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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COHERENCE

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Astrology, 597:is the will to unify, to synthesize, to produce coherence and mutual attraction and to establishAtom, 80:with other atoms, and through their mutual coherence formed groups or congeries of atoms. In otherAtom, 87:could be seen, - that of atomic energy, of group coherence, and of eventual synthesis, - so in theAtom, 88:out of the atomic stage into that of group coherence. Later comes the stage when the man begins toAtom, 104:[104] atom, that of atomic energy and of group coherence. In the world at present can be seen theDiscipleship1, 16:and to work loyally together for group coherence and integrity - no matter what diverse opinionsFire, 155:bodies atomic, producing: Vitality of the atom, Coherence of the atom, Ability to function. HeatFire, 158:or physical atom. Eventually this produces coherence of form; bodies, or aggregates of atoms comeFire, 179:(in microcosm) of Spirit and matter, and their coherence by means of force (or the spiritual will)Fire, 339:and producing: Unity between all Selves. Group coherence. Qualities that are distinctively alongFire, 436:need of the indwelling Entity; it brings about coherence and group activity; it is the warmth thatFire, 577:as a force that ingathers, that tends to coherence, that results in adhesion, and leads toFire, 607:Spirit. The One Life. Unity. Spiritual. Dynamic. Coherence. Synthesis. Central Spiritual Sun. TheFire, 796:effects, leading and tending to the general coherence of the universe, just as the general laws ofFire, 831:lives which form them and give to them their coherence and quality are gathered back by the solarFire, 1030:[1030] therefore, with the forces which tend to coherence, to concretion, and to the stabilizationFire, 1035:actuates the material sheaths, thus giving them coherence, and ever swings them into closerFire, 1121:three tiers of petals function with increasing coherence, and the force latent in the Jewel makesFire, 1235:positive aspect, the energy responsible for the coherence [1236] of the whole and for theFire, 1248:He has learnt also the secret of group coherence on the higher levels of the mental plane inFire, 1249:force, the attractive or magnetic effect of this coherence is a manifested unit on the physicalHealing, 36:the earlier stages of human evolution, it is the coherence aspect that demonstrates. Later as man'sHealing, 444:body, and that body, lacking the principle of coherence, then disintegrates. - Page 494. A TreatiseHealing, 454:symbols. Living is energy, desire in form, coherence and adhesion to an idea, and of this the heartHercules, 42:that magnetic force and that principle of coherence which builds the forms through which God, orInitiation, 134:that there is less waste of energy and a greater coherence and uniformity in action. The aligningInitiation, 169:work the brothers of humanity. The secret of the coherence of the atom is revealed to the initiate,Intellect, 178:and potent factor which is responsible for the coherence of the form nature, and which constitutesMagic, 81:mind disrupts and destroys whilst love produces coherence and heals. [82] Magic, 454:yet presenting, to the eye of the astronomer, a coherence, a unity and a structure that is uniqueMagic, 466:governed [466] almost entirely by their group coherence and vibration. So the life progressedMagic, 495:body and that body, lacking the principle of coherence, then disintegrates. It should be rememberedMagic, 495:the body and which constitutes the principle of coherence or of integration, finds its way to theMagic, 497:symbols. Living is energy, desire in form, coherence and adhesion to an idea and of this the heartPatanjali, 349:expression conveys the idea of the unity, the coherence of the three, so that they function as aPsychology1, 45:influence that which is loved. It is the bond of coherence, and is that principle of magneticPsychology1, 54:It is the true form; it is the principle of coherence in every form. The soul, in relation to thePsychology1, 55:unity, of universal synthesis and divine coherence in manifestation. The other, the higher aspect,Psychology1, 91:was originally composed. When the principle of coherence or of integration ceases to function, thatPsychology1, 195:naught but motion and energy, and always a coherence, an ordered purpose, a growing synthesis, aPsychology2, 186:the increasing bias of the human being towards coherence and integration. It must be remembered,Psychology2, 186:constancy, that unless there is a subjective coherence, all outer forms must eventuallyPsychology2, 195:particular type of energy which is producing the coherence of units in a group, thus forming themPsychology2, 234:to the Law of Attraction and to the Principle of Coherence. Later, we shall see much study donePsychology2, 240:and to react to the divine principle of coherence, so that (stimulated by their group relation)Telepathy, 78:of the Lord of the World is carried out. Being, Coherence and Activity are thus blended into one
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