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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMUNICATION

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Meditation, 193:have to be made in this creation of a funnel of communication. Those adjustments result first ofMeditation, 201:The date of this event is not yet for exoteric communication. On all the three main lines ofMeditation, 248:if the hints that are scattered throughout the communication are adequately followed up they willMeditation, 275:supersedes the causal body as a means of communication between the higher and the lower. The causalMeditation, 280:rapid progress, then will come the time for the communication of further information. What use isMeditation, 307:occult and an advanced school in direct communication with the inner grades. This will be touchedMeditation, 315:This Head will be able to act as a medium of communication between the students and the Master andMeditation, 316:initiate. Exercises in telepathy, causal communication, reminiscence of work undertaken during theMeditation, 349:higher and lower mind, serving as a medium of communication between the two. It is built by thePatanjali, 109:aligned upon it, producing a direct channel of communication with the physical brain, The brain isPatanjali, 250:with his own light-center, and comprehension, communication and identification then becomePatanjali, 351:all things, back to the heart of God, Into close communication with his fellow man, putting him enPatanjali, 352:powers of his nature. He not only can enter into communication with all parts of our planetaryPatanjali, 417:realm of spiritual truth. He can also enter into communication and convey to the soul that which isProblems, 5:present nations; the various modes of primitive communication by means of drums or bonfires haveProblems, 78:of electricity and the age of planetary inter-communication, this evil grew and spread. CapitalProblems, 157:The slowly developing powers of telepathic communication and the recognition of extra-sensoryPsychology1, 50:Religion. Ray III - Higher Expression: Means of communication or interaction. The radio, telephone,Psychology1, 100:and does not necessarily imply brain to brain communication and contact. This is one of the mostPsychology1, 108:the aspirant. In these cases the receiver of the communication is often misled, and thinks that thePsychology1, 184:of the radio by those who have passed over will communication be eventually set up, and reduced toPsychology1, 192:in the basic concept of interrelation, of inter-communication, of interdependence, of cooperativePsychology1, 411:Religion. Ray III - Higher expression: Means of communication or interaction. Radio, telegraph,Psychology2, 50:incarnation, and the potential channels of communication and of exit are established. These are thePsychology2, 50:These are the main channel or line of communication found between the center at the base of thePsychology2, 64:I previously referred to the main channel of communication between the soul and its mechanism asPsychology2, 66:the spine and the spleen - as a definite mode of communication, of distribution and of control, andPsychology2, 75:and (at first) almost nebulous channel of communication is established between the higher naturePsychology2, 112:kingdoms, and will constitute a channel of communication between "that which is above and thatPsychology2, 186:revealed them to each other and telepathic inter-communication has been fundamentally confined toPsychology2, 187:and guidance; how free the channels of communication are between the groups on the outer plane andPsychology2, 188:certain new techniques in work and in modes of communication. It is to be noted that in these lastPsychology2, 188:are intended to facilitate interrelation or communication as follows: 1. They will be occupied withPsychology2, 188:will be occupied with an endeavor to facilitate communication between individuals so that the rulesPsychology2, 189:way of intercourse be brought about. Eventually communication will be from: Soul to soul, on thePsychology2, 189:not necessarily include the lesser. Telepathic communication between the different aspects of thePsychology2, 189:2. They will work at the establishment of communication between that plane which is the plane ofPsychology2, 189:found upon the physical plane, those channels of communication which will act as the mediatorsPsychology2, 189:producing another type of interrelation and communication. These groups will bring about the rightPsychology2, 190:Their work is to act as channels of communication between the department of the Manu and the [191]Psychology2, 191:vision. These groups will act as channels of communication or intermediaries between the energiesPsychology2, 192:take place. They act primarily as channels of communication between the soul of man and the soul inPsychology2, 484:heads of the organization claim to be in direct communication with a Master or the entire HierarchyPsychology2, 492:is consequently [492] a indirect channel of communication from soul to brain, via the mind. This,Psychology2, 566:True telepathy, however, is a direct mental communication from mind to mind and in its morePsychology2, 566:to mind and in its more advanced expression is a communication of soul to soul, using the mindPsychology2, 566:using the mind later as a formulator of the communication, as in the case of inspiration. It isPsychology2, 566:another mind. The registration as well as the communication is wordless and formless. The recipientPsychology2, 684:as The Christ) have since then been in close