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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COLLAPSE

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Autobiography, 230:and, therefore, in imminent danger of collapse. We have been permitted to do certain things. OtherDiscipleship1, 99:the part of the Hierarchy to prevent a complete collapse of the structure of human civilization, asExternalisation, 258:of humanity, and this led to an inevitable collapse; France is learning, however, and itsExternalisation, 457:The tendency to over-fatigue and to complete collapse - once the war is over. This tendency is dueHealing, 107:body) leads to mental strain and eventual collapse. From this you can see the importance of theHealing, 707:There may be a rise in temperature, or a collapse of some kind or another, and for this the healer,Intellect, 254:reaction, sometimes to the point of nervous collapse. Others complain of pains in the head, ofProblems, 16:realities. Has France learned from her collapse in the summer of 1940 that the values of the spiritProblems, 171:nation rising against nation and of the complete collapse of all that makes life worth living? AllPsychology1, 186:difficulty and of slower growth, but no entire collapse of the fabric of civilization as thePsychology2, 640:grinding poverty, suspicion, plus the general collapse of the bulwarks of religion and government
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