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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COLUMN

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Discipleship1, 212:head. Picture it as rising there - up the spinal column. Then, as you count eight, think of thoseDiscipleship2, 660:imaginatively, the straight line of the spinal column, the head center, the sutratma and theEducation, 19:of the organ of sensitivity, the spinal column. The objective of education should therefore be theEducation, 66:between the centers up the individual spinal column is its microcosmic correspondence, like aExternalisation, 18:of energy which sleeps at the base of the spinal column. When this process is carried forward withFire, 55:radiates in all directions, using the spinal column as its main artery, but working in closeFire, 57:well-being of man, and that when the spinal column is duly adjusted and aligned, and when theFire, 106:though owing to the poor condition of the spinal column (which in so many is out of accurateFire, 123:through the threefold channel in the spinal column. In the second stage this vitalizing blendedFire, 134:bony structure which we call the spine or spinal column. This is a fact not sufficiently recognizedFire, 135:centers, A point at the bottom of the spinal column. and c. The two major sex organs in the maleFire, 139:fire up more than one channel of the threefold column; hence two-thirds of its effect in theFire, 183:Each of the three channels within the spinal column have for specific purpose the blending of theseFire, 812:upon the great nerve centers, and the spinal column. When the connection between the dense physicalFire, 886:body, and produces effects within the spinal column which arouses the kundalini fire at the base ofFire, 894:and finally we find at the summit of the column, and surmounting all, that small organ called theFire, 907:of the spine, the three channels in the spinal column, and the pineal gland. All these factorsFire, 962:between he vital energy of the spinal column (the kundalini fire) and the energy of the two headFire, 1035:three outpourings, The three worlds, The spinal column and its channels, or those main factors withFire, 1159:of energy which pass up and down the spinal column. This triple stream of force has mostFire, 1159:unit. Between the triple energy of the spinal column and the alta major center, there is a hiatus,Healing, 45:Base of spine Muladhara Adrenals Kidneys Spinal column Will Energy Universal life Kundalini TheHealing, 144:consider the five centers found upon the spinal column and the two which are found in the head. 1.Healing, 183:through the entire length of the spinal [183] column, via the etheric correspondence of the spinalHealing, 183:of the Hierarchy and of Humanity. The spinal column (from the angle of the esoteric sciences)Healing, 183:thread. This threefold thread within the spinal column is therefore composed of three threads ofHealing, 183:in the substance of the interior of the column a "threefold way of approach and of withdrawal."Healing, 196:the dense physical body), and the spinal column with the head. It must always be remembered thatHealing, 196:joint relationship to the centers and spinal column is recognized, we shall see a great revolutionHealing, 201:of the physical body. [201] The spinal column (esoterically, the ida, pingala and sushumnaHealing, 201:- The Psychological Causes of Disease The spinal column is primarily intended to be the channelHealing, 201:not here to the bony structure of the spinal column, but to the cord, its esoteric counterpart, andHealing, 202:suggestive and symbolic diagram of the spinal column and the head, looking at both from the angleHealing, 203:It is not controlled in any way from the spinal column. It must be borne in mind that this diagramHealing, 210:act of the will, it is projected down the spinal column, via the alta major center, whichHealing, 210:the carotid gland. As it passes down the spinal column it vitalizes two aspects of the centers;Healing, 211:then rush up the central channel in the spinal column, and the third or highest receptive aspect ofHealing, 332:centers are found in the head and up the spinal column. The minor centers are to be found scatteredHealing, 602:plexus center, situated in the etheric spinal column. If the patient should be suffering fromHealing, 620:and the other five are to be found up the spinal column. This spinal column is the physical symbolHealing, 620:to be found up the spinal column. This spinal column is the physical symbol of that essentialMagic, 205:shall not work with the centers down the spinal column, nor aim at their conscious utilization asMagic, 433:throat center and the heart center in the spinal column, but nearer the heart than the throat.Magic, 572:This fire has to pass up through the spinal column and burn its way through the web which separatesMagic, 592:the five centers found on the rod of the spinal column, such as follows: 0/0/0/0/0, and three areMeditation, 104:accuracy the electrical condition of the spinal column, and correlate its condition with that ofPatanjali, 8:if he remembers that it is the central column which contains the terms applicable to the soul orPsychology1, 252:of force centers and channels with a spinal column and a brain. This organization of a sensitivePsychology1, 371:head, and works through the medium of the spinal column. When scientists know exactly why thePsychology1, 426:of force centers and channels, with a spinal column and a brain. This organization of a sensitivePsychology2, 58:typical of the consecrated physical life. A column in the Temple itself, typical of the desire orPsychology2, 117:fiery power toward the top of the spinal column. As the life of the soul gets stronger, thePsychology2, 388:with its subsequent raising, along the spinal column, to the head. Psychology2, 523:will) must be raised and carried up the spinal column to the head center, via the ajna center. ThePsychology2, 538:branch out in all directions from the spinal column. [539] The raising of the kundalini force - ifPsychology2, 547:reminding you that the centers up the spinal column and in the head govern definite areas in thePsychology2, 589:upwards by the evolutionary route of the spinal column. This is of moment. 2. If the door to thePsychology2, 592:there are formed five areas up the spinal column and two in the head where the energies are morePsychology2, 594:ida and pingala - which are found up the spinal column, one on each side of the central channel.Psychology2, 595:of the protecting etheric webs up the spinal column. If this is done whilst the emphasis of theSoul, 86:spirit and distributes [86] it into the spinal column. This cerebellum by an ineffable andSoul, 113:The force centers are situated up the spinal column and in the head. Arthur Avalon says: "ASoul, 113:the spinal cord, contained within the vertebral column (Merudanda). It is to be noted that, just asSoul, 113:(Chakras) hereinafter described, the vertebral column itself is divided into five regions, which,Soul, 114:system which lie on each side of the vertebral column. The spinal cord extends in the case of manSoul, 115:centers are not merely situated up the spinal column and in the head as we have just shown, butSoul, 115:to one another through the medium of the spinal column - a relationship too intricate to beSoul, 115:two are in the head and five in the spinal column. The two centers in the head have a directSoul, 115:the personality. The five centers in the spinal column concern the varying activities of theSoul, 117:of the same. On each side of the vertebral column there is a chain of ganglia connected with nerveTelepathy, 146:found in the etheric counterpart of the spinal column, and the energy passes (through large andTelepathy, 146:back of the head, just above where the spinal column ends. This makes eight centers but is in
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