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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLOTHE

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Destiny, 47:and matter [47] together. Its function is to clothe spirit with matter, producing form. Discipleship1, 147:and form the pattern of the garment which will clothe your theme with beauty and give itDiscipleship1, 326:said, have you not, how difficult you find it to clothe in words the ideas you contact and theDiscipleship1, 464:my thought for you, my brother, I would clothe it in words of great simplicity and would say toExternalisation, 114:but needs today a new form with which to clothe the ancient verities. Old political schools haveExternalisation, 689:a much greater effort for the White Lodge to "clothe itself in matter and work and walk on materialFire, 513:Through Them this force flows, and They in turn clothe Themselves with form, or as H. P. B.Fire, 620:the physical creative fire. They could only clothe the human monads. They could not make man inFire, 754:but time will show whether the coming Lord will clothe upon those vestures a physical vehicle atFire, 1008:work of sending forth the form, so that it may clothe itself in astral matter. The eye of theGlamour, 62:where it is entirely useless; he begins to clothe it in form from an utterly wrong angle, embodyingGlamour, 223:illusions down to the astral plane and there clothe them with glamor and have [224] consequently aIntellect, 239:with clarity the thoughts with which he seeks to clothe the nebulous ideas, and in turn, throughMagic, 143:him where he is. The purpose of all speech is to clothe thought and thus make our thoughtsMagic, 345:as yours. Having a strong mental body, you clothe your fear reactions with mental matter, highlyMagic, 458:in order to produce the "idea incarnate", to clothe the idea in form. It is therefore the gestationMagic, 485:high and light that few people have the power to clothe them adequately in mental matter, and thoseMagic, 486:the higher type of mind can formulate it, and clothe it with matter in geometrical precision, andMagic, 486:a mind usually has the wisdom that refuses to clothe it in astral plane matter. Not so with theMagic, 523:grope for those feeble words which will somewhat clothe the thought. As they clothe it they limitMagic, 523:which will somewhat clothe the thought. As they clothe it they limit it and I am guilty of creatingMagic, 565:in occult terms, it is literally called upon to "clothe itself and disappear into the light ofMagic, 582:concepts in which the mind must necessarily clothe it, which give a man the right to be aMagic, 603:the plan, to influence his environment and to clothe the new ideals in that thought matter whichPsychology1, 72:of the reader, and with an attempt to clothe this most abstruse and difficult subject in such aPsychology2, 72:knowledge which has been achieved may then clothe itself in the right thought forms. SubserviencePsychology2, 144:earth can shift from the plane of the mind and clothe itself in some form on earth. These disciplesRays, 287:words in which to express the sensed idea or to clothe the concept. It is therefore impossible toRays, 447:that the intuitive knowledge achieved may then clothe itself in the right thought-forms. It mightTelepathy, 25:which Attracts the needed material with which to clothe the idea, the thought or concept to beTelepathy, 28:the material or the substance, and thus to "clothe" in the occult sense that which you send out. By
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