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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMMUNION

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Astrology, 168:union and unity under the symbolism of the [168] communion feast. For that feast, humanity is todayAstrology, 566:we shall indeed all sit down eventually to the communion of bread and wine. He referred indirectlyAstrology, 616:One, the Life, the Whole, the All entered into communion with Itself and by this act became a vitalAutobiography, 10:friend calling to friend and a resulting hour of communion and of satisfying contact; some beautyAutobiography, 34:express my spirituality in attending the early communion service every day, if possible, and inAutobiography, 201:so well in this connection wishing to attend a communion service in the early mornings at a littleAutobiography, 201:the rector came and told me I could not go to communion. I looked at the rector for a few minutesAutobiography, 201:half a dozen lovers and I could have gone to communion because I had had no divorce. Twenty yearsAutobiography, 201:because they knew the facts, but I cannot attend communion - I, who have sought to serve the ChristAutobiography, 202:but if I know then I shall have to refuse communion." No comment. We are on our way towards theAutobiography, 233:who led them to an upper room where the communion service was instituted. All this was indicativeAutobiography, 233:Leonardo da Vinci's great picture of the communion in the upper room is the great symbol of theBethlehem, 19:water. The message of that age is one of unity, communion and our relationship as brothers, becauseBethlehem, 19:This they did, and the great and holy feast of communion was later held in that house. TheBethlehem, 19:we shall all sit at the same table, and hold communion one with another. The Christian dispensationBethlehem, 19:as a race, rapidly moving. Some day the great Communion Service will be held, of which everyBethlehem, 19:Communion Service will be held, of which every communion service is the forecast. We are slowlyBethlehem, 111:approached Jesus when the forty days of solitary communion were over. We are not told what ChristBethlehem, 162:opposite statement find support. Christ, at the communion service, gave His disciples the cup toBethlehem, 208:the upper room, and there sharing with them the communion of bread and of wine, and of theBethlehem, 210:of Christ, with its great preceding events - the communion and the Gethsemane experience - is aBethlehem, 213:to institute the Last Supper, to originate that communion service, the symbolism of which has beenBethlehem, 213:in theological practice. The keynote of that communion service was fellowship. "It is only thusBethlehem, 271:as a whole or a world-church. For it is only in communion with all his fellow men that man canDestiny, 151:led the disciples, and in which the first communion service was held, participated in by all andDestiny, 151:age, after the tests of the Piscean Age. Such a communion service has never yet been held, but theDestiny, 152:The future will see right relationships, true communion, a sharing of all things (wine, the blood,Discipleship1, 580:from stabilizing yourself for future work, communion and expression within your own group centerDiscipleship1, 715:the Great One and the little striving one, communion is established; the interplay begins; the mindFire, 5:units. This is the basis of brotherhood, of the communion of saints, and of astrology. These threeFire, 139:is the lower Manas, the path of communication or communion between the personality and the higherFire, 1274:play Their part and are the result of the communion of the One above the Sun with one of the sevenHercules, 120:with three mainstars outlining it, the cup of communion, of which the Christ said "Drink ye all ofHercules, 120:bread from heaven, or the bread and wine of the communion. Ever this symbology of bread runsIntellect, 144:consciousness, with its dual power of knowing by communion the temporal and eternal, immanent andIntellect, 185:the four blissful states of ecstatic communion..." "He was one, who having attained to omniscience,Magic, 63:in the dark; sometimes he knows the joy of full communion and again all seems dull and sterile; hisMagic, 75:expresses it in the following terms: "When communion is established, words are forthwith used, andMagic, 414:of tolerance, international synthetic communion, religious inclusiveness, and all trends of thoughtMagic, 586:himself has come to in his moments of spiritual communion and illumination. It is here that so manyRays, 194:This first aspect is seen as synthesis, as the Communion of Saints, and as related to the Lord ofRays, 487:Anglo-Catholics when preparing candidates for communion. They indicate a different direction,Reappearance, 80:him to the upper room and there make ready the communion feast in which He and they would share.Reappearance, 80:and evolutionary event of that age will be the communion and human relationships established amongReappearance, 141:and stone cathedrals, upon gold and silver communion sets, on scarlet birettas, on jeweledSoul, 23:compares mentally, derives data from self-communion, asks others to do the same; the behaviorist
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