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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMUNICATE

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Astrology, 498:task. We have completed what I felt possible to communicate anent the Science, of Triangles - aAtom, 129:be seen in the ability which some people have to communicate telepathically, or to psychometrise.Autobiography, 249:the many points of view and at the same time communicate to them the deepest esoteric truths whichDiscipleship1, 24:those with whom I am associated. In power to communicate with each other at any time. InDiscipleship1, 29:life of many other groups of disciples and to communicate light and revelation to the world of menDiscipleship1, 34:can take initiation and should they try to communicate the secrets and mysteries of initiation inDiscipleship1, 37:souls and not as individuals. They must learn to communicate healing energy from the reservoir ofDiscipleship1, 185:of contact and brings release and the power to communicate, which is the hall mark of group life. IDiscipleship1, 237:to you now as the time comes when again I can communicate with you? My heart is with you and I haveDiscipleship1, 266:Watch the meditation work with care and communicate with A. A. B. should you feel the need ofDiscipleship1, 480:upon which you should meditate until I again communicate with you. I am hoping that after the FullDiscipleship1, 546:meditation work and for six months (until I next communicate with you) I would have you do noDiscipleship1, 553:a close and more enduring contact each time I communicate with one of my disciples, I feel thatDiscipleship1, 590:to the above questions, I shall not again communicate with you. This will leave your mind free toDiscipleship1, 615:to serve with humility and readiness. I will communicate with you again when you express the wishDiscipleship1, 677:though I have naught of an abstruse nature to communicate anent the evolution of the humanDiscipleship1, 724:that they can be definitely useful and able to communicate with the aspirant. It might be pointedDiscipleship1, 781:the many points of view and at the same time communicate to them the deepest esoteric truths whichDiscipleship2, 104:of an Ashram is that he has earned the right to communicate directly with the Council at ShamballaDiscipleship2, 519:the theme for your meditation work until I next communicate with you. To this I would add anDiscipleship2, 752:inadequate expressions make the teaching hard to communicate) this is not the case. Your outgoingExternalisation, 13:physical communication. This type of psychic can communicate with both groups and their value andExternalisation, 508:of the race. They have, for instance, much to communicate anent color and sound, and the effect ofFire, 814:of aligning the lower bodies so that the Ego can communicate direct with the physical brain, andFire, 851:cohorts: First, the second plane, where They communicate by means of a spiritual mediumFire, 851:at present. Second, the mental plane, where They communicate with all lesser lives by means of aFire, 969:can be carried through: [969] To contact or communicate with the Ego, or solar Angel. To study theFire, 1011:touch with His disciples anywhere; that He can communicate with His compeers on the planet, on theHercules, 201:and because his soul and their souls are one, communicate to them the Plan, indicate to them theIntellect, 38:has two functions. It must first of all communicate the type and then provide for growth beyondIntellect, 168:themselves, God never fails in these raptures to communicate high things." - Underhill, Evelyn,Intellect, 251:he is a channel through which the Christ can communicate. I am not referring here to the mass ofMagic, 74:the soul as it seeks "in meditation deep" to communicate with its reflection. The correspondence toMagic, 171:via the mind, so that when the Master seeks to communicate, He can do so at once and easily.Magic, 172:ill able to spare even a few moments in which to communicate with the disciple, and only inMagic, 404:lies the immediate interest of what I have to communicate - They do have a time limit. This isMagic, 498:or contact the dense physical vehicle. He can communicate with them on the astral plane orMagic, 507:its habitation. This is all I can at this time communicate on the subject of death for theMagic, 532:though I have naught of an abstruse nature to communicate anent the evolution of the humanMagic, 603:and of light, discover his fellow-workers, communicate with them and - in union with them -Meditation, 129:made at this time by the Planetary Hierarchy to communicate to the devas their part in the schemeMeditation, 164:Their available ritual or form whereby They can communicate with the threefold Lord of the SolarMeditation, 166:August 13th, 1920 The interest of what I have to communicate today is very great, for we have toMeditation, 180:least resistance whereby to reach some goal, to communicate with some individual Intelligence, toMeditation, 183:deva, and the deva, joy to the human. Man should communicate to the devas the objective point ofMeditation, 252:and at this juncture I have naught further to communicate. The subject is abstruse and difficult,Meditation, 291:to understand what it is that the Master has to communicate. As time progresses and the response ofMeditation, 304:The heads of each of the four branches communicate with each other frequently and are really likeMeditation, 328:schools will likewise pass them in review and communicate to the Head any necessary adjustments. (IPsychology1, 117:This will happen because you can be trusted to communicate only that which is impersonal and trulyPsychology2, 190:souls and not as individuals. They will learn to communicate healing energy from the reservoir ofPsychology2, 190:than does any other branch of work. These groups communicate the "quality of imposition" and anPsychology2, 508:relation undergoes some experience. He seeks to communicate it to his friend or - at the moment ofRays, 121:proclaim themselves as esoteric schools and will communicate nothing of a truly esoteric nature.Rays, 749:it possible for all men to read, to write and to communicate with each other. Reappearance, 6:is found through which divinity can reach and communicate with humanity, and it is with thisSoul, 87:right and left lateral [87] ventricles, which communicate with one another and are continuous withTelepathy, 4:knowers will [4] eventually find it feasible to communicate with one another and frequently do evenTelepathy, 5:communication, The first law is: The power to communicate is to be found in the very nature of
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