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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COLOR

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Fire, 168:orange fire. The solar plexus, ten petals rosy color with admixture of green. The heart center,Fire, 247:Appendix II and III. Babbitt's Light and Color, pp. 97-101. Fire, 248:to a certain measure, tinctured by a certain color, and rotating to a fixed key - the key of hisFire, 251:planetary scheme is tinctured by a certain color, is rotating to a fixed key which is the key ofFire, 256:the entire system is tinctured by a certain color, - the color of the life of the Logos, the OneFire, 256:system is tinctured by a certain color, - the color of the life of the Logos, the One Divine Ray;Fire, 263:plane. This energy will be of a peculiar color and quality, according to the plane involved. TheFire, 319:plane this electrical force shows itself as color. In these four we have the fundamental conceptsFire, 320:sound functions through the third ether. That color in a peculiar sense is allied to the fourthFire, 320:hearing preceded sight, as sound precedes color. An interesting analogy may here be noted betweenFire, 321:electrical force. It might here be asked why color primarily is spoken of as the buddhicFire, 321:of electricity. We are employing the word "color" here in its original and basic sense as "thatFire, 321:original and basic sense as "that which veils." Color veils the sevenfold differentiation of logoicFire, 322:activity. The predominance of one certain color according to the quality of the etheric display,Fire, 323:the development of the centers, the ray-type and color, coupled to the fact that during certainFire, 329:and the source of the evolutionary process, and color the sevenfold differentiation - thus is theFire, 331:Electrical sound - the plane of atma. Electrical color - the plane of buddhi. A HEAVENLY MANFire, 331:sound - the plane of buddhi. Electrical color - the mental plane. MAN Electrical vibration -Fire, 331:Electrical sound - the astral plane. Electrical color - the physical plane. We need to rememberFire, 332:of causal bodies on the mental plane is the color manifestation of a Heavenly Man and His lowestFire, 354:Why is buddhi exoterically regarded as yellow in color? Which are the primary three centers in theFire, 364:who vibrate to His key, are colored by the same color as Himself, answer to the same number, andFire, 427:In them are summed up the basic laws of color and of music and rhythm. When music produces warmthFire, 438:is intensified. The qualitative character or color is increased. The effect on the form side isFire, 438:force centers, manifests objectively through the color which is His psychical display, and ensoulsFire, 449:spiritual plane) has relation to a metal and a color. These again are in corelation with aFire, 449:'fold' or 'layer', which invariably bears the color of the metal and planet to which thatFire, 454:guided, scientific utilization of sound and color to bring about certain desired ends, such as TheFire, 463:of evolution, coupled with the use of sound and color, the animal kingdom will be betterFire, 480:of the fires. Devas and transmutation. Sound and color in transmutation. It is necessary here toFire, 489:Builders. Ritual, or compulsion induced through color and sound. [490] When these facts areFire, 494:days, when the alchemists of the time, through color and sound so entirely controlled theFire, 495:note, and, for those who can see, the sound and color (occultly understood) of a volcano are aFire, 496:vibration, Through internal stimulation, Through color applied in stimulation and vitalization,Fire, 562:trained clairvoyant each form reveals: By its color, By its vibration, By its direction, By itsFire, 573:revolving at right angles, of a radiant green color, all the ten arms emanating from a centralFire, 666:of expressing these ideas, the medium being color which can be heard, and sound which can be seen.Fire, 674:logoic Septenate, which is that concerning their color or quality. This color or quality isFire, 674:is that concerning their color or quality. This color or quality is dependent upon the psychicFire, 697:achievement of the student. We interpret and color statements according to the state of our ownFire, 735:through physical plane existence, and added color through astral experience. The final stage forFire, 743:virtue of the will hath entered. He garnereth color as the reaper garners wheat, and storeth it upFire, 745:and utilizes it. [745] The impartation of color or quality, which moulds that which has beenFire, 763:are closed down upon the inner three; the orange color has a dead aspect and the three points ofFire, 763:The outer sphere is palpitating with every color in the rainbow, and is of wide radius; the streamsFire, 778:of force, the peculiarity of that force will color all its evolution, and the work of theFire, 822:preserve the fundamental orange but add the color rose in every petal, so that four colors are nowFire, 845:mystery, connected with certain Hierarchies of color. 