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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPARED

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Astrology, 539:to the greatly increased sensitivity of mankind, compared to the two other times in which (inAtom, 158:of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the [159] glory which shall be revealed inAutobiography, 26:what a perfectly wonderful time they have had compared to the girls of my generation and socialAutobiography, 273:and serve. These schools are few in number, compared to those in the first group, and are muchAutobiography, 301:of cooperation with the work of the Hierarchy as compared to the position of the devotee whoDestiny, 109:incoming seventh ray, it might be helpful if we compared very briefly the two systems of activity.Discipleship1, 450:upon the physical plane, they are nothing to be compared to the present level of awareness whereDiscipleship1, 578:These latter are (are they not?) of small moment compared to the inner happenings. There wereDiscipleship2, 312:you understand it. His consciousness is free, as compared with that of the [313] average man, andDiscipleship2, 402:- even though in [402] an elementary fashion compared to what he will recognize at the ninthEducation, 71:cry. Character delineations will be noted and compared with, the developing subject and also withEducation, 74:needed time - busy with non-essential matters, compared to the important and essential business ofExternalisation, 108:organizations is deemed of small importance compared with the sensed inner spiritual development.Externalisation, 388:These people are relatively few in number, when compared with the world's population, but becauseExternalisation, 683:the population of the world was relatively small compared to that today; contact between peoplesFire, 255:nature. Note the increase of influence as compared to man's threefold radius. His eventual ultimateFire, 356:heart may, in this connection, be considered and compared (as regards force value) with such anFire, 546:rapidity of the later stages of unfoldment as compared with the first. Third, that there exist manyFire, 716:their relatively high stage of intelligence as compared to the wild animals. In Atlantean days theFire, 1262:a unified Whole) the results achieved might be compared to that of a compass upon a ship. TheyHealing, 392:without a physical vehicle, is as nothing compared to the loneliness of birth. At birth, the soulHealing, 668:and not spiritual. They are relatively few compared to the countless millions of men, but areHealing, 695:healing. This section will be very short indeed, compared with the rest of this volume; it willIntellect, 124:intuitively. Once it has been set up, it is compared in all its implications with experience, soMagic, 90:of the senses I are but trivial, and of no value compared to the rewards, here and in this life, toMeditation, 39:I have given a few hints here. It is so little, compared with what will later be known when thoseMeditation, 209:as seen by the physical eye is hard and harsh compared to those on the emotional plane, and as thePsychology1, 175:is of small importance, relatively speaking, compared to the gradually emerging synthesis whichPsychology1, 339:the many dynamic interests of his life, may be compared with those of the average man two hundredPsychology1, 339:history have shown a tremendous speeding up as compared with conditions fifty years ago. The reasonPsychology2, 80:of energy. The method is relatively gentle, when compared to the method of the first ray, and theRays, 250:Solar. If the dates of any given teaching are compared with that given by me, it will appear to beRays, 369:of humanity and its evolutionary status (when compared with primordial and primitive man) can beSoul, 102:the Upanishads, p. 170. As here the purusha is compared to a smokeless flame, so in imitation ofSoul, 154:consciousness, a perception so primordial that, compared with it, the deterministic denials of
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