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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPASSION

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Astrology, 124:into selfless world service. Self pity into compassion, sympathy and divine understanding.Astrology, 397:in the personality life, must be succeeded by compassion for all humanity, and this must beAstrology, 477:and produce greatly expanded vision. They foster compassion and understanding, for the pain andAstrology, 556:the Great Consummation. Then when the Lords of Compassion shall have spiritually civilized theAutobiography, 49:The people who fill me with a sense of compassion and the recognition of the need of patience areAutobiography, 256:- illumined by love and understanding, by deep compassion and inclusiveness, illumined by aBethlehem, 30:one Great Consummation. Then when the Lords of Compassion shall have spiritually civilized theBethlehem, 121:a lost sense of values and enrich the heart with compassion. Money and perfect health may beBethlehem, 250:of the Tibetan philosophy: "...when the Lords of Compassion shall have spiritually civilized theBethlehem, 268:the children of the One Father; it is pity and compassion and understanding and patience. It is theBethlehem, 283:imperfection, existence, and resultant death. Compassion unto these still awakes within me when IDestiny, 9:the control of the Hierarchy of the Lords of Compassion and [10] the Masters of the Wisdom. TheDestiny, 60:to the need of others, even of its enemies, to compassion for all suffering and to a pronouncedDiscipleship1, 47:and let loose in you the floodgates of compassion for yourself. But you do not need me to deal withDiscipleship1, 107:the Spirit in form, shall act as a channel for compassion and an instrument for love until I knowDiscipleship1, 112:head center and this through the cultivation of compassion. The throat center is lethargic in itsDiscipleship1, 238:over the chela and in the light of wisdom and compassion to aid him with instruction. I have todayDiscipleship1, 310:demonstrating in a constant outgoing in compassion and understanding to the needs [311] of theDiscipleship1, 359:light I seek; give me the strong aid of their compassion and their wisdom. There is a peace whichDiscipleship1, 374:contact, attraction, understanding, sympathy and compassion. The latter two qualities are almostDiscipleship1, 536:light we seek; give us the strong aid of their compassion and their wisdom. There is a peace thatDiscipleship1, 624:as it expresses itself in the "fire of divine compassion," you only respond in a secondary sense.Discipleship1, 624:in a secondary sense. The awakening of this compassion should be one of your objectives inDiscipleship1, 631:it with the wings of love and on errands of compassion. The ordinary man works from emotionalDiscipleship1, 736:the need of others for understanding, compassion, interest and help. The usual loneliness of allDiscipleship1, 749:individuals or to give understanding love and compassion to those in his path of life who need it.Discipleship1, 789:- illumined by love and understanding, by deep compassion and inclusiveness, illumined by aDiscipleship2, 211:the Masters of the Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion. This group, which stands midway betweenDiscipleship2, 461:and to personal suffering as a result of that compassion which is the hallmark of the salvagingDiscipleship2, 463:love will then take the place of emotion, and compassion will be substituted for pity;Discipleship2, 661:to synthesis when the head center is developed. Compassion, which is essentially the right use ofDiscipleship2, 703:escape in many ways and build a wall. For you, compassion is the way. Face facts and haveDiscipleship2, 703:you, compassion is the way. Face facts and have compassion. Lift up the weak for you are strong,Discipleship2, 708:and a loving heart when it is sparked into compassion. You have a steadfastness of purpose and anExternalisation, 95:heart, full of love to all, vibrant with compassion and with understanding. Bear, therefore, theseExternalisation, 105:you that men's hearts everywhere are full of compassion both for themselves and for all other men;Externalisation, 111:an attitude of patience, goodwill, balance and compassion. Let us, therefore, consider these fourExternalisation, 113:and bewildered humanity and - with the deepest compassion and love - will help men to right theExternalisation, 251:with little trouble and much usefulness and compassion intervene in this sad world situation andExternalisation, 286:up in the words from The Voice of the Silence: Compassion is no attribute. It is the Law of Laws -Externalisation, 286:the law of love eternal. To this everlasting Compassion the cyclic appearance of the Sun Gods ofExternalisation, 287:that the heart of the universe is unalterable compassion, and that man is not alone. To bring thisExternalisation, 288:reveal the soul of God. They are: The Law of Compassion. This is the truth of right relationship,Externalisation, 289:the Heart of God - impelled by the law of compassion - sends forth a Teacher, a World Savior, anExternalisation, 311:force must be dedicated to the outer life of compassion. The clarifying of the mental life in theExternalisation, 354:light you seek, give you the strong aid of Their compassion and Their wisdom until you stand whereExternalisation, 386:needs of small children aroused no flicker of compassion in the young men trained under the NaziExternalisation, 469:observing Christ, animated by pity and compassion, but Who has done all He could and now waits forExternalisation, 469:multitude (probably the majority) His love and compassion apparently do not reach, and His heartExternalisation, 472:the Masters of the Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion, are with us, here and now. They proclaimExternalisation, 698:He will come, bringing new energies of love and compassion and implementing the spirit of freshFire, 197:of the sheath and actively to serve. A Lord of Compassion is one who (by means of touch) feelsFire, 593:characteristic of the Ego. A Master of Compassion loves, suffers with, and remains with His kindFire, 673:of Buddhi or Buddhism. Both are great Masters of compassion and may be conceived as the twoFire, 846:with the revelation (through the premature compassion of our planetary Logos) of the life of thisFire, 1085:to work and which must never be abandoned out of compassion for man and in obedience to the law ofFire, 1194:greater still is a Nirmanakaya - the Buddha of Compassion." - Voice of the Silence, p. 97. "TheFire, 1243:In the hierarchy of our planet the "Lords of Compassion" are numerically greater than the "MastersFire, 1245:of spiritual endeavor. They are animated by wise-compassion. These words should be carefullyFire, 1247:[1247] PATH I. EARTH SERVICE Attributes - Wise-compassion. Source - Constellation of the Dragon,Fire, 1259:pointed out, this is the Path that the "lords of compassion" most frequently follow, and at thisFire, 1261:pass. In the same way many of the "Lords of Compassion" pass onto Path IV. Five-eighths of theFire, 1268:its other side a voice is heard to say: "Son of Compassion, Master of Love and Life, the wheelGlamour, 3:an identification with all beings. Then is true compassion known; then does criticism becomeHealing, 68:greatest of the soul qualities - self-sacrifice, compassion and service. But the ways and theHealing, 319:time to go will not be based on emotion and upon compassion, but on the spiritual sciences andHercules, 123:The three virtues demanded are tolerance, compassion and charity; one grows by becoming ever moreHercules, 132:bad, the lofty and the insignificant. This is compassion. The knowledge gained bringsHercules, 149:held high in the air in the light of reason and compassion, it loses its power. The task ofHercules, 150:[150] the energy of cruelty into that of active compassion still remains. In two tests HerculesHercules, 229:heart as ours so that there will be a current of compassion running between the two. TheInitiation, 10:he will graduate with his degree as a Master of Compassion. It might be of benefit to us also if weInitiation, 22:aspect shines forth, and from being a Master of Compassion and a Lord of Love the adept becomesInitiation, 43:looked for. He is the great Lord of Love and of Compassion, just as his predecessor, the Buddha,Initiation, 185:a Master of the Wisdom, he must be a Brother of Compassion, and he must be able, throughInitiation, 212:of highest rank, Masters and Lords of uttermost compassion, prostrate themselves and humbly bend,Intellect, 173:on fire! on fire with love for men Lit by divine compassion from above. A burning life, which GodMagic, 574:find it to be based on group love, service and compassion, or upon a selfish longing to be liked,Meditation, 71:instructions. We seek to develop Masters of Compassion, dispensers of the love of the universe. WeMeditation, 258:Lords of Love are contacted, that the Masters of Compassion are known, and that the possibility ofPatanjali, 31:are not technically Nirvanis. They are Lords of Compassion pledged to "suffer" with, and to bePatanjali, 234:meditation upon the three states of feeling-compassion, tenderness and dispassion. 24. Meditation,Patanjali, 286:meditation upon the three states of feeling - compassion, tenderness and dispassion. SomePatanjali, 287:called the "three states of feeling." These are: Compassion, the antithesis of passion which isPatanjali, 287:man en rapport with the soul of all men. Through compassion, he is no longer occupied with his ownPatanjali, 288:is the emotional result of dispassionate compassion and involves the kamic or astral principle,Patanjali, 288:involves the kamic or astral principle, whilst compassion concerns also the physical plane for itPsychology1, 203:in others. [203] Virtues to be acquired: Love, compassion, unselfishness, energy. This is calledPsychology2, 92:and are ourselves. The "Lords of Knowledge and Compassion and of ceaseless persevering Devotion"Psychology2, 198:and allied activities Love of Humanity Sympathy Compassion Mental Unity - The Disciples. 4. RepulseRays, 249:should endeavor to explain, even if - through compassion or from the desire to stimulate approachRays, 426:In the Hierarchy of our planet the "Lords of Compassion" are numerically greater than the "MastersRays, 426:Initiation PATH I. EARTH SERVICE Attributes Wise compassion Source Constellation of the Dragon, viaRays, 686:quality to which we give the inadequate name "compassion." More I cannot say. [687] Initiation IX.Rays, 700:the titles of Master of the Wisdom or Lord of Compassion given to Those Who have taken the fourthRays, 705:which all Masters of the Wisdom and Lords of Compassion emerge: materialism, cruelty and aRays, 708:Their wisdom will be recognized as well as their compassion, but they themselves will recede intoRays, 764:thus the Heart, through the means of wide compassion. How many gates are there, O Passer on theRays, 764:he will find the other six. You speak of wide compassion as the key that opens wide the gates.Rays, 764:else will lead a man to the portal of the Path? Compassion first and conscious oneness; then death
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