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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLOTHED

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Astrology, 694:of the Ruddy Flame' are frequently portrayed as clothed in red robes...They work under the firstBethlehem, 240:unclean lips.' ... (3) 'Tarry ye ...until ye be clothed with power from on high.' (St. Luke XXIV,Bethlehem, 246:idea of a sugary heaven wherein we pass our time clothed in white robes, singing and talking uponDiscipleship1, 283:sense of beauty, color and inspiration, clothed in those forms which reveal ideas. Mystical beautyDiscipleship2, 489:involved. The aim is, for a few hours and whilst clothed in the astral and mental vehicles, to beEducation, 15:that idea into the desired substance and clothed it with the needed outer appearance. WritingEducation, 15:concerned essentially with the realization of a clothed idea of some kind, whereas writing is,Fire, 406:to make contact with the physical plane are clothed in matter of this ether. The devas [407] ofFire, 557:will come to be regarded as an idea or concept, clothed in a veil or sheath of subtler matter thanFire, 680:profound mystery, and the entire matter is so clothed in intricate legends that students are apt toFire, 683:to the material substance in which they are clothed. In order to connect this with what I have saidFire, 769:in nature is a "fait accompli;" the Monad has clothed itself in material sheaths, and the selfFire, 971:is accomplished when the thought form, being clothed in mental and astral matter, passes intoFire, 972:period is pursued when the thought form, being clothed in mental matter, and having becomeFire, 1005:motive or desire lying back of the "idea," now clothed with its first sheath, retains its pristineFire, 1012:abstractions which are, in the process, mentally clothed and vehicled, are pictured a few inchesFire, 1021:of Karma, and sends forth the dual thought form (clothed in mental and astral matter), to fulfilFire, 1179:the ruddy Fire," and are frequently portrayed as clothed in red robes, and carrying ebony wands.Glamour, 56:is changed into colored light. The idea is then "clothed with color, and thereby the first veilGlamour, 64:The idea is contacted, but is wrongly clothed in mental matter and therefore wrongly started on itsGlamour, 133:of ideas, which have been formulated as ideals, clothed in mental matter, nourished by the vitalityGlamour, 220:astral plane are not pure emotion and feeling, clothed in pure astral matter, for there is no suchHealing, 378:unscientific term) to do the work; if astrally clothed "spirits" approach them, they are apt toHealing, 486:discover themselves upon the astral plane, clothed in a shell of astral matter and committed to aHercules, 100:it to be in relation to the world of ideas. It clothed itself in a mental sheath. It added toIntellect, 224:highest conception of what that Ideal might be, clothed in some sort of material, usually mental,Magic, 368:you find that your thought-form of the vision is clothed in matter of the mental and astral planes.Magic, 447:grades of matter until the embodied idea has clothed itself with mental matter and with astralMagic, 448:by us as a subjective and existing entity, clothed in subtle matter, and capable of manifestation.Magic, 455:dominant will. This interior purpose, which has clothed itself in mental, astral and vitalMagic, 485:of formulated ideas. Some thoughts are ideas, clothed in mental matter and keep their habitat onMagic, 488:one who sent it on its mission. A strong hatred, clothed in mental matter, can return to itsMagic, 524:Then these forms of words and these ideas, clothed in form, will not be needed. You can then standMagic, 552:could be given and most of them - being clothed in words - would lose much of their trueMagic, 558:work and we can link up the idea which He clothed in words with the symbol I have earlier describedMagic, 565:veiled by a mental or by a fire sheath. He is clothed "in a watery mist", which is an ancient wayMagic, 566:the sheath of fire and the sheath of mist he has clothed upon himself an outer web of closelyMagic, 566:created a thought-form. This thought-form he has clothed with an astral or desire sheath,Meditation, 56:of the emotional plane, the desire faculty clothed in matter, the watery aspect of the logoic life.Meditation, 125:mental body, [125] whilst the obsessing entity (clothed in mental matter) enters the two lowerPatanjali, 194:at the same time the cause of it. The self is clothed in form; it is deluded in the world ofPsychology1, 280:into the light of day all that is to be found clothed [281] with matter, and will thus eventuallyRays, 11:you can depend, and no eternal or cosmic fact clothed in a suitable form will fail to receive itsTelepathy, 22:and the vision hitherto unexpressed can now be clothed in form and sent out as embodiedTelepathy, 28:that which you send out. By sending forth the "clothed" idea, impression, etc., on a stream of loveTelepathy, 189:the concrete mind; an intuition is an idea clothed in etheric substance, and the moment a manTelepathy, 189:being (the first or lowest cosmic ether) must be clothed in matter of the abstract levels of theTelepathy, 189:levels of the mental plane; then they must be clothed in matter of the concrete mental plane;
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