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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COLORS

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Astrology, 532:[532] its often disastrous consequences. The colors, the mathematical rate of the higher vibrationsAstrology, 637:logos, is again sevenfold. As the seven colors of the solar spectrum correspond to the seven raysAstrology, 638:the correspondences of the days and planets and colors correctly. There is white and blackAtom, 39:assume beautiful or interesting shapes and colors, or give forth a pleasant perfume, as ifAutobiography, 208:laughed over the same things. We liked the same colors and I have often wondered what I did in theAutobiography, 208:exactly the kind of thing I liked and the colors that suited me and twice a year on receipt ofBethlehem, 57:truth is still a living truth and enriches and colors all our faith. In this continuity (which isBethlehem, 118:which all forms dwell. It is this glamor which colors all our lives and produces false values,Bethlehem, 169:of our own personal development, and therefore colors disastrously our application of them. WhenDestiny, 105:with its often disastrous consequences. The colors, [106] the mathematical rate of the higherDestiny, 122:magical results, to work with rays of differing colors and to utilize Words of Power, to pronounceDiscipleship1, 210:The present flows from out the past. The future colors that which is. I make the future also by myDiscipleship1, 482:to that which you record. What color or colors predominated in my life today? Upon the physicalDiscipleship1, 483:gold of physical well being, the interplay of colors which your emotional nature can be trained toDiscipleship1, 486:(for you are an integrated personality), that it colors the nature, type and quality of yourDiscipleship1, 529:and sees these beautiful lotuses of different colors. But the two ends of the garden are the realDiscipleship1, 752:that he has registered a color, a series of colors, or light, is entirely true in many cases, butDiscipleship2, 181:forces of the disciple's own ray; that, in turn, colors somewhat the Ashram with which he isDiscipleship2, 305:composed of a kaleidoscopic mass of inchoate colors, moving, pulsating and in constantDiscipleship2, 305:with a penumbra composed of the seven prismatic colors; these radiate from the sun in regularDiscipleship2, 305:of the square appears to have its confusion of colors shown of a heavy, brilliant kind and quality;Discipleship2, 312:a sevenfold law, for it takes on the seven colors of the seven rays, the seven qualities, modes andEducation, 10:with a knowledge of the Seven Ray types, which colors Eastern psychology (see pages 18-23). 3.Externalisation, 8:and clairaudience, and the seeing of colors and similar phenomena. Clairvoyance and clairaudienceExternalisation, 29:method is strictly emotional and so more easily colors the mass consciousness. An instance of thisExternalisation, 44:glamor and from much of the illusion which today colors the Aryan peoples, and a racial life whichExternalisation, 90:of the earthly Barhishads...Seven men of seven colors...Seven men, each on his own lot and relatedExternalisation, 131:three divine aspects, each of which inspires and colors the embryonic civilization. Great BritainExternalisation, 517:significance of the various rites, ceremonies, colors and rituals, and with the work performed uponFire, 33:and the path again is traversed. Three the great colors in the cycle that counteth as the fourth,Fire, 33:the basic purple in revolution. Four are the colors secondary in the cycle of discrimination inFire, 33:rounds, but only when the complementary colors recognize their source, and the whole adjustethFire, 63:primary colored rays; and the three primary colors coexist with the four secondary colors in theFire, 63:primary colors coexist with the four secondary colors in the solar ray. Similarly the three primaryFire, 102:passes the prana through his etheric vehicle, colors it with his own peculiar quality, and soFire, 147:primary colored rays; and the three primary colors coexist with the four secondary colors in theFire, 147:primary colors coexist with the four secondary colors in the solar ray. Similarly the three primaryFire, 168:Life," Vol. I, page 447-460. We will note the colors and petals: The base of the spine, fourFire, 205:view of fire, 86 leaving the aura and [205] its colors out of temporary consideration, theFire, 321:display will be seen to embody the seven colors. Again another correspondence between the fourthFire, 328:the plane of violet, even though all the colors find their place there; the Lord of the Ray ofFire, 353:the realized Identity of some great Self which colors the life and swings into intelligentFire, 449:Isis Unveiled (p. 514) tell us that 'sounds and colors' are all spiritual numerals; nor is thatFire, 574:it governs the transmutation of differentiated colors back to their synthesis. It controls theFire, 666:can be seen. Man reverses the process and sees colors and hears sounds. A hint lies here as to theFire, 708:producing a radiant form, full of primal colors. At the coming in of the Manasadevas to produceFire, 725:total system. They produce the blending of the colors, and the synthesis of the units in theirFire, 762:a predominant orange hue, though the six other colors are found as secondary colors in a varyingFire, 762:the six other colors are found as secondary colors