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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLOTHING

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Atom, 62:involving itself more and more in substance, clothing itself in a form and shape adequate to itsAutobiography, 119:they reside. They hang their bedding and their clothing out of the windows. They live on theAutobiography, 207:her death in 1940 I never bought an article of clothing for myself. I'm still wearing the clothesDiscipleship1, 146:field of psychology... You have a capacity for clothing an idea in its appropriate garb. You couldDiscipleship1, 286:thought-forms, words and phrases; To its clothing with desire, with emotion and with beauty ofDiscipleship1, 328:Where there is the habit of accuracy, the clothing of the ideas in proper and true form will comeDiscipleship2, 351:enhanced; areas of the divine perception, clothing divine purpose, are steadily being revealed.Education, 15:of the race. Reading has to do with the clothing of ideas with form and is related to the firstFire, 91:repulsion and attraction, and not so much by clothing and shelter. It is largely a question ofFire, 107:the [107] employment of more appropriate clothing, and the adoption of a freer and more salubriousFire, 498:for the benefit and subsequent formation or clothing of the animal kingdom, which in its turn isFire, 560:impulse, emanating from mental levels, and clothing itself in a veil of negative substance. TheseFire, 722:is a Ray of effulgent and perfected glory, clothing itself in matter for the purpose of service.Fire, 971:his germ thought the material necessary for its clothing. He pictures to himself the contour of theFire, 971:to himself the contour of the thought form, clothing it with color, and painting in its details.Fire, 1028:[1028] of man himself to create forms for the clothing of his ideas. We now return once more to theGlamour, 221:and [221] drawing downwards into manifestation, clothing them with the substance of desire. WhenInitiation, 53:on the work to those best fitted, and for clothing the teaching in a presentable garb. All that theIntellect, 103:and no clear formulation of thoughts occurs. The clothing of ideas with words which clearly expressMagic, 22:to describe a man's personal appearance, his clothing, his form, and the things with which he isMagic, 566:are, however, many such focal points. When this clothing has been assumed by the solar Angel, aMagic, 567:refer to the materialization of money or to the clothing or exteriorization of an idea. The momentPatanjali, 10:tinged faintly with mind, and is the material clothing all our desires and feelings. Thereby theyProblems, 41:and is as urgent a demand as that for food and clothing. It is valuable also to remind ourselves inProblems, 41:for agriculture, immediate relief in food and clothing, plus the wherewithal to start again theirProblems, 72:stark unhappiness, lack of warmth and decent clothing, the starvation and the ugliness of the livesProblems, 135:food, some warmth, a few books and sufficient clothing. Many are refusing altogether to think andPsychology1, 377:caused that growing diversification of matter, clothing the life, which ultimately produced the
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