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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COLORS

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Initiation, 158:one word in rapid rotation. Simultaneously, the colors and symbols of the various sounds pass inMagic, 32:is one) there are the seven differentiated colors. Even this is so only because of the nature andMagic, 36:other forms as well. The qualities, vibrations, colors, and characteristics in all the kingdoms ofMagic, 82:the occultist begins to offset karma, and thus colors not the astral light. The only method wherebyMagic, 111:the monad, or it may be one of the complementary colors to the primary. The ray of the personalityMagic, 190:their petal numbers, and their location. Their colors are immaterial at present from the standpointMagic, 190:nature of a blind, and in any case, the esoteric colors are widely different from the exoteric. 1.Magic, 205:of their vibration, of their tone and colors and of the astrological significances. We shall notMagic, 221:forms, interpenetrating and intermingling colors, and is of such a kaleidoscopic appearance thatMagic, 299:fear is a quality of evil (or of matter) which colors fundamentally or characterizes the astral orMagic, 305:these are all aspects of the fear complex which colors the lives of so many worthy people. This canMagic, 625:with that dominating fear of death which colors so many lives) and have been the subject of muchMeditation, 4:is dissonance and discord, a clashing of the colors, and a fight between the Higher and the Lower.Meditation, 35:the quarry of the personal life, and the first colors are painted in by the man, the builder andMeditation, 77:their psychic correspondences and will note the colors and the number of the petals. The base ofMeditation, 83:Fire till the radiations, the velocity and the colors are keyed to the egoic note. This is part ofMeditation, 135:some of the brownies, and the fairy folk of colors brown, gray and somber-hued. They cannot controlMeditation, 135:devas of high development, nor the fairies of colors blue, green and yellow, though a few of theMeditation, 145:with all the virtues, scintillates with all the colors, and is vivified, [146] first of all, by theMeditation, 152:aspiration, love and ardent longing. The colors built in will be of singular purity and clarityMeditation, 153:plane will be of secondary importance. The colors employed may be of equal clarity, but they areMeditation, 153:and is not lost in the upward surge of emotional colors as the mystic form is apt to be. Later,Meditation, 203:AND SOUND August 27th, 1920 Enumeration of the colors and some comments. Colors and the law ofMeditation, 203:Enumeration of the colors and some comments. Colors and the law of correspondences. Effects ofMeditation, 203:and the law of correspondences. Effects of colors. Application of colors and their future use.Meditation, 203:Effects of colors. Application of colors and their future use. [204] There is no question thatMeditation, 205:by which manifestation becomes possible. These colors are: Blue. Indigo. Green. Yellow. Orange.Meditation, 206:flashed into being, radiant with the seven colors, with the deep blue or indigo for syntheticMeditation, 206:as the culmination of meditation. In these seven colors, and their wise comprehension, lies theMeditation, 206:of man to do as does the Logos and build. Colors have certain effects on the different vehicles,Meditation, 206:your mind at rest on the point as to whether the colors enumerated by me conflict with thoseMeditation, 207:or two hints however I may give: Complementary colors may be spoken of in occult books in terms ofMeditation, 207:or in terms of the monadic ray. The colors of higher or lower mind are at times spoken of in termsMeditation, 207:this planet, may be spoken of in terms of four colors: Indigo, as They are in the line of theMeditation, 208:of flame (which even exoterically blends all the colors) comes illumination. In studying thisMeditation, 208:it under the following heads: Enumeration of the colors and certain comment thereon. Colors and theMeditation, 208:of the colors and certain comment thereon. Colors and the Law of Correspondences. The effects ofMeditation, 208:and the Law of Correspondences. The effects of colors: On the bodies of the pupil. On groups and onMeditation, 209:add a few further points to those already given. Colors as manifested on the physical plane show atMeditation, 209:is reached the beauty transcends all conception. Colors - such as we have now to do with inMeditation, 209:as we have now to do with in evolution - are the colors of light. Certain colors, which are theMeditation, 209:in evolution - are the colors of light. Certain colors, which are the left-overs from the previousMeditation, 209:ignorance so we term it). They are involutionary colors, and are media for the force of the DarkMeditation, 210:pupil of the Great Ones by the admission of the colors connected with light. The synthesis of allMeditation, 210:connected with light. The synthesis of all the colors, as aforesaid, is the synthetic ray ofMeditation, 210:and are lost in the Triadal Light. Certain colors belong more exclusively to the human Hierarchy,Meditation, 210:- The Use of Color and Sound Enumeration of the Colors August 29th, 1920 Tonight we must continueMeditation, 211:and undivided. We enumerated the colors yesterday and in a certain order. I seek again to enumerateMeditation, 211:dense matter. Not so is it in fact. The seven colors may be regarded as a band of seven colorsMeditation, 211:seven colors may be regarded as a band of seven colors