2, 382:three aspects of the lower nature are working in closer unity all the time, each growing at thePsychology2, 651:the past few years and [651] there is a much closer inner welding than heretofore. The group willPsychology2, 685:groups of Masters are in Their turn attempting a closer cooperation with the Great Lords inPsychology2, 702:the planetary Hierarchy were able to approach closer to humanity and to establish a more definitePsychology2, 702:to establish a more definite relationship and a closer contact than had been possible at any timePsychology2, 704:human emergency and the plans to make possible a closer relationship between humanity and thePsychology2, 715:under hierarchical inspiration. The second is in closer touch with the masses of men and works morePsychology2, 723:nearer to each other and thus establish a closer rapport, so the full moon of May, 1937, witnessedPsychology2, 726:and the file of the membership. Yet a definitely closer rapprochement is far more possible todayPsychology2, 726:effort, and made the attempt to organize such a closer coming together and movement towardsRays, 18:and evolutionary developments: A much closer contact - invocative and evocative - with Shamballa,
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