in a varying degree. The inner three petals areFire, 763:now of a gorgeous translucence, shot with many colors, that of the egoic ray predominating. TheFire, 822:Petal 1 - Knowledge on the physical plane. Colors: Orange, green and violet. Petal 2 - Love on theFire, 822:violet. Petal 2 - Love on the physical plane. Colors: Orange, rose and blue. Petal 3 - Sacrifice onFire, 822:blue. Petal 3 - Sacrifice on the physical plane. Colors: Orange, yellow and indigo. These threeFire, 822:through love on the physical and astral planes. Colors: Rose, and the original three. Petal 2 -Fire, 822:love on the physical and astral planes. Colors: Rose and the corresponding three. Petal 3 - LovingFire, 822:sacrifice on the physical and astral planes. Colors: Rose and the same three. These three petalsFire, 822:add the color rose in every petal, so that four colors are now seen. These petals are organized andFire, 822:to dominate the entire threefold lower man. Colors: Yellow and the four colors, orange, green,Fire, 822:threefold lower man. Colors: Yellow and the four colors, orange, green, violet and rose. [824]Fire, 824:love on the mental plane, and thus to serve. Colors: Yellow and the four colors, orange, violet,Fire, 824:and thus to serve. Colors: Yellow and the four colors, orange, violet, rose and blue. Petal 3 - TheFire, 824:Petal 3 - The utter sacrifice of all forever. Colors: Yellow, orange, rose, blue and indigo. In theFire, 824:and indigo. In the mystery of these subsidiary colors and of the gradual shining forth within theFire, 824:gradual shining forth within the lotus of five colors in any one petal at one time, is veiled theFire, 824:fell. More it is not possible to say, but the colors hold the esoteric key to this greatFire, 849:the varying group "keys," the group tones and colors. It will consequently be apparent to theFire, 911:in the etheric double. Devas of all kinds and colors are found on the physical etheric levels, butFire, 995:into aspiration; at changing the lower cruder colors which distinguish the astral body of averageFire, 1091:interest students to know that there are certain colors, veiling these groups of non-incarnatingFire, 1091:we have on earth are reflections of the true colors, and likewise the reflection of the lowestFire, 1092:seer as the combined blending of the primary colors of the three solar systems. The monadicFire, 1092:distinguished by being the totality of the seven colors of the seven Heavenly Men, and from theFire, 1092:fifth Initiation is the sumtotal of the primary colors of the egoic groups of the differingFire, 1093:or hide. Also Occultare, to hide. Symbology of colors. The language of the prism, of which "theFire, 1093:of the prism, of which "the seven mother colors have each seven sons," that is to say, forty-nineFire, 1093:or alphabetical characters. The language of colors has, therefore, fifty-six letters for theFire, 1093:by the mother color, as each of the seven mother colors is absorbed finally in the white ray,Fire, 1093:the white ray, Divine Unity symbolized by these colors. Fire, 1172:the attractive quality of the central life. All colors, therefore, are centers of attraction, areFire, 1172:the purpose, the activity, and the relation of colors to or for each other. 8. The Law ofFire, 1225:rays of rose. A sphere, divided by a Tau, in colors green and silver. A bird, with plumage dark andFire, 1257:it [1257] has the long limb formed of the seven colors of the solar spectrum, and the transverseFire, 1257:limb is composed of twelve gradations of colors as yet unknown to man. In the center of the CrossFire, 1260:arms of the Cross meet. The symbolism of these colors links this fourth path to the solar systemFire, 1271:of their numbers and the utilization of their colors is the smoke dissipated. [1272] Fire, 1274:Words are lost, for there is none to hear. The colors fade, and every point grows dim. The oceanGlamour, 56:enumerated as follows: The ray type of the ego colors the man's interpretation of the idea. ItGlamour, 56:colors the man's interpretation of the idea. It colors the emerging thought-form. SymbolicallyGlamour, 60:of the mental type is pride, and that colors all activities in the early stages. The cure is theHealing, 36:or flash again into manifestation. Streams of colors pass and repass; they twine or intertwine.Healing, 92:brought about by the state of rebellion which colors all the life, and the registering of violentHealing, 224:women of all races, all civilizations and all colors. This must, whether regarded as right or wrongHealing, 263:ways in which humanity throughout the planet colors existence - are aspects of effects, initiatedHealing, 293:(which we call energy) creates all that is, colors and shapes all [294] manifestations within theHealing, 495:to form his future bodies of manifestation. Colors them with the qualities and characteristics heHealing, 576:is their Atlantean interpretation which largely colors the modern approach to their comprehension,Healing, 676:absorb it. It is, however, assumed that goodwill colors the entire attitude and thinking of theHercules, 19:the first stage of the spiritual experience and colors the thoughts of all the great aspirants andInitiation, 40:They are each distinguished by one of the six colors, with the Lord of the World showing forth theInitiation, 116:pulsating with life and radiant with all the colors of the rainbow, and at the first three
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