4. The informing Life of a kingdom in nature.Fire, 855:They are grouped also according to primary color, to subsidiary coloring, according to key or tone,Fire, 904:can be subdivided into four groups according to color - red, orange, yellow, and violet - the lastFire, 912:level, of a lighter purple, much the same color as violet, on the third etheric level, a lightFire, 932:hope, as the knowledge of the significance of color is extended, to glean hints as to the first.Fire, 941:with the microcosm) the three factors of sound, color and vibration, which, under the Law ofFire, 945:Not only are they affected by: A man's note, The color poured forth by the transmitting agents, TheFire, 971:contour of the thought form, clothing it with color, and painting in its details. Hence will beFire, 997:of speech will be given, and the significance of color and of sound will appear beneath theFire, 1007:proceed under law; the eye which is blue in color, and the eye which sees not red, when open,Fire, 1011:The "Eye of Shiva," when perfected, is blue in color, and as our solar Logos is the "Blue Logos" soFire, 1011:do His children occultly resemble Him; but this color must be interpreted esoterically. It must beFire, 1011:understood. More anent this question of color may not be communicated. According to the color, soFire, 1011:color may not be communicated. According to the color, so will be the type of energy manipulated,Fire, 1081:which grouped all Egos under the divisions of color, sound and vibration. A similar enumeration hasFire, 1085:to: Their magnitude, Their vibration, Their color, Their influence upon each other. These cosmicFire, 1086:subplane of the systemic physical plane. Blue in color, esoteric orange and green. A system whichFire, 1091:the reflection of the lowest aspect. Every color in the cosmos exists in three forms The trueFire, 1091:in the cosmos exists in three forms The true color. The illusory appearance of the color. ItsFire, 1091:The true color. The illusory appearance of the color. Its reflection. The reflection is that withFire, 1091:eye of the soul, the Eye of Shiva, and the true color 14 is contacted after the fifth kingdom hasFire, 1092:wheel can be [1092] visioned in terms of "true color," and is seen by the illumined seer as theFire, 1092:egoic groups, but with the difference that the color is a dual one, and the coloring of theFire, 1093:brilliancy and everywhere the sparks. 14 Color. - Originally meant a "covering." From root "celare"Fire, 1093:letters each septenary is absorbed by the mother color, as each of the seven mother colors isFire, 1111:outer tier of petals. Higher Self, through the color and arrangement of the central tier of petals.Fire, 1118:of complete unfoldment. The radiance of its color is not here referred to, but the brilliancy ofFire, 1122:each circle of petals is pulsating with life and color, and is in active movement, revolving withFire, 1122:of fire, each group distinguished by a specific color, and revolving with such rapidity that theFire, 1141:These books are interpreted: By their color. By their position, i.e. above, on and beneath a line.Fire, 1158:is being passed out being seen as differing in color, being brighter and vibrating more rapidlyFire, 1164:but having also subsidiary petals of a secondary color according to the nature and karma of theFire, 1164:peculiar hue, but there are three of a secondary color, and nine of a tertiary nature. (To studentsFire, 1171:of Solar Fire - Sacrifice petals. 7. The Law of Color. To get any comprehension of this lawFire, 1171:of this law students should remember that color serves a twofold purpose. It acts as a veil forFire, 1178:plant of tender green, and change its color to a tinge of autumn yellow. The four-leaved plantFire, 1180:- Edwin D. Babbitt, Principles of Light and Color, New York, 1878. Fire, 1184:beauty and design. When these are visualized in color, and seen in their true radiance, it will beFire, 1225:rose linked by a band of violet. An ovoid of color indigo with five letters or symbolic wordsFire, 1241:him to tread those seven Paths, has transcended color, has passed beyond the veil and has expandedFire, 1241:Life which is known by its quality, its color, and its attributes; he has expanded hisFire, 1254:specially for this work. Special aptitude in color and sound predisposes the choice, and theFire, 1256:concerns itself with three main subjects: With color, that which veils the Spirit aspect, as denseFire, 1256:of prismatic identification, for it concerns the color veils which shroud the spiritual energy.Fire, 1256:of the Heavens, it produces a corresponding color symphony. This particular mode of identificationFire, 1256:director in the chorus and to produce the needed color effects and chords. When he can do this toFire, 1273:as yet within those planetary spheres whose color blends not with the blue in just proportion. TheFire, 1280:turn not. The fires burn not. The veils of color dissipate. The Three retire within the point ofGlamour, 8:which lies behind that aggregate of line, color and form of which the symbol is composed. To someGlamour, 10:Its exoteric consideration: line, form and color. A comprehension in the astral or emotional bodyGlamour, 25:the phenomena: As to any real contact. As to any color contact or phenomena. As to any otherGlamour, 56:colored light. The idea is then "clothed with color, and thereby the first veil descends." TheGlamour, 59:ideas. Between the ray ideas and forms as they color the higher presentations. Between ideas and
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