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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLOSER

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Rays, 89:great act of evocation, seeking to bring about a closer relationship between all the three greatRays, 90:united activity serves to bring about a much closer approach between the Lord of the World and theRays, 98:that might hinder group usefulness, and brings closer the objective for which the group was formedRays, 119:of the masses is also drawing the Masters closer to humanity than ever before. This is an instanceRays, 133:this is that it is only as the new cycle draws closer - as it is drawing today - that the new andRays, 144:evil or the source of planetary evil) is much closer to Shamballa than it is to Humanity. The GreatRays, 170:the higher mediatorship which will bring about a closer relation of the Hierarchy with Shamballa atRays, 174:contact with the Initiator leads the initiate closer to the center of pure darkness - a darknessRays, 211:intensification of its group potency and for a closer relation to the Master. This has all beenRays, 302:Naught but myself, O Master of my life. Look closer at thyself and speak again. What seest thou? ARays, 323:should serve to bring this whole subject much closer to public understanding. In the instructionsRays, 334:or simply carried out because men have earned a closer contact, have the right to some reward orRays, 335:to thinking men as the Hierarchy approaches closer to the physical plane. This inclusive andRays, 335:lift itself on to a higher spiritual level and closer to the door which leads to Life. TheseRays, 345:of my life. I fear I cannot pass. [345] Go closer to the Door and take the hand in thine of anotherRays, 345:thine of another pilgrim on the way of life. Go closer to the Door; seek not to enter it alone. IRays, 383:the Hierarchy is orienting itself to a much closer rapport with humanity, and to an interiorRays, 434:it, seems of a relative simplicity, but a closer consideration of it will present great andRays, 581:and in preparation for His coming; it is the closer approach of the Christ and of the Hierarchy ofRays, 611:you. The gradual approach of the Hierarchy to a closer and more intimate relation to Humanity. TheRays, 612:starvation and despair have brought all men closer together, and this relation is a far greaterRays, 632:and men of goodwill everywhere should work for a closer relationship between these three peoples.Rays, 686:and a more universal awareness, and one closer to the divine Mind, takes its place. Initiation V. -Rays, 727:- each revelation "carrying the initiate closer to the Heart of the Sun wherein all things areRays, 731:Itself and, therefore, am immortal" approaches closer to the truth, but even that sentence is (fromRays, 735:and of solar synthesis, and present to you a closer spiritual interrelation in which you, asRays, 743:itself of the present opportunity) are: The closer Approach of the Hierarchy. The imminent ReturnRays, 752:first ray Avatar (the Avatar of Synthesis) is closer to the Earth than ever before, and the clarityRays, 756:illuminatingly apparent and the result will be a closer linking of earth and the spiritual centersRays, 760:as you know, still in the future. They are the closer approach of the members of the spiritualReappearance, 37:than at any other time in human history; He is closer than the most aspiring and hopeful discipleReappearance, 37:and hopeful disciple knows, and can draw closer still if what is here written is understood andReappearance, 61:next step forward along the Path of Evolution closer to God and that divine Center in which theReappearance, 70:of divinity and is (if it may be so expressed) closer to the Father and to the One Universal LifeReappearance, 76:of this energy and thus entered into a closer relation to humanity. Other great Sons of God areReappearance, 81:been felt. Nevertheless, each year carries us closer to the center of power, the major effect ofReappearance, 95:under its Great Leader, the Christ, is closer to mankind than ever before in human history. The NewReappearance, 129:reappearance of the Christ is indicative of a closer relation between the outer and the innerReappearance, 145:(I John IV, 17.) is another Biblical statement. "Closer is He than breathing, nearer than hands andReappearance, 153:world for relationship [153] with God and for a closer spiritual relation to each other. This work,Reappearance, 161:of this postwar period are very great. The closer a man may be to the source of spiritual light andReappearance, 184:spiritual inspiration. The second group is in closer touch with the masses of men; it works moreReappearance, 189:Christ and His disciples will steadily approach closer to mankind. If the initial premise isSoul, 34:certain aspects of the mechanism warrant closer attention than others, namely the nervous system,Telepathy, 114:animal will evidence when danger is around. The closer that this etheric body is interwoven (if I
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