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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMUNICATORS

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Discipleship1, 26:of the telepathic faculty and become trained communicators. The objective before the Hierarchy atDiscipleship1, 35:is a group of what we might call Telepathic Communicators. These people are receptive to impressionDiscipleship1, 37:the fifth volume of the series. They will act as communicators and [38] transmitters of two aspectsDiscipleship1, 40:This is the group of Creative Workers. They are communicators between the third aspect of Divinity,Discipleship1, 601:interest themselves in any number of groups and communicators. I refer to the problem of thisEducation, 116:wisdom and train with care its Observers and Communicators. These will be men and women in whom theExternalisation, 31:the task which the first group, the Telepathic Communicators, has undertaken. They are theGlamour, 19:group which we might call the Telepathic [19] Communicators; here they can render potent service.Intellect, 165:of knowledge, and to the telepathic and inspired communicators can be traced the best that man nowMagic, 180:atomic matter, thus opening up a wide range of communicators. It spells safety. It should beMagic, 606:Group of World Workers is that of the telepathic communicators. These are much fewer in number andMagic, 608:the intuitional telepathic responsiveness of the Communicators who bridge the gap [609] betweenMagic, 609:turn seek to employ the Observers. Knowers, Communicators, and Observers - all working in a closeMagic, 609:joining that intermediate group of trained communicators who stand between the aforementionedPsychology1, 108:Their initiates and disciples. The bulk of the communicators today (working through aspirants onPsychology1, 117:I referred to the two groups of Observers and Communicators (the third group lies outside ourPsychology1, 117:was asked: Who trains these Observers and Communicators? I should like to make it clear that thePsychology1, 117:in true observation. In the case of the communicators, they are slowly and gradually trained byPsychology1, 117:physical plane - engaged in training groups of communicators to be employed later by the Hierarchy.Psychology1, 117:an intermediary. The hallmark of such communicators is mental clarity, true impersonality,Psychology1, 118:into the world today, the work of the true communicators will concern itself with the Plan and notPsychology1, 118:not with individual purposes; and that all such communicators will be mental types, channels forPsychology1, 118:along other lines than through this group of communicators, and you may look for an increased floodPsychology1, 118:but none of this will be the work of the band of communicators now in process of forming. Only aPsychology1, 118:doing this work as yet, and the true influx of communicators will not start for another fifteenPsychology1, 181:wisdom and train with care its Observers and Communicators. These will be men and women in whom thePsychology2, 190:living force to the patients. 4. Other groups of communicators will act as transmitters of twoPsychology2, 191:of Soul or Group Life 8. Some groups of energy communicators and transmitters will carryPsychology2, 192:the future. 10. Members of other groups will be communicators between the third aspect of Deity asTelepathy, 12:- Telepathic Work The work of the telepathic communicators is one of the most important in the
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