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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMON

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Psychology2, 604:psychological difficulties which leads to the common phenomenon of cleavage. It is one of thePsychology2, 659:which is on its way. They emphasize the point of common endeavor and seek to interpret to thePsychology2, 727:activity. This will entail the recognition of a common ideal; and the willingness to submerge (evenPsychology2, 736:of our personal desires and wishes join in the common task of leading humanity into the fields ofRays, 119:the mind is a symbol, acting as it does as the common sense and so dealing with all matters in theRays, 133:its modes of working and its objectives are now common property; much has been accepted and muchRays, 145:anent discipleship and initiation are becoming common property; humanity has consequently movedRays, 348:and continuous expression, and should be common to all aspirants who have reached the point ofRays, 432:living, thus enabling the mind to act as the "common sense." The soul, and thus consciously becomeRays, 433:Gradually, each one of the five senses, plus the common sense (the mind), has to demonstrate theRays, 465:The lower concrete mind. The receptive common sense. The highest aspect of the form nature. TheRays, 487:must also do, gathering his forces (to use a common expression) into the highest point of hisRays, 592:of this fifth ray might be regarded as the common sense, because it receives all these impacts ofRays, 596:one hundred years ago; today they are the common talk and phrases of the man in the street. TheRays, 713:has to learn to use the mind in two ways: As a common sense, a resolver of information so that aReappearance, 18:of politics and of legislation. The common people are today awakening to the importance andReappearance, 21:attractive force, binding men together for the common good. His reappearance will knit and bindReappearance, 42:because it is based on clearer thinking and a common distress. True religion is again emerging inReappearance, 168:other alibis, but those above noted are the most common; the release of the majority of people fromSoul, 30:glands have been discovered, and that even in common parlance one hears of the thyroid gland and ofSoul, 44:it die away, And fade into the light of common day." Oriental philosophy confirms this possibleSoul, 86:to look towards the front, was the ventricle of common sense; because from it the nerves of theSoul, 87:center to which the term sensorium commune or common sense was applied. By some this was regardedSoul, 126:things, so contrary to what the West calls common sense? In the radio, we broadcast waves of soundTelepathythe question arises at once: What provides the common meeting ground, and what makes it possible toTelepathy, 127:lives in the Hierarchy because They share a common humanity; the hierarchical Workers or Masters
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