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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMFORT

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Astrology, 205:nature and these are mainly three: Sex, physical comfort, and money, as concretized energy. TheyAstrology, 206:selfishly utilized or divinely blended. Physical comfort - life conditions, selfishly appropriated.Astrology, 570:aspiration can flourish, physical and emotional comfort can be attained and the recognition of theAutobiography, 4:its ugliness, its smugness, and the excessive comfort of [5] the upper classes (so-called) and theAutobiography, 9:They were for me the years of greatest physical comfort and of luxury; they were years of freedomAutobiography, 56:of my fellow workers who wanted to come in and comfort me. But I stuck it out; my pride would notAutobiography, 89:and by forgetting ourselves. The Master did not comfort me that night, He offered me no complimentsAutobiography, 127:I knew the meaning of complete despair. The only comfort which I had were the children and theyAutobiography, 182:by telling her that I did not believe that the comfort of one's family was a trivial matter andBethlehem, 69:he wrote the beautiful words which have brought comfort to so many: "Challenge the darkness,Bethlehem, 153:actuated by desire for material possessions and comfort. Zophar the Naamathite means the "one whoDiscipleship1, 186:This you realize. It may be of some help and comfort to you if you realize also that this is knownDiscipleship1, 243:your usual custom. Rest back somewhat, achieving comfort and self-forgetfulness. The meditationDiscipleship1, 290:of what seems best to you yourself and your own comfort, and your own so-called freedom. Infer notDiscipleship1, 463:either to revelation or the imparted illusory comfort of those who hover on the dividing lineDiscipleship1, 493:the extent of my truthful presentation. For your comfort, I would point out that were you not in aDiscipleship1, 546:but relaxed, and in a position of physical comfort. Withdraw the consciousness inward in successiveDiscipleship1, 570:and the self-centered life of personal comfort. The way of considered unselfishness lies open toDiscipleship1, 655:to Disciples - R.R.R. MEDITATION OUTLINE Achieve comfort, alignment and control. These I need notDiscipleship1, 658:defeatist complex. To believe so at times and to comfort yourself with the idea is only a form ofDiscipleship2, 488:to sleep at night. After achieving complete comfort, as far as may be possible, attempt to assumeDiscipleship2, 510:speaking) would give you strength and comfort. There comes a time in the training of any discipleDiscipleship2, 524:with clarity, of bringing you some measure of comfort and of strength, and of indicating certainEducation, ix:of relativity theory? This would be cold comfort from a warm heart and Einstein does not offer thisExternalisation, 11:to satisfy the love of sensation or desire for comfort of their almost equally unintelligentExternalisation, 120:congregate together for their greater material comfort and protection, and the rhythmic processesExternalisation, 121:own note and to set new standards of material comfort and of selfish control on an increasinglyExternalisation, 240:and turning hither and thither for help and comfort. Shall the demand, so widely prevalent at thisExternalisation, 427:an inconclusive finish, and who (for the present comfort of the present generation) would sacrificeExternalisation, 498:use can abolish destitution, bring civilized comfort (and not useless luxury) to all upon ourExternalisation, 621:are for the discussion of realities, for the comfort and hope which the thought of Christ's returnExternalisation, 671:along totalitarian lines, enforcing peace and comfort, taking steps to arrest evil by force andGlamour, 4:to love, in a selfish concern for one's own comfort - physical, mental or spiritual, and above all,Glamour, 48:Be sure to ask yourself the question: Is your comfort and your peace of mind of such definiteGlamour, 95:in the establishing of a center of beauty and comfort in life on the physical plane. Therein theGlamour, 111:which they demand of beauty, and of emotional comfort. That which brings to them spiritual comfortGlamour, 111:comfort. That which brings to them spiritual comfort in the realm of religion and religious desire.Glamour, 122:RAY IV The glamor of harmony, aiming at personal comfort and satisfaction. The glamor of war. TheGlamour, 149:subtle realities, and the longing for emotional comfort, for mental stability and assurance thatGlamour, 212:dependent upon things and upon material good and comfort. Second: that the three stages ofHealing, 164:their due functioning and proper adjustment the comfort of the whole depends. Each of these has itsHealing, 192:the innate desire of the average human being for comfort and physical harmony, and gloss the innateHealing, 212:- in order to have good health and physical comfort. They regard it as their right and due, to beHealing, 348:or the response is, from the angle of the comfort of the physical body, bad. Healing, 363:soul proves inadequate, and only serves to comfort the serving healer personally, but suffices notHealing, 369:lowered the pressure and brought a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The question arises whetherHealing, 423:either to revelation or to the imparted illusory comfort of those who