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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMUNICATIONS

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Autobiography, 183:the Masters and who talk mysteriously of the communications they have received from the Masters. MyAutobiography, 183:from the Masters. My attitude about all such communications is: "I believe this is what the MasterAutobiography, 200:natural living. The whispers, the secrets, the communications behind locked doors raised inquiriesAutobiography, 246:the fact of the Masters, though H.P.B. (in her communications to the Esoteric Section) stated thatDiscipleship1, 34:disciples which should engage your thoughts and communications with each other. The groups plannedDiscipleship1, 118:waking consciousness. Much that you say in your communications in the form of written papers uponDiscipleship1, 418:it should be possible for there to be fewer communications and more inner realization ofDiscipleship1, 421:using the phrase the "lighted Way" in many of my communications. This is because I am seeking toDiscipleship1, 441:a Frenchman. He resided in Holland. The last two communications from the Tibetan were received byDiscipleship1, 588:is unnecessary. I am hoping that in my coming communications with you, I shall be able to confineDiscipleship1, 600:was, and know clearly the grounds on which the communications were repudiated and you refused toDiscipleship1, 601:refer not in this instruction to the problem of communications. Disciples are free to interestDiscipleship1, 601:at liberty naturally as a disciple to receive communications from any source. But be sure not toDiscipleship1, 608:which I have given you in my two previous communications remain still the basis for yourDiscipleship2, 469:have, by now, read and absorbed the papers and communications which have been held for you untilDiscipleship2, 485:and, secondly, a sense of loss because my communications with all of you have exoterically ended.Discipleship2, 492:training of the inner attentive man to catch the communications of the soul, plus the dedicatedDiscipleship2, 509:to send you a communication, since the personal communications have been largely discontinued. IDiscipleship2, 556:sustaining aura of the Ashram." In my last two communications to you I left you with the impressionDiscipleship2, 586:as I have presented them to you in my last two communications. Particularly have you - in thisDiscipleship2, 682:has told me of your comment on the quality of my communications with the group, that you felt theExternalisation, 175:a time when their influence was limited by world communications and by national limitations;Externalisation, 214:- Section II - The General World Picture In past communications I have oft spoken of the Forces ofExternalisation, 322:major objectives with which I have dealt in past communications. I have also made suggestion as toFire, 978:levels whereon the worker stands, and in his communications with his fellow workers and chosenIntellect, 166:our [166] markets at this time. Most of these communications are mediocre in character, and carryMagic, 485:from our Thought-Forms Then there are the communications involved in occult teaching. The circle ofMeditation, 49:increased. I have but hinted in these last few communications at the many things that arise forMeditation, 224:in order to form the basis of such later communications as I may seek to impart. Exoteric EsotericProblems, 75:the automobile, and the airplane. The age of communications paralleled this also, giving us thePsychology1, 68:and deeply desired spiritual nature, then these communications I am making here as to Purpose, NamePsychology1, 107:the fact of the soul, is the mass of communications, inspired writings, and telepathic dictationsPsychology1, 107:societies have been the recipients of similar communications, and they are found in every occultPsychology1, 107:and they are found in every occult group. True communications are frequently of deep spiritualPsychology1, 107:their intrinsic value alone these writings and communications must be judged. These communicationsPsychology1, 107:and communications must be judged. These communications emanate in the majority of instances fromPsychology1, 109:in all groups. Hence the increasing flood of communications, of inspired writings, and of personalPsychology1, 109:you add to the above the equally large flood of communications which emanate from the transmittersPsychology1, 109:reaction and effect of such an outpouring of communications is oft an increase of spiritual prideRays, 251:given which prompted H.P.B. in one of her communications to the Esoteric Section of her day, toRays, 432:the mind; let him train his mind to receive communications from three sources: The three worlds ofSoul, 89:endowed... have, somewhere, in the brain, secret communications by means of which they may act onSoul, 89:they may act on one another. The part where the communications take place is that which must beTelepathy, 76:for eight percent (8%) of the writings and communications put before the general public byTelepathy, 77:The recognition of this is of vital importance. Communications from a Master to His disciple. ThisTelepathy, 89:next distinguishes definitely and accurately the communications which come to him from the AshramTelepathy, 89:When he can distinguish between these various communications, then and only then does the thirdTelepathy, 116:ordinary medium works, receiving impressions and communications from astral entities or from the
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