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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMON

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Healing, 611:they are registering the fact that it is simply common sense and the part of wisdom to betterHercules, 22:that he passed through that unwholesome state common to all beginners on the Path of Discipleship,Hercules, 22:to individual soul unfoldment? This is a most common fault with aspirants. Their sense ofHercules, 45:as interpreters of God's voice, is a term in common usage today. It might well be asked here, inHercules, 51:that the bull is ridden to the mainland. Use common sense. The ancient meaning of the word "commonHercules, 51:common sense. The ancient meaning of the word "common sense" was that there was a sense whichHercules, 51:unified the five senses and so constituted a "common sense", literally, the mind. Let the aspirantHercules, 51:guide and control the bull of desire. If common sense is used, certain dangers will be avoided.Hercules, 52:of light. Through control, through the use of common sense, by a right understanding of celibacy,Hercules, Known:defeat him. Gemini is an air sign, a mutable or common sign. Glamor is ever changing, ever takingHercules, 74:hear. The serpent may take the form of the more common aspect of psychic phenomena. The aspirantHercules, 90:Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Argo. The common occidental names for the two former are the Great BearHercules, 121:Sagittarius completing the four arms. It is the common cross of those who have probationary status.Hercules, 128:delightful a combination of words is that. In common parlance we symbolize wisdom by the ratherHercules, 130:mankind are determined by unusual approaches to common problems. For example, a Tartar chieftainHercules, 132:towards the ideal world, he loses touch with common things; if he descends to the level ofHercules, 140:battle with this loathsome beast. Think not that common means will serve; destroy one head, twoHercules, 149:classes in society to be more important than the common humanity that makes men brothers; it viewsHercules, 190:them. Hercules being an initiate and having much common sense, which real initiates always have,Hercules, 222:crucified in the water of space. The Mutable or Common Cross, consisting of the fourInitiation, viii:and in the unity of the one ideal, in their common aspiration and endeavor, they will meet beforeInitiation, 197:First, the need that all applicants have for common sense; this factor is very often lacking, andInitiation, 197:due regard for environing conditions, and a sane common sense are the marks of the true occultist.Intellect, 26:instinctual reactions to qualities he shares in common with the animals. May it not be possibleIntellect, 73:parts of man have had for long ages nothing in common; these two parts are the spiritual soul andIntellect, 79:we have five main instincts, which we share in common with all animals. These, when used withIntellect, 86:the development of the mind as a synthesized, or common sense, and governs its use [87] in relationIntellect, 105:the "bringing together or the [105] drawing to a common center or focal point;" it connotes theIntellect, 122:being the concurrence of God... Apart from this common dependence on God neither is dependent onIntellect, 125:and all that they convey, are focused into that "common sense," which was the name that mysticsIntellect, 129:and absorbing that information which is the common heritage of the day through books and the spokenIntellect, 157:own personal satisfaction, for the mind is the "common sense," and in its highest use is doweredIntellect, 162:it is, if you will, the strict coincidence, the common line of contact of the knowing subject andIntellect, 170:manner: "...the light-vision, is an experience common to many mystics, and one that is undoubtedlyIntellect, 253:to the discriminating mind and ordinary common sense. So many aspirants lack a sense of humor, andIntellect, 256:lay up for himself a good deal of trouble. Again common sense comes into play, and with theIntellect, 256:by obedience to suggested rules, and the use of common sense, are now doing their thirty minutes'Intellect, 257:same rules apply as in the first set of cases: - common sense and a careful and slower use of theMagic, 17:and test. The ignorant and the wise meet on common ground as extremes always do. In between areMagic, 68:where choice still remains in which neither common sense nor logical, discerning reason seem toMagic, 69:decision let not the man who should use his common sense and take a line of action based upon theMagic, 70:use of the lower mind, the employment of a sane common sense and the forgetfulness of selfishMagic, 226:phrases) is apt to call it. This he shares in common with his fellowmen. Spiritual awareness orMagic, 227:him a mystic. This awareness he shares in common with all disciples and it is the reward of theMagic, 240:these spoken words. I would suggest also sound common sense and the cultivation of an attitude ofMagic, 301:and mercifully come to an end. The ordinary common trance mediumship and materializations underMagic, 309:hysterical outbreaks of hilarity which are so common among the rank and file of humanity and leadMagic, 323:likewise use that most necessary factor of common sense in all that he does. This involves alwaysMagic, 342:and this should be considered. After all, sound common sense is the special requirement, and alsoMagic, 354:formation, banded together and unified by a common aspiration. Such are the majority