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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMENT

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Astrology, 5:and know what he ought to do. In making this comment, I do not refer to those few astrologers whoAstrology, 30:is today aware. It might be useful here to comment in a wide and general way, and with manyAstrology, 189:else upon which I need at this stage of study to comment. The man who is nearing the path ofAutobiographyof portions were given to a few people for comment. In some cases these have not been returned butAutobiography, 64:send the money." She looked at me but made no comment. Two or three days later when we were havingAutobiography, 202:know then I shall have to refuse communion." No comment. We are on our way towards the solution ofAutobiography, 225:his book "What Next in Europe" makes a striking comment about him. He calls him the modern St.Bethlehem, 165:(St. Matt., XVII, 22, 23.) Then comes the simple comment that the disciples "were exceedinglyDiscipleship1, 73:the ideas upon which they found their work. This comment warrants your attention. Later, when theDiscipleship1, 127:with the Tibetan Master, who makes the following comment about him: "He has reached his high waterDiscipleship1, 159:OF MINE: I would like at this time to make the comment - one of major importance to you - that youDiscipleship1, 264:the great attractive force. In reference to my comment anent "accepted disciples," I would remindDiscipleship1, 274:to do. Let me phrase them for you without comment: See your outlines clear and let no haze of anyDiscipleship1, 368:do so. The second message I have is based upon a comment you yourself made to me that you haveDiscipleship1, 496:choose. When he heard my brief reply, he made no comment for a minute and then he said: "Only theDiscipleship1, 512:more because of his frailty and refusing to pass comment or to criticize him even to yourself? IDiscipleship1, 588:as deep and sane and sweet as yours, further comment is unnecessary. I am hoping that in my comingDiscipleship2values achieved were much more than any obvious comment can display. Much of the deeper values areDiscipleship2, 67:from the (apparently) voiced expression of soul comment, criticism, encouragement and planning thatDiscipleship2, 93:eight remaining of the original group I have no comment to make but that of encouragement. They areDiscipleship2, 108:group. The names will be sent to you without comment and without addresses. I would ask you on oneDiscipleship2, 514:of such a negligible nature that they warrant no comment. Then may come a life when the attentionDiscipleship2, 593:the rehabilitation of Europe, and myself. The comment made by your Master was, "I am genuinelyDiscipleship2, 638:to know what they are. I will make no further comment beyond emphasizing that there is a definiteDiscipleship2, 682:1940 MY BROTHER: A.A.B. has told me of your comment on the quality of my communications with theEducation, 13:politeness or in refraining from making critical comment where a good purpose would be served. HeFire, 453:vision is comparatively common even now. But comment concerning it is rare, owing to the fear ofFire, 493:of "the wolf lying down with the lamb"; his comment "a little child shall lead them" is largely theFire, 1075:at the close of the mahamanvantara, so no comment will here be made. It is interesting to note thatHealing, 390:birth, though evoking less pain and fear. This comment of mine is in the nature of a prophecy andHealing, 524:and attitudes. I will briefly enumerate and comment. The power to contact and work as a soul. "TheHercules, 123:most serviceable interpretations given is this comment on tolerance, the true nature of tolerance,Initiation, 201:This record can be surveyed by the teacher, comment made, deduction [202] sought, and the quota ofIntellect, 53:in existence." Webster adds the following comment which is appropriate in its application to ourMagic, 5:book, entitled A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. I will comment on them, dealing not with their cosmicMagic, 115:all personality innuendo except wise and loving comment, and a determination to see all in theMagic, 257:page 1017 in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, and the comment given in the Treatise is noticeably brief :Magic, 411:to which I earlier referred require a word of comment. Their work is curiously different to that ofMeditation, 208:heads: Enumeration of the colors and certain comment thereon. Colors and the Law ofPatanjali, 29:Woods makes this clear in his translation of the comment by Veda Vyasa which is here appended:Patanjali, 61:Jericho. It might be well here to conclude this comment with Sutras 31, 32, 33 and 34, of Book IV:Patanjali, 139:words has been well explained by Dvivedi in his Comment as follows: "Having described the nature ofPatanjali, 247:with seed or with an object. Dvivedi says in his comment on this sutra: "...Dhyana is the entirePatanjali, 299:as the result of their own karma, are born." Comment here is needless. In connection with thePatanjali, 320:middle path. This sutra is in the nature of a comment upon this stage of the soul's experience andPatanjali, 356:who can do this has been well described in the comment of Charles Johnston on this sutra and thePatanjali, 367:are his distinctive qualities. In his comment upon this sutra, Charles Johnston quotes from St.Patanjali, 367:enlarged." It might be helpful also if the brief comment of Dvivedi were quoted here as it is wellPatanjali, 383:and clearest of the sutras and needs but little comment. The practices refer primarily to: 1. ThePatanjali, xiv:written by myself, and subjected to revision and comment by the Tibetan. It should be noted thatProblems, 154:to help; let them discard - without fighting, comment or fury - the doctrines which hold the peoplePsychology1, 28:Indian philosophy. May I interpolate here the comment that modern thinkers would do well to bear inPsychology1, 201:of consequences and utterly indifferent to comment. On the other hand, an unmodified first ray canPsychology2, 166:if one is an initiate, they will evoke the comment: "This I know." Psychology2, 487:sources very briefly and without any prolonged comment. [488] This will give the earnest andRays, 166:the Three. Let me paraphrase this, for detailed comment is not possible or permissible. The OneRays, 425:teaching anent the seven Paths is as a climaxing comment. I shall not enlarge upon it, but if youRays, 600:the last illusion disappears. You will feel and comment that the Masters are therefore subject toRays, 720:earlier in this treatise (page 361) I made the comment that the second initiation with itsReappearance, 99:House"; it was this realization which led to His comment that His disciples could and would doSoul, 58:realization. The three higher planes require no comment in this elementary discussion. In additionSoul, 74:digests food." Webster adds the following comment which is appropriate in its application to theSoul, 112:for chakra or force center, makes an interesting comment in this connection: "The nervous plexuses
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