circling and continuously shifting andMeditation, 212:work on the serpent's skin, with the four other colors interweaving. Some day some student of colorMeditation, 213:out the esoteric significance of [213] these colors, nor exact information as to their order andMeditation, 213:VII - The Use of Color and Sound Comments on the Colors Certain colors are known and it might beMeditation, 213:Color and Sound Comments on the Colors Certain colors are known and it might be well if we hereMeditation, 213:Now you will note that I do not name the two colors, indigo-red and indigo-blue, nor do I apportionMeditation, 214:you must always remember in dealing with these colors: That I have given their exoteric names andMeditation, 214:foundation color of Nature. That the other five colors with which our fivefold evolution isMeditation, 214:to blind and mislead. That each of these three colors and the other two are only understood as yetMeditation, 214:the fourth round and only four subrays of these colors have as yet been glimpsed. By rememberingMeditation, 214:reserve his opinion. Yellow is another of the colors that have come to us from system 1. TheMeditation, 215:of vibration, and the wise development of the colors necessitated. [216] We dealt in my last letterMeditation, 216:[216] We dealt in my last letter with the four colors - blue, indigo, green, and yellow, - and inMeditation, 216:of interest. We now come to a different group of colors, and one that falls naturally together,Meditation, 218:and Sound We might apportion the great basic colors between the various terms that we use toMeditation, 220:all apparent purposes one of the most difficult colors to consider. It ranks as undesirable. Why?Meditation, 222:may lead to surprising results. By the study of colors and the planes, by the study of color andMeditation, 222:three things: That he seeks to find the esoteric colors and their right application to the planesMeditation, 223:root-race body? Even then a whole range of colors of wondrous beauty will be outside and beyond hisMeditation, 223:Use of Color and Sound The Esoteric and Exoteric Colors Today our subject is the second one in ourMeditation, 224:of color... The esoteric meaning of the exoteric colors is not yet wholly imparted, as I haveMeditation, 224:statement as to the esoteric significance of the colors I would have you now tabulate (even thoughMeditation, 224:on the four and under the four. The esoteric colors of the exoteric red, green and orange may notMeditation, 226:the will or power aspect. What have you for the colors of those three bodies, exotericallyMeditation, 226:the will or power aspect. What again are the colors of those bodies exoterically described? TheMeditation, 227:of systemic evolution the nomenclature of these colors is most misleading. The red, for instance,Meditation, 227:high levels are to all intents and purposes new colors of a beauty and translucence inconceivable.Meditation, 227:between the microcosm and the macrocosm. The colors exoterically have to do with the form. TheMeditation, 227:the form. The forces or qualities which those colors conceal and hide have to do with the life,Meditation, 227:color. Build in the qualities that those colors veil. [228] Effect the necessary transmutation ofMeditation, 228:[228] Effect the necessary transmutation of the colors from the Personality to the Triad, and laterMeditation, 228:The causal body acts as a synthesis of these colors in the life of the reincarnating Ego, just asMeditation, 228:Ego, just as the synthetic ray blends all the colors in logoic manifestation. Endeavor to keepMeditation, 228:Endeavor to keep clear in your own mind... that colors are the expressions of force or quality.Meditation, 228:or faculties. Therefore, just as the seven colors hide qualities in the Logos, so these virtuesMeditation, 228:universe, and the application of these colors to their adjusted portion that the beauty of theMeditation, 229:The seven rays or hierarchies. The seven colors. The seven planes of manifestation. The sevenMeditation, 230:here be given. At a low point in evolution the colors are largely based on the activity aspect.Meditation, 230:which has three effects: The dropping out of colors from the lower sheaths which are the left-oversMeditation, 230:as brown and gray. The transmutation of certain colors into those of higher tone. An effect ofMeditation, 231:hand, by frequent brooding and meditation on the colors, and by an endeavor to attain theirMeditation, 231:of Wisdom can the esoteric interpretation of the colors be truly known. That Hall is enteredMeditation, 233:mutation in color. As you have been taught, the colors as seen in the aura of a savage and in thoseMeditation, 233:plane are aware of the steady improvement in the colors seen, and of a greater purity and clarityMeditation, 233:our first point that, as the units evolve, the colors change and this is brought about by theMeditation, 233:is that these influences (which show forth as colors when they contact matter) move in their ownMeditation, 234:frequent meeting and interplay of the forces and colors, and their constant action and interactionMeditation, 237:vibrations and the bringing in of certain colors veiling certain virtues or influences. Meditation, 237:up the subject of the application of color. If colors are but the veil cast over an influence, andMeditation, 237:you can, by use of the intuition, find out which colors thus shroud a virtue you have the key toMeditation, 238:Color and Sound Use of Color in Meditation All colors emanate from one source or one primary color
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