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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMANDS

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Autobiography, 263:obedience to the teacher and to the commands of the Master, supposedly transmitted by the teacher,Autobiography, 272:will not take the form of concrete direction, commands and orders or the shifting of responsibilityDiscipleship2, 45:is not to change you or to give you orders and commands. I have only one task, and that is to findDiscipleship2, 464:not call it an order, for no Master ever gives commands, and in any case you belong to the AshramHealing, 435:most men remain unaware of the "occult commands" of their own souls. As humanity becomesHercules, 17:the will of Eurystheus, in compliance with the commands of Jupiter; and that, after he had achievedIntellect, 96:the Master. This is no servile attention to the commands of some supposed hidden Teacher, orMagic, 279:in action, and so produce that which his will commands, his love desires, and his need creates. LetMagic, 453:of the initiate, these words convey definite commands which only his illumined intuition canPsychology1, 71:are conveyed by six short and excessively brief commands uttered, curiously enough, late in thePsychology2, 480:inclinations, urges, voices, clearly impressed commands, revelations of courses of conduct whichPsychology2, 665:prompt readjustment of the inner, received commands, is characteristic of the New Group of WorldRays, 25:all that happens in time and space. Orders and commands are the feeble interpretations which menRays, 25:given moment and in any given location, these commands are issued by those who are in a position of
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