of Christians,Magic, 424:simultaneously. That is for the majority a common and ordinary condition. Where two activities canMagic, 502:in the new information which will slowly become common knowledge in the West during the nextMeditation, 93:for the occult student to have a virile common sense for one of his basic qualities, coupled with aMeditation, 100:of protection. If to these essentials is added common sense in meditation and a wise application ofMeditation, 104:dangers can be guarded against by the use of common sense, and by remembering that the body mustMeditation, 105:provided the student adheres to the rules of common sense, that he studies wisely his ownMeditation, 109:in mystic meditation. To be practical, full of common sense, to know the curriculum of the Hall ofMeditation, 124:its occupation by the real Ego. This is the most common form of obsession, and affects those withMeditation, 125:with his own cord. These cases are not common. They involve only two classes of people: Those whoMeditation, 128:risks that will inevitably work themselves into common knowledge and thus affect in various waysMeditation, 138:contamination. [138] A recognition of the use of common sense and the application of this commonMeditation, 138:use of common sense and the application of this common sense to the matter in hand. Sleep much and,Meditation, 146:by love, by devotion or by harmony. It is not so common as the first. The mental thought-form thusMeditation, 159:despair. These types of emotion - which are so common - have a general debilitating effect on theMeditation, 162:discussion on the forms that will some day be in common use among the students of occultMeditation, 176:are pure enough the ceremonies serve as a common meeting-ground. ...I want to say in closing thatMeditation, 188:them, controlling and dismissing them, were in common use among the Atlanteans. The dangersMeditation, 193:will this power be permitted to return to the common knowledge of men. As yet it is practicallyPatanjali, 415:its problems and processes are subjects of common discussion today whereas one hundred years agoPatanjali, 422:simply a question of steady perseverance, common sense and endurance. Unless the utmost vigilanceProblems, 5:can be solved with relative rapidity - given common sense and a correctly appreciatedProblems, 52:The power to use the mind in two ways: As the "common sense" (using this word in its oldProblems, 62:numbers are rapidly increasing. It will be only common sense, however, to realize that thisProblems, 76:played their part in forcing the issue of the common man. Men in every country determined to fightProblems, 92:but their efforts are largely based on a selfish common sense; they are founded also upon theProblems, 115:those prompted by a sane and unselfish common sense, the idealist and the men and women of goodwillProblems, 119:goodwill - with trained understanding, practical common sense, a knowledge of world problems and aProblems, 175:and Russia who are endeavoring to work for the common man and to speak [176] on his behalf in thePsychology1, 132:Hearing Touch Sight Taste Smell The mind, the common sense The intuition or the synthetic sense.Psychology1, 204:tolerance, devotion, accuracy, energy and common sense. This is the ray of the abstract thinker, ofPsychology1, 207:justice (without mercy), perseverance, common sense, uprightness, independence, keen intellect.Psychology1, 209:purity, truth, tolerance, serenity, balance and common sense. This is called the ray of devotion.Psychology1, 212:grasp of synthesized knowledge, and in the common bond of faithfulness and loyalty. Masterfullness,Psychology1, 273:or of specious argument; each has been the common custom and the rightful method, according to thePsychology1, 275:instruction. They may be offered sound common sense, and the injunction to avoid excesses and thosePsychology1, 293:and will think in wider and larger terms than is common today. They will be more group-consciousPsychology1, 324:family and children and herd which men share in common with the animals and which often breaks downPsychology1, 331:employed as an organ of sense, as a synthetic or common sense, and as an instrument of discovery byPsychology1, 399:characteristics. It is the realization of this common origin which has led [400] thePsychology1, 400:he is today; they have lost all sense of their common origin. There is no pure race in the worldPsychology1, 401:When humanity awakens to the fact of its common origin, and when the three great major strains inPsychology2, 136:but his way. Such an illusion and deception is common among teachers and workers everywhere [137]Psychology2, 184:this group interrelation? What provides a common meeting ground? The answer to these questions isPsychology2, 264:of the word "personality", both those in common usage and those used in the true spiritualPsychology2, 264:and most loosely used definition; it applies to common usage, and regards each human being as aPsychology2, 371:in the middle ages it used to be called,' the "common sense." When this takes place, form and lifePsychology2, 468:In the handling of many of these cases, ordinary common sense is of value, and the effort toPsychology2, 470:chosen plan to prove its effectiveness, using common sense and ordinary good judgment. The lightPsychology2, 487:race is evoked on the side of understanding and common sense, we shall have to pass through a cyclePsychology2, 500:or spiritual meaning. These dreams are the most common at this time, owing to the prevalence of the
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