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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPARISON

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Autobiography, 9:readers might think it all quite wonderful in comparison with the early years of countlessDiscipleship1, 711:attitude is not really of much importance in comparison with the effect of the Hierarchy and itsDiscipleship2, 151:type of work I am now giving you is formless in comparison with the earlier meditations outlined. IDiscipleship2, 693:physical death is deemed of slight importance in comparison to its emphasis in connection with theExternalisation, 17:present attempts to hinder each other's work by comparison of methods and of techniques, byFire, 858:has reached a comparatively advanced stage (in comparison with that of animal man) that egoic orGlamour, 133:disappear; thus you can achieve some standard of comparison whereby to grasp the relative value ofHealing, 574:true esoteric healing is a simple matter in comparison with the intricate and complex detail [575]Healing, 632:healing have relatively little to contribute in comparison with the work and the knowledge of theIntellect, 156:deterioration will be the imparted truths. A comparison of the way of the Knower and the way of theMagic, 110:Law of evolution? Is there not such a thing (by comparison) as a spiritual inferiority complex onMagic, 327:of science, - investigation and analysis, comparison and deduction, - are being applied toMagic, 535:words however mean but little or nothing in comparison with a Reality which can only be sensed byProblems, 115:but they are, in turn, a tiny minority in comparison to the vast multitude of human beings peoplingPsychology2, 201:of souls. For purposes of classification and comparison, we shall divide our earth humanity intoPsychology2, 210:or capacity to check. There is no standard of comparison nor can they judge by inference [211] whatPsychology2, 300:the first initiation. By a careful analysis and comparison of the three charts, he can discover thePsychology2, 441:one. He experiences a sense of futility; the comparison which he makes within himself of theRays, 131:how significant is the coming Science of Comparison; not yet has this science of comparativeRays, 250:these books. Even if denied by their writers, a comparison of the dates of publishing with theRays, 413:limitations in what I have given and [413] in comparison with that given in the earlier volumes ofRays, 480:of "auric sensitivity." A few - a very few in comparison with the untold masses of human beings -Rays, 508:on a tiny scale, [508] infinitesimal in comparison with the great Whole. Man responds within theRays, 742:is already known and a small handful (small in comparison to the many millions) of hierarchicalReappearance, 24:interpreter today are apparently of no value in comparison with those of ancient date; yet theSoul, 10:especial significance, however, is the unique comparison which the author makes between the WesternSoul, 56:beyond the real grasp of human intelligence. In comparison with it, the most delicate fragrance,Soul, 77:to attain the status of the Christ. A close comparison of the Christian and Oriental teachingsSoul, 149:man and with that of lower animals. [149] This comparison, resembling, to some extent, theSoul, 149:centuries of qualitative measurements by careful comparison. It resulted in the universal verdict,Soul, 149:the difference in their bodily structures. The comparison revealed also an element in this
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