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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COLLEGE

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Astrology, 694:called in the parlance of the Schools, the 'College of Quadruple Force Units', for its membersAutobiography, 218:for your girls, that I should send them to college for several years, or would you prefer to haveAutobiography, 218:useful and broadening for the girls than any college degree. Anybody can get a college degree butAutobiography, 218:girls than any college degree. Anybody can get a college degree but few people could travel widely.Autobiography, 218:Only twice have I been sorry that I had had no college degree. Such degrees are frightfullyAutobiography, 218:to give a series of lectures at The Postgraduate College in Washington, D.C. I was to speak on theAutobiography, 218:announcements were printed and sent out by the college, but when they discovered I had no degreesAutobiography, 218:received a letter from the president of the college indicating that the faculty believed a mistakeAutobiography, 218:This was also cancelled because I had no college degrees. Anyhow, my attitude was that the girlsAutobiography, 219:so we gave up all idea of an academic college training for the girls and launched them into theAutobiography, 219:for the girls and launched them into the college of life. Looking back over our decision, I haveAutobiography, 219:never regretted that the girls did not go to college. They have learned to know human beings and toDiscipleship2, 276:set in grammar school, aid the progress of the college graduate. They were necessary in the earlyDiscipleship2, 734:the educational angle (for you passed through college, did you not, my brother?) you have aEducation, 49:about the downfall of our modern world. The college or the university should in reality be theEducation, 50:the equipment and intelligence of the brilliant college men and women of today. It is not possibleEducation, 130:and taught to every child in school and college. They will thus govern and develop the new form ofEducation, 130:will prepare the young people in school and college for participation in an active and consciouslyExternalisation, 16:and so in truth and in deed constitute one great college of esotericism in the world, with varyingExternalisation, 570:they will be scientists and philosophers, college professors and educators; they will be the mayorsFire, 1178:called in the parlance of the schools, the "College of Quadruple Force units," for its membersIntellect, 128:Dr. Harvey, Professor of Philosophy at Armstrong College, adds that there develops in man aIntellect, 163:and Intuition, by Dr. Dibblee [163] of Oriel College, Oxford. In it, he gives us severalIntellect, 186:Professor of Zen Buddhism at the Buddhist College at Kyoto, tells us about it in the followingMagic, 524:grammar school to the text books utilized by a college professor. It will serve however to graduateMeditation, 307:part of the Middle West, and an extensive occult college in California in a place later to beMeditation, 314:- may appear not so different from an ordinary college. The differences will not be recognizable atMeditation, 316:of the world universities. [316] In every college the work of these trained seven men will be aidedMeditation, 321:differ not so much from those of an ordinary college in the [322] exoteric world. One rule onlyMeditation, 325:he is fit to pass on into the more advanced college. We will as usual divide our subject into threeMeditation, 326:of these books will be published yearly by the college, for the use of the public. In this way bePsychology1, 203:and a first-rate teacher or head of a college; as a man of affairs, he will have clear intelligenceRays, 379:have you bear these in mind. The concept of a college group, of a band of workers or of a number of
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