communication with each other and cooperating in orderPsychology2, 686:Servers to act as the medium of transmission and communication between the world thinkers and thisPsychology2, 691:every effort, from the time you receive this communication, to the task of cooperating in thePsychology2, 696:kingdoms, and will constitute a channel of communication between "that which is above and thatPsychology2, 730:is now possible through our developed means of communication, and the growth of telepathicRays, 147:which creates the medium or channel of related communication between the great centers in ourRays, 216:and thus establishes a direct channel of communication between the Monad and the personality, theRays, 253:of the network of light as the channel of communication between the Hierarchy and Humanity, and theRays, 257:group antahkarana becomes a channel of unimpeded communication direct from Shamballa to the groupRays, 702:Hierarchy; He made it easier for a much quicker communication to be set up between those two greatReappearance, 6:communicate with humanity, and it is with this communication and these Instruments of divine energyReappearance, 55:of the radio, of television and the rapidity of communication, His part will be watched by all andReappearance, 135:point of intensive usefulness as the channel of communication between "the Center where the Will ofReappearance, 151:thus establish a close relation and a constant communication between humanity and the spiritualSoul, 64:though often criticized for his views as to communication between the living and the dead, is, inSoul, 114:from the inter-vertebral foramina, enter into communication with the gangliated cords of theSoul, 116:The Medulla, again, is also both a path of communication between the higher centers and theSoul, 117:the base of the skull to the coccyx. This is in communication with the spinal cord. It isSoul, 137:of clairvoyance, of prevision and of telepathic communication, clairaudient faculties and theSoul, 148:be revealed when a distinction is made between communication from mind to mind, which is mentalSoul, 148:is mental telepathy, and that much rarer form of communication between soul and soul and betweenTelepathy, 3:them to each other, and telepathic inter-communication has been fundamentally confined to theTelepathy, 5:This is the second law governing telepathic communication, The first law is: The power toTelepathy, 6:It will be found therefore that this process of communication, governed by these two laws, hasTelepathy, 8:which they work is the solar plexus. The line of communication is, therefore, from solar plexus toTelepathy, 8:the instinctual brain. This type of telepathic communication is definitely a characteristic of theTelepathy, 9:of Telepathic Interplay This form of telepathic communication is therefore of two kinds, with theTelepathy, 9:and where the groups work with pure love, communication will be from heart to heart, and from aTelepathy, 9:of mind to mind, and it is with this form of communication that the highest investigation is atTelepathy, 12:work possible to humanity and is that form of communication which has been responsible for all theTelepathy, 12:intention to elucidate further this science of communication, which started through the sense ofTelepathy, 13:that in connection with individuals: Telepathic communication is Between soul and mind. BetweenTelepathy, 13:When it is found between individuals, telepathic communication is Between soul and soul. BetweenTelepathy, 13:in the case of very advanced people. Telepathic communication is also: Between a Master and HisTelepathy, 13:concerns the new science of group telepathic communication, of which herd or mass telepathy (soTelepathy, 15:of the Bhagavad Gita in terms of Communicator, Communication and Communicant still demandsTelepathy, 16:tap (to use a familiar word) differing areas of communication. 1. Instinctual Telepathy is basedTelepathy, 16:make an impression upon another. The medium of communication employed is, as we have seen, theTelepathy, 16:response to etheric contact was the mode of communication in Lemurian times, and largely took theTelepathy, 17:telepathy" is basically the Atlantean mode of communication, and involved finally the use of theTelepathy, 19:made in the right understanding of modes of communication. There is an interesting parallel betweenTelepathy, 20:and many more people are capable of this kind of communication than is now realized. People todayTelepathy, 21:soul on its own level, and when in telepathic communication with other souls, as mentioned underTelepathy, 21:of intuitional telepathy. Through this means of communication the mind of the disciple isTelepathy, 33:the laws, techniques and process of telepathic communication must be made plain so that they can beTelepathy, 41:of Impression The entire subject of telepathic communication can be approached under a moreTelepathy, Discip:on any information anent this subtle mode of communication of which telepathy is in fact but anTelepathy, 68:Servers is the linking bridge and the mode of communication between the Hierarchy (the fifthTelepathy, 83:of vehicles communicating or responsive to communication. The moment that this interrelated andTelepathy, 88:in nature. With this last mentioned type of communication, there will be found mixed certainTelepathy, 88:be apt to confuse with group telepathy, soul communication and direct relation with the Master - aTelepathy, 89:then and only then does the third type of communication become possible - direct messages which are
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