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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMENCES

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Discipleship1, 269:direction or another and a new cycle of activity commences in the same place and within the limitsFire, 51:blended with the two other fires (which blending commences in man at the first initiation), forms aFire, 306:work of transmutation, or the true cycle of 777 commences on the Probationary Path, and isFire, 578:of the mental plane, and monadic control then commences. The Monads of love return (after life inHealing, 193:with the psychology which the soul teaches and commences with the causes which are producing theMeditation, 3:of each of those planes, then the Higher Self commences consciously and ever more continuously toMeditation, 11:subplanes of the emotional and mental planes. It commences the work of attuning the self to theMeditation, 27:Discipleship or Probation, or is close to it. He commences the work of transmutation; beMeditation, 28:day." It is in the fourth period that meditation commences, - the mystic meditation that leads, inMeditation, 274:specific rate and measure, and when a man's life commences to sound occultly in the three worldsMeditation, 343:up to many these days; see, all of you, that it commences right. A right beginning is liable toPsychology1, 337:in unfoldment, and the long agony of humanity commences. Love then is seen in its naked
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