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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMAND

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Astrology, 133:"And the Word said, Go forth into matter." The command of the soul to its instrument during theAstrology, 284:for me to elucidate. On the ordinary wheel, the command goes forth in the following words whichAstrology, 543:illumines the darkness and so demonstrates his command of light, the dark cave of materialism andAutobiography, 260:work, many years of study and thought, and a command of clear, forceful English. 3. ClairvoyantAutobiography, 263:of the occult law that no Master ever gives a command or expects obedience. The average esotericAutobiography, 269:leader (suggested by him and not presented as a command). The presence of authoritative statements,Bethlehem, 11:and in truth, but had left us with, the definite command that we should "follow His steps." (IBethlehem, 16:been properly grasped. This was the message or command to love our neighbor as ourselves." (St.Bethlehem, 22:such perfection is proven to the disciples. The command [23] goes forth to us, "Be ye thereforeBethlehem, 104:World," (St. John, VIII, 12.) and to obey His command wherein He tells us to "let your light soBethlehem, 109:utterly beyond our immediate attaining, but the command of Christ stands for all time: "Be yeBethlehem, 116:came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God command that these stones be made bread. But heBethlehem, 119:verge of liberation. "If thou be the Son of God command that these stones be made bread." Let usBethlehem, 120:of God and are entitled to all these things. Command that these stones be made bread for theBethlehem, 160:the Baptism initiation, except for one expressed command. He said, "This is my beloved Son, in whomBethlehem, 160:and the endorsement is strengthened, by the command to the world to hear the words of the Savior,Bethlehem, 164:The Word of Recognition had gone forth, and the command to hear the Christ had been given. JesusBethlehem, 250:is void, futile and senseless. It was this command of Himself and of the elements of nature, andBethlehem, 267:- twenty centuries after Christ left us with the command to follow in His steps - only serve toBethlehem, 271:example of Christ is therefore obedience to the command that we achieve perfection. But the motiveDiscipleship1, 207:towards time as immortality and, secondly, of a command of time so that it is the agent of creativeDiscipleship1, 567:to him this suggestion, amounting almost to a command? Because his loving estimation of me and hisDiscipleship2, 72:in the world today due to a fear psychosis. Command your forces, stand in the Light, and theDiscipleship2, 454:of fact, as a predictory announcement, or as a command from your own soul. But your success in bothDiscipleship2, 611:steadfastly in your consciousness the imperative command of your soul to "move forward." Look forDiscipleship2, 693:from the physical body in response to soul command; it can refer to the death of an old physicalEducation, 11:It is not possible in the short time at our command to deal here with the history of the progressExternalisation, 113:but at no point and in no situation does it command or assume control. It can and does bring goodExternalisation, 113:of the Wisdom with Their knowledge and Their command of forces could have interfered, but in soExternalisation, 122:or constructed under a wise guidance. There was command of air and water because the guides of theExternalisation, 506:A special group of devas work under His command, and His connection with all true church leadersFire, 840:and fan its flame to utter fierceness." Thus the command goes out from One Who watches, silentGlamour, 251:The soul or the integrated personality is in command or - on a higher turn of the spiral - theGlamour, 251:on a higher turn of the spiral - the Monad is in command [252] and the personality is simply thenHealing, 264:the act was undertaken in obedience to divine command. Later, the symbolism gets most interesting.Healing, 435:not, that it is in the deliberate issuing of the command by the soul upon its own plane to itsHealing, 524:contact the soul of his patient. The power to command the spiritual will. The particular lawHealing, 641:the spiritual man and in response to his express command, and not in response to the magnetic powerHealing, 646:these healers can invoke his aid and - in fact - command it. I do not advise any interested studentHealing, 679:for the manifested worlds, but so great is His command of energies and forces - owing to His cosmicHercules, 17:off upon his career and, as the disciple under command of his soul, undertook the twelve labors,Hercules, 27:these mares, and stop these evil deeds," was the command which fell upon the ears of Hercules. "Go,Hercules, 95:hunter who pursued her, and gently came at his command. Thus time and time again, he placed the doeHercules, 124:keynotes of the sign: On the ordinary wheel the command goes forth in the following words, whichHercules, 140:but a single word. The Teacher heard the golden command, and summoned Hercules, the son of God whoIntellect, 29:and duties. Religion has been described as the command or revelation of God. This only means, inIntellect, 120:forms of sensual perception which are at our command... The brain allows us to have an intuitionMagic, 4:wish..." "The Master says..." "The Great Ones command..." and the group of silly sheep feebly andMagic, 104:following. Let this not be forgotten. If any command may ever emanate from the subjective band ofMagic, 168:temporary condition and gradually he will assume command. Increased responsiveness to ideas andMagic, 232:and can wield forces, cooperate with the plan, command the elementals, and bring order out ofMagic, 242:mental inertia and begin to function as souls in command of our environment. The soul is omniscientMagic, 289:enter into its heritage and from the Holy Place command all work to end. Then in the silenceMagic, 319:of the law and of certain Words of Power he can command the energies to reverse themselves and toMagic, 518:those forces and lives which he can employ and command to bring to him what he requires for thePatanjali, 184:and to the subhuman realms. The very first command to be harmless is in reality a summation of thePatanjali, 296:and the medium whereby the disciple fulfils the command of the Christ, "Let your light shine!" ItPatanjali, 305:not only sound but form words; they therefore command the building of vital forces and take thePatanjali, 347:to create on the physical plane. The power to command - vasitva. The magician as he controls thePatanjali, 423:(Eph., VI, 14, 15, 16, 17.) The equally clear command of Krishna to Arjuna sounds out also: "HavingProblems, 143:recurring experience until man has fulfiled the command of the Christ (and this refers to everyPsychology1, 301:to the Christ and had sought to obey His command? We should have eliminated much disease (for thePsychology1, 362:of Light which will enable man to fulfil the command of the historical Christ to permit his lightPsychology1, 396:and grasped, the group responded to the divine command and halted. There they waited, standingPsychology1, 396:enter free. "But three revolted from that stern command. The rest obeyed. They passed within thePsychology1, 397:were three advanced disciples who resented the command to enter, free and untrammeled, the placePsychology1, 417:enter into its heritage and from the Holy Place command all work to end. Then in the silencePsychology2, 84:enter into its heritage and from the Holy Place command all work to end. Then in the silencePsychology2, 166:passed further on the Way, they will give one a command which, as a disciple with spiritual insightPsychology2, 214:the man who is seeking to function as a soul in command of the personality. These have oft beenPsychology2, 491:he indicate to him in the form of a positive command, any action which he should take. But manyPsychology2, 509:the purpose of giving instruction, warning or command to its instrument, man, on the physicalRays, 25:is much difference between a Law, an Order or Command, and a Rule, and these distinctions should beRays, 25:the form of laws nor the limitations of a command - they are recognized by those for whom theyRays, 59:great demands and forward move are a living command conditioning him whether he will or not. TheRays, 306:in this word "destroy" given (as an expressed command) for those who are members of the HierarchyRays, 315:see what is the knowledge referred to in this command given in Rule XIV to the initiate at theRays, 315:XIV to the initiate at the first initiation, the command to Know. It is the order to reorient theRays, 315:means (behind all other possible meanings) the command to express the will nature of the monad andRays, 316:aware, not only of the significance of the command to Know and of his innate ability to Express theRays, 316:which he originally came. He can now obey the command to Reveal, because the Transfiguration isReappearance, 12:a life of love and service and gave men the new command to love one another, there had been verySoul, 59:and the members of animal bodies move at the command of the will, namely by the vibrations of this
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