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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMENTS

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Astrologyon the Seven Rays to bear in mind the above comments and to preserve a willingness to considerAstrology, 14:like to call attention, at this point, to some comments I made in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire whichAstrology, 34:Five Kumaras) Nos. Down Name Ray Sign Energy Comments Nos. Up 1 * Unknown III Pisces IntelligentAstrology, 35:under karmic law) Nos. Down Ray Name Sign Energy Comments Nos. UP 6 I Divine Flames Divine Lives 1.Astrology, 381:I would, therefore, refer you to my earlier comments. Scorpio is, as you will have realized, theAstrology, 553:i.e., with an initiate-awareness. Some general comments can, however, be made. These three CrossesAutobiography, 130:the price of my good work and had to listen to comments such as, "What's a woman like this doing inAutobiography, 130:about me in this way and watching me squirm. The comments had been particularly rude and my handsBethlehem, 75:various scriptures of the world. The following comments are of interest in this connection, showingDestiny, 7:these points, however, I have a few introductory comments to make. These it is essential that youDiscipleship1, 79:not responded with any corroborating evidence or comments. If you cannot be trusted to keep silenceDiscipleship1, 123:I promised to discuss with you, the following comments may prove of value. The main lesson of yourDiscipleship1, 208:import. You will note how this fits in with my comments on time found in my instruction to you lastDiscipleship1, 319:is wise for you to link this up with my earlier comments on this matter. Your personality force isDiscipleship1, 335:of your own soul. Ask yourself also: Are these comments of mine, this discussion in which I may beDiscipleship1, 489:and foreseen - you will see how correct were my comments that you had in reality come through yourDiscipleship1, 718:cannot comprehend the significance of the above comments. In connection with this, I would remindDiscipleship2, 83:a worker and disciple. I seek now to make a few comments anent the work for which A.A.B. has beenDiscipleship2, 185:One sentence was particularly a key to my comments: "Disciples need to build into their brainDiscipleship2, 473:it was. She knows me so well that for years her comments have proved a source of amusement to meDiscipleship2, 488:I shall answer it here. After a few subsidiary comments the student said: "I can still the outerDiscipleship2, 540:all, my brother - returning to the original comments in this instruction - karma is ever the sourceDiscipleship2, 677:of my Ashram. If I now address to you certain comments upon your attitude the past three years,Education, 57:the new education must prepare. In the above comments, plus what I have given earlier, you have theExternalisation, 417:ecclesiastical antagonisms and the belittling comments of the concrete minded are of no avail. WhatExternalisation, 695:and he will be exceedingly surprised at these comments of mine. But - as long as he insulatesFire, 440:and of fohatic synthesis. I will make no more comments on the future effects of the Ray which isFire, 984:of "Rules of Magic," with certain elucidating comments. In this way, the magical work is fullyHealing, 61:cure of cancer. I would like to add one or two comments which will be of general or rather modernHealing, 397:reincarnating entity or soul. Let me make some comments as to the attitude of man to the experienceIntellect, 26:of Oxford makes the following interesting comments upon instinct and intuition, which have theirIntellect, 81:His Becoming, makes the following interesting comments on the word "union," which have a placeIntellect, 136:Dr. Bennett describes this stage in some comments upon Ruysbroeck. He says: "Ruysbroeck hereIntellect, 248:and should such an entity make platitudinous comments, he will use the same judgment as he would inMeditation, 203:27th, 1920 Enumeration of the colors and some comments. Colors and the law of correspondences.Meditation, 210:first point. In doing this I will make certain comments and give you certain data, impressing uponMeditation, 213:- Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound Comments on the Colors Certain colors are known and itPatanjali, 299:[299] It is interesting to note certain comments of Vyasa on this differentiation, for they blendPatanjali, 300:in their various groups, the following comments by Vyasa are illuminating. He states: "Their livesPatanjali, 338:referred to in the sutra. In Charles Johnston's comments on this sutra, he covers the groundProblemsnew problems within the world's faiths. Similar comments can be made on all the problemsProblems, 145:ecclesiastical antagonisms and the belittling comments of the concrete minded are of no avail. MenPsychology1, 309:the race at this time. I interpolated my comments on the subject of sex at that particular pointPsychology2, 399:becomes the expressed attribute. The above few comments may serve to simplify your thought on thesePsychology2, 748:who are violently partisan in their beliefs and comments. This is a statement of fact. I seek toRays, 66:intuition to read the significance of some of my comments. These demands refer not only to theRays, 288:the AUM or the OM, I shall have linked up these comments with much else given previously in theRays, 654:The only reason that I am making a few comments upon the sixth initiation is that at this time aSoul, 45:- Ibid., p. 236. From a study of these comments, it becomes apparent that the personality qualitiesSoul, 83:of India, pp. 39, 94. An Oriental writer comments as follows: "All organic beings have a principleTelepathy, 134:If there is redundancy in these various comments of mine, it is entirely intentional; repetition
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