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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPARATIVELY

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Discipleship2, 512:activity of your life. You are as yet a comparatively young man. The crux of your whole problem isEducation, 84:and of Social Organization. This gives a comparatively new purpose to any curriculum imparted andFire, 46:by the thinker. As yet but few thought forms, comparatively, can be said to be constructed by theFire, 103:severe owing to the rarity of this ether and the comparatively greater refinement of the vehicles.Fire, 119:buddhic plane and the monadic plane, while the comparatively few Monads of will or power areFire, 175:wherein the egoic ray holds sway, is not so long comparatively; it covers the period wherein theFire, 207:alignment of the inner subtler vortices with the comparatively exoteric etheric centers. ThisFire, 280:solar and cosmic marriage. This idea is comparatively simple in relation to a human being, and canFire, 414:is entirely for the present, and covers a period comparatively recent, carrying forward the historyFire, 453:individually long realized. Etheric vision is comparatively common even now. But comment concerningFire, 494:This knowledge of formulas and sounds can be comparatively [495] easily acquired when man hasFire, 509:physically dies. This stage is succeeded by the comparatively brief one of etheric existenceFire, 547:certain lines displayed by some, coupled with a comparatively low stage of development or ofFire, 652:owing to the almost immediate availability of comparatively large numbers of the sons of man. WeFire, 716:of pitchblende and the other involved units is comparatively a new development under theFire, 776:its completion. In the early stages this work is comparatively small but as the third stage ofFire, 806:of desire. The mental body [806] remains comparatively inactive at this stage. The love nature ofFire, 858:life waves. It is only when he has reached a comparatively advanced stage (in comparison with thatFire, 954:which now emanates from each human being as a comparatively weak stream of an indefiniteFire, 1253:path is one that attracts to itself only a few comparatively of the sons of men. It involves aGlamour, 4:would like to point out that this withdrawal is comparatively easy for those who have much of theMagic, 161:victims of personality desire and aims, and are comparatively free from the whirlpool of selfishMeditation, 42:the period marks a point of least resistance comparatively. They contact six other types of forceMeditation, 131:a good deal of that type of karma and is thus comparatively free from that source of hindrance inMeditation, 136:affect the bodies of men. So few of the races, comparatively speaking, have as yet built in theMeditation, 289:possible) which are of such frequent occurrence, comparatively speaking, as to warrant ourPatanjali, 80:points in the head (and all are found within a comparatively small area) are the symbols inProblems, 57:and of Social Organization. This gives a comparatively new purpose to any curriculum imparted andPsychology2, 453:shall now deal primarily. Mental stimulation is comparatively rare, if the total population of theRays, 206:therefore be apparent to you inferentially, how comparatively few of the Members of our HierarchySoul, 60:appeal directly to the senses, and are therefore comparatively obscure; but there is now no doubtSoul, 61:known material substance... "Matter therefore is comparatively a gossamer structure, subsisting in
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