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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMBINE

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Astrology, 139:knowledge. Bear in mind that the esoteric forces combine with the forces of the exoteric orAtom, 38:the thousands of ways in which atoms of hydrogen combine [39] with those of other elements, formingAtom, 39:animals of the lower order. Finally they combine in man, who represents the total intelligence ofAtom, 112:warning. Avoid those schools and methods which combine forms of breathing exercises withDiscipleship1, 344:produces physical results. When a healer can combine in himself both fields of activity and produceDiscipleship1, 458:body and its fitting for better service. Can you combine these two apparently contradictoryDiscipleship2, 107:when many and different ray qualities meet and combine. When you speak of an Ashram being a firstExternalisation, 56:but using fifth ray methods. They will thus combine, in their personnel, the work of the destroyerExternalisation, 147:plane and in everyday life who will be able to combine their efforts with those of the HierarchyExternalisation, 252:humanity itself and the inevitability of karma combine to prevent an intervention in just theseExternalisation, 662:the world of men, as expectancy, hope and demand combine to make their united appeal. The Ashram orFire, 472:would yet by the natural process of accretion, combine themselves closely and form a formidableFire, 620:cosmic physical. Second. Realization of how to combine the pairs of opposites, and thus give bodyFire, 761:of the cosmic physical. The causes which combine to produce incarnation, are seen to be three:Fire, 1023:how to draw it within himself, transmute it, or combine it with the forces of his own body, andHealing, 17:step in the right direction. The tendency to combine psychology with the outer physical treatmentHealing, 40:how desirable it is that the true healer should combine in himself, not only a measure of esotericHealing, 527:view, and divine understanding. How many healers combine these three qualities and also workHealing, 530:esoteric learning, and they will then begin to combine, whilst practising their profession, bothHealing, 557:study and work. Many healers in the New Age will combine orthodox study and knowledge with the artMagic, 180:of employing mental plane methods. Some people combine the method of inspiration and of receivingMagic, 577:the centers of his own body, but can also combine them with the planetary or cosmic currents to beMeditation, 153:an occultist and a mystic, the forms built will combine both qualifications, and be things of rareMeditation, 187:by the Master or by a member of the Hierarchy) combine all the three effects. They arousePatanjali, 47:devotee has to tread the Path of Raja Yoga, and combine intellectual knowledge, mental control andPsychology2, 660:be made known and aided. To do this, we need to combine wise and deliberate action with speed,Rays, 352:composing the etheric body. These two blend, combine and form the "door" through which the
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