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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COHERENCY

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Astrology, 411:in esoteric astrology) the Ray of Attractive Coherency and affect the soul. Planetary forcesAtom, 24:The stage of atomic energy. The stage of group coherency. The stage of unified or syntheticAtom, 25:atomic period grows another stage, that of group coherency. This involves the building up of formsBethlehem, 90:with all that is involved in that term - coherency, integration, position, direction and theExternalisation, 623:to them to be the best, but with no sense of coherency or any realization that it must be the oneFire, 317:about - by means of the Intelligence He is - coherency of action, simultaneity of purpose, andFire, 441:are largely instrumental in bringing about coherency in our chain, the fourth of the fourth scheme,Fire, 442:and we might therefore get some idea of the coherency of Their mutual work if we bear in mind thatFire, 529:force, through the energy of matter, the coherency of forms, through force centers, and forceFire, 569:the system, and is the home of the Monad. Divine coherency is demonstrated. The Law ofFire, 569:principle. The mind controls and stabilizes, and coherency is the result. The Law of Love is theFire, 667:Man is innately Love - the Force which produces coherency. The devas are innately intelligence, -Fire, 925:the three lower kingdoms of nature together in coherency, and thus producing the body ofFire, 986:with the vibration of love, and the attractive coherency of the Son, and through wisdom the formsFire, 1001:place in its construction. The result of this "coherency" is that the inner light becomes veiled,Fire, 1247:with that reality which is the basis of all coherency in nature, and with that essence whichHealing, 429:stream. The life stream energizes and holds in coherency the integrated physical body. The streamHealing, 433:else in manifestation. It is the principle of coherency which, under the balanced integration ofHealing, 433:expresses Himself. But if it is the principle of coherency and the cause of integration, it is alsoHealing, 634:it is the demonstrated fact of innate coherency, of unity, of synthesis and of relationship.Healing, 635:the etheric bodies of all forms, which produces coherency or a synthetic holding-together and whichHealing, 638:(if such a word can be applied to the sense of coherency which distinguishes the spirit of theMagic, 33:demonstrate. It can be called attractive energy, coherency, sentiency, aliveness, awareness orMagic, 263:as well. In similarity of vibration [263] comes coherency. When therefore a man raises hisMagic, 313:stimulate the astral bodies of men into a new coherency, into a brotherhood of humanity which willMagic, 454:certain measure of awareness, of rhythm, and of coherency according to the force of the Law ofPsychology2, 624:no true understanding of group activity, group coherency and group vitality. The mystic thereforePsychology2, 624:or occult disturbances is its stability, its coherency and the surety of its touch on life. TheRays, 205:- Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation Coherency, affecting lives, forms and substances,Reappearance, 170:to them to be the best, but with no sense of coherency or any realization that it must be the "oneSoul, 93:permeates all forms, and is the cause of their coherency, sentiency, and terms of existence. TheTelepathy, 25:and the recipient, and which also produces the coherency of that which is transmitted. [26] It will
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