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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPETENT

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Autobiography, 108:is to know about housekeeping. They are entirely competent. I'm quite sure it was not an easy timeDiscipleship2, 422:make his magnetic aura adequately inclusive and competent within the new field of revelation. HeDiscipleship2, 481:without the help which the disciple is otherwise competent to give. A blind spot. This is one ofDiscipleship2, 572:successful activity in their chosen task of competent citizenship and life occupation and yet, atDiscipleship2, 598:for esoteric light and information she is competent and likewise humble in her attitude. There isEducation, 91:will bring in those types of egos who are competent to deal with the problem. Upon this fact thoseExternalisation, 653:into the halls of initiation. At the same time, competent disciples are searching the world forHealing, 385:Correct diagnosis of the disease by a competent physician, and later by a spiritual clairvoyant,Healing, 693:it would be rare indeed to find a healer who was competent to use them in this interim period inMagic, 409:largely because of it, there will emerge those competent to deal with the situation and adequate toMeditation, 348:into work of greater importance, when some less competent worker can do his work with equalPsychology2, 500:living upon the physical plane; few people are competent to handle the two and, when there isPsychology2, 520:and of states of awareness with which he is not competent to deal, owing to the underdevelopment ofRays, 14:the deepest esoteric truth which [14] mankind is competent to grasp; it brings into a culminatingRays, 374:because their etheric bodies are not competent to entertain and employ such high vibrations. On
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