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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLUE

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Patanjali, 72:which can be called mentally polarized. The clue for the student of occultism who aspires toPatanjali, 74:of the sutra under consideration and the clue to why the adepts are as yet still studying thisPatanjali, 107:produced by the subjective life, but has no clue to the causes or to the subjective energies ofPatanjali, 160:one of the key verses in the book, and gives the clue to the entire science of yoga. CertainPatanjali, 196:reality or truth as it is. This sutra gives the clue to the work of the magician and is the basisPatanjali, 197:whatever he desires. In this is to be found the clue to the great law of supply and demand. WhenPatanjali, 273:three letters of the Sacred Word, AUM, lies the clue to the entire cosmic process. The meditationPatanjali, 274:the body. It is interesting here to note that a clue to the truth of this can be found in thePatanjali, 363:Realizer or Cognizer of both, we have got the clue to all states of consciousness itself, and toPatanjali, 407:on loving activity) will become apparent. The clue to the how and the why lies in man'sPatanjali, 409:approach to him is changed. Herein lies the clue to our limitations. Herein lies the promise of ourPatanjali, 411:results of the varied Hindu positions. The clue to the diversity of opinions on these two pointsPsychology1, 4:the ages upon mankind, and therefore hold the clue to any true historical survey. Such a surveyPsychology1, 80:to man. In the above mantram. you will find the clue to the sixth ray purpose as it appears in thePsychology1, 119:that victory is won through Christ, and I give a clue to the importance of this study of the raysPsychology1, 127:of suggestion light may eventually come. The clue lies in similarity of color, which entails aPsychology1, 183:of electrical phenomena. There lies the clue to the new age, the age of light, of illumination andPsychology1, 198:of the blood, esoterically understood, lies the clue to the liberation of the animal kingdom. HencePsychology1, 235:radiance," and in these words can be found the clue to the relation existing between the mineralPsychology1, 247:the rays 2.4.6 are the great transformers. The clue to the secret is to be found in the processesPsychology1, 269:demands. Herein lies a great distinction and a clue is offered to the problem. Again, thePsychology1, 328:as they "translate" [328] their bodies. The clue to the translation is to be found in the fact thatPsychology1, 338:ray. In this conditioning influence is found a clue to the distress and agony and pain in the worldPsychology1, 374:understood, but which will eventually give the clue to the second aspect of electricity. This willPsychology1, 393:matter that can be checked and proved, for the clue to the problem is to be found back in the veryPsychology2, 29:it and subject to it. Herein may be found a clue to the difficult problem of free will. It might bePsychology2, 57:it must also be remembered (and herein lies the clue to world unfoldment and to the mystery ofPsychology2, 97:deemed desirable is understood, then the whole clue to man's unfoldment will stand revealed. ThisPsychology2, 104:all creative work. In this thought lies the clue to the symbol of the Law of Sacrifice - a rosyPsychology2, 192:forward the work needed; and (herein lies the clue) those building forces will be increasinglyPsychology2, 217:disciples. This, if pondered on, may serve as a clue to the significance of our planetary work. ToPsychology2, 288:problem of psychology will emerge and the right clue to the solution will appear. The abovePsychology2, 288:It is a most important ray, for it gives us the clue to the whole problem of pain and of suffering.Psychology2, 393:the aspiring struggling disciple. Here lies the clue to meaning. We are dealing consequently withPsychology2, 421:lead them into the valley of understanding. The clue to success in eliminating these types ofPsychology2, 447:human aspects and the soul, and it holds the clue to the occult truism that "before a man can treadPsychology2, 620:upon this last paragraph for it holds the clue to the successful working of the new groups. It isPsychology2, 709:ray, when rightly understood, will give the clue to all that is happening today. It might be statedRaysof the senses but has in his hand that thread or clue which will eventually guide him out of theRays, 10:ability to speak the language of the soul is the clue to the work. These faculties rightly usedRays, 44:left behind. It is this phrase which gives the clue to the initiation which is referred to in thisRays, 44:Each of these Rules contains within itself the clue to the particular initiation to which referenceRays, 44:but not always, as it would profit not. The clue to the seventh initiation which lies ahead forRays, 44:Christ would be of no service to you at all. The clue to the initiation of the Transfiguration canRays, 63:which, intuitively interpreted, will give you a clue. The first demand is made possible becauseRays, 68:is shared by all the group members. Here is the clue to the significance of group work. One of itsRays, 80:to the great cycle of manifestation. It is the clue to all cyclic appearance or incarnation. ItsRays, 81:to those who realize that number gives the clue to the form and purpose of the life which the formRays, 93:here. The above truth does, however, give us a clue as to why the Christ made no specific referenceRays, 96:three worlds is a dim and uncertain shadow. Some clue to the higher quaternary dealt with in thisRays, 100:as one of the definitions of death; it holds the clue to the mysterious words "the reservoir ofRays, 119:meaningless to you and would convey naught. The clue lies for you in understanding the three wordsRays, 123:elucidation of the significance of Rule V. The clue to all this esoteric work demanded by ShamballaRays, 139:of pure perception of truth. Christ gave the clue to this teaching when He said "I am the Way, theRays, 171:terms of their present point in evolution. The clue to understanding (the clue which will be theRays, 171:in evolution. The clue to understanding (the clue which will be the easiest for you to understand)Rays, 247:God is All. The key to the significance and the clue to the secret of this rule are to be found inRays, 262:invocative and evocative. This thought holds the clue to the Law of Synthesis, of unity and ofRays, 277:to the spiritual planning that will give you the clue to the third major injunction, with this weRays, 287:need not deal, except in so far as they give the clue to the significance of the five words asRays, 292:is the key to the Macrocosm; he is the clue to the future, and he holds within himself theRays, 331:Great White Lodge on Sirius. They contain the clue to the evolutionary process, hidden in numbersRays, 331:restoration of the Mysteries and has held the clue - down the ages - to that long-awaitedRays, 350:have here a hint as to the nature of evil and a clue to a part (though only a part) of the mysteryRays, 458:a direct effort at divine creative work. The clue to understanding lies perhaps in the thought thatRays, 644:of all activity upon our planet. This gives us a clue to the goal of the planetary Logos. All life,Rays, 682:they present those keynotes which give us the clue to the world problems and indicate at the sameRays, 735:of divine energy; in this thought you have the clue to the doctrine (so travestied and misused) ofReappearance, 49:two thousand years ago, because they hold the clue to His future work. Some of it is well known toReappearance, 71:terms of their present point in evolution. The clue to understanding is to be found in the words,Reappearance, 100:has an application today and which holds the clue to the relation of the Christ and of the Buddha;Reappearance, 122:humanity by the Hierarchy and contain the entire clue to the evolutionary process, hidden inReappearance, 122:restoration of the Mysteries and has held the clue (down the ages) to that long awaitedReappearance, 134:attractive power of love." I have here given a clue to the true understanding of the work of theseSoul, 61:in terms of matter; but, as we have no better clue, we must proceed by analogy, and we mayTelepathy, 6:tune in on those mind processes which hold the clue to ultimate world salvation. TheTelepathy, 26:among the peoples. Love (not sentiment) is the clue to successful telepathic work. Therefore loveTelepathy, 55:and recognize that you possess the key or the clue in your already developed capacities, then youTelepathy, 92:the constantly expanding revelation is the clue to all the work going forward today, and to thisTelepathy, 95:paralleling spiritual development. I gave you a clue to the entire process when I said thatTelepathy, 153:most carefully to be borne in mind and is the clue to the problem of creativity. The type of the
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