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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COHERENT

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Patanjali, 226:the egoic impression, Their unification into one coherent whole [227] so that the man is literallyPatanjali, 246:the entire lower man into a state of one-pointed coherent attention, all parts of his nature beingPatanjali, 281:substratum the physical body is realized as a coherent whole and its objectivity is observable.Patanjali, 348:Word to drive the building forces of nature into coherent activity so that forms are produced. WhenPatanjali, 348:third aspect is itself triple, yet forms one coherent whole and hence the use of four terms toPsychology1, 5:of the integrating principle found within all coherent forms and on that which can (for lack of [6]Psychology1, 54:all bodies in all kingdoms in nature. The subtle coherent soul which is the result of the bringingPsychology1, 56:appearance. The personal soul or the subtle coherent sum total which we call the Personality,Psychology1, 91:ceases to function, that which it produced - the coherent functioning body - likewise ceases toPsychology1, 152:planets. These systems are held together as a coherent whole by the powerful interrelation of thePsychology1, 365:as a whole, as a unit, integrated and coherent. It is from the lack of internal harmony andPsychology2, 26:of the personality ray, with its synthetic, coherent grip of the three bodies and their fusing intoPsychology2, 289:bodies: Their building psychologically, or their coherent construction. Their development andPsychology2, 292:with the first ray aspect of deity. That coherent force which makes a man a magnetic center,Psychology2, 346:shows in the early and unconscious stages as the coherent power of the life principle to hold thePsychology2, 446:life pattern, his life vocation and his innate coherent desires, coincide with the trend set by ThePsychology2, 658:the New Group of World Servers is sufficiently coherent. Notice should be taken also of the worldPsychology2, 669:men of good will and of understanding into one coherent body. The many who are working in isolatedPsychology2, 676:to discover these people, and unify them into a coherent group. In conclusion, it might be said,Rays, 9:lower man and should grasp the fact that every coherent system has its varying types of energy, andRays, 9:themselves four types of elementals or separate coherent, though not self-conscious, existences.Rays, 135:disintegrated, distributed and devastated. The coherent life of all the planetary forms has beenRays, 140:to Purpose and which has in it the faculty of coherent persistence. The reason for this persistenceRays, 185:concerns itself with the detail and its coherent coordination in response to the impulse andRays, 204:That the spiritual center, where attractive, coherent, magnetic energy is focused and from whenceRays, 205:plus soul, is to the disciple. He is also the coherent force within the planet, holding, throughRays, 205:the planetary form so that they constitute one coherent, energized and functioning whole. ARays, 205:Christ as it permeates, energizes and holds in coherent expression the Christian Church in all itsRays, 205:at the center of a group and holds it also in coherent and useful manifestation. IntermediateRays, 329:and the material is gathered together into a coherent whole. I suggest that you study and compare,Rays, 549:he himself is composed of energy units - held in coherent expression by a still stronger energy,Rays, 646:holds the planet and all that is upon it in one coherent manifesting whole; the reason for thisRays, 646:coherent manifesting whole; the reason for this coherent synthesis is the evolutionary effort toRays, 653:Hierarchy together, and that which produces a coherent Ashram, is the revelation, received in theSoul, 55:it [55] into activity, and which acts as its coherent force, holding it in being. Fourth: TheTelepathy, 25:for love and for non-criticism. Constitutes the coherent quality which links together theTelepathy, 148:body holds them together so that a cohesive, coherent, expressive Whole is presented to the eye of
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