hover on the dividing lineHercules, 136:"ease", but it is far from the ease of luxurious comfort. The author defines it as "an expressionHercules, 144:symbolize the appetites associated with sex, comfort and money. The second triune group concernsHercules, 145:engage our attention on every hand. The love of comfort, luxury and outer possessions still growsHercules, 146:mind must solve problems of this nature. Comfort. An eternal sense of dissatisfaction spurs man toHercules, 146:man to ever greater heights of achievement. Comfort is often a brake upon such striving. CloggedHercules, 146:and blunted by the beguiling sense of comfort, the spirit wilts and fades. The prisoner of comfortHercules, 146:the spirit wilts and fades. The prisoner of comfort sinks back in apathy, forgetting the strugglesHercules, 146:is alien to the narcissistic inclination to make comfort a central motive in life. Money. TheIntellect, 220:close the circuit. Having attained to physical comfort, relaxation, and having withdrawn ourselvesIntellect, 226:the wayward mind to submission. Will Levington Comfort, in his 113th Letter, sums this up for us asIntellect, 227:at the bottom, and the word Stability looms." - Comfort, Will Levington, Letters. He goes on in theIntellect, 227:content which may safely be empowered." - Comfort, Will Levington, Letters. How is this conditionIntellect, 228:Concentration Stages The attainment of physical comfort and control. The breathing is noted asIntellect, 231:to the stimulation of the psychic nature. Mr. Comfort points this out most beautifully in the sameIntellect, 232:be established before we can carry the power." - Comfort, Will Levington, Letters. Intellect, 249:ever, of a happy nature); they carry much [249] comfort to the writer and make him feel he is aMagic, 42:their due functioning and proper adjustment the comfort of the whole depends. Each of these has itsMagic, 70:common sense and the forgetfulness of selfish comfort and personal ambition. This leads to theMagic, 295:effort to satisfy them. If the craving is for comfort and for happiness, we shall have the man withMagic, 350:of the world's ignorance, - all are known. Take comfort in the assurance that love rules all; takeMagic, 396:for those who are necessary to them or to their comfort. You have therefore in the sequentialMagic, 607:not at this stage too sensitive for their own comfort and too responsive to vibrations emanatingMagic, 626:of the day, and the achievements of civilized comfort have all grown out of this basic fear. AllMeditation, 275:the pupil can vibrate with greater ease and comfort to the vibration of his Master, and can holdPatanjali, 215:which in meditation produce difficulty, the comfort of the body and the control of the mind. It isPatanjali, 338:speech of the great Companions, who counsel and comfort him on his way. They may speak to himProblems, 36:been materialistic. The aim has been physical comfort; science and the arts have been prostitutedProblems, 38:the reason is that we have demanded so much of comfort and of "things" in order to live "reasonablyProblems, 72:thousands receive so small a wage that real comfort, leisure, culture and travel are impossible.Problems, 79:demand? Must we legislate for material ends and comfort? What standard of living will - in the NewProblems, 79:goods and possessions, the desire for material comfort, for the acquisition and the accumulation ofProblems, 92:and their civilian populations have lived in comfort, ease and plenty; they too have lost somethingPsychology1, 113:are not dealt with nor considered; nor is comfort given or time taken to reassure or satisfy thePsychology1, 234:thinking entities to draw from it inspiration, comfort and satisfaction of a mental kind.Psychology1, 323:principally the man is governed by a desire for comfort - physical, emotional and mental - to suchPsychology1, 323:the right of other people to a similar degree of comfort and harmony, and of a steady effort toPsychology1, 424:thinking entities to draw from it inspiration, comfort and satisfaction of a mental kind.Psychology2, 374:then all visions, if they serve to lift and comfort his brothers; he welcomes all truths, if theyPsychology2, 466:a running hither and thither for explanation, comfort, assurance, and a sense of comradeship, orPsychology2, 641:old order and bring in the new era of economic comfort and peaceful living, and are dedicatingRays, 294:today that its major need is peace and material comfort and is working vaguely for both; theRays, 629:of a high standard of living and physical comfort to an idealistic appreciation of the realRays, 649:thus regards physical well-being and physical comfort, plus material possessions, as the true goalRays, 676:lived and died was the material world, material comfort, material possessions and materialReappearance, 144:of ages and which have brought assurance and comfort to men everywhere. These surely are: 1. TheReappearance, 168:are for the discussion of realities, for the comfort and hope which the thought of Christ's returnTelepathy, 77:were written for mystics, occupied with beauty, comfort, and encouragement, and were not writtenTelepathy, 116:being, his physical appetites, and his physical comfort or discomfort. There are however, today,Telepathy, 139:are the fact of the physical body (around whose comfort, security and care all life seems woven)
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