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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLEMENT

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Bethlehem, 24:is required, and the intellect must find its complement and expression in and through love. ThisBethlehem, 33:and the manner in which they prepare for and complement each other, is of the deepest interest.Discipleship1, 8:are intended to supplement each other and complement each other and in the aggregate of theirDiscipleship2, 106:and they know, therefore, where they can complement each other and together create and present aDiscipleship2, 674:of that loving understanding which is the complement of wisdom. F.C.D. needs to develop wisdom asDiscipleship2, 674:of wisdom. F.C.D. needs to develop wisdom as the complement of love. As regards your meditationExternalisation, 472:These two convey the same basic ideas and thus complement each other. They proclaim the fact thatExternalisation, 529:- either Ashrams with what is regarded as a full complement of workers, or Ashrams in process ofExternalisation, 529:or Ashrams in process of attaining that full complement, or embryonic Ashrams of which there areFire, 172:rusheth through space. He searcheth for his complement. [173] The breath of the unmoving one, andInitiation, 122:that planetary scheme which is our earth's complement or polar opposite. He realizes theIntellectin order to make contact with reality the complement of some metaphysic or other." - JosephIntellect, 44:right, yet both are needed to supplement and complement each other. The education of the masses ofMeditation, 208:totality of the personality. Yellow, being the complement of indigo, and also the color of buddhi,Meditation, 315:will be carefully chosen so as to supplement and complement each other, and in the school will formRays, 578:and is peculiarly fitted to blend with and complement this sixth ray energy and to produce exactlyTelepathy, 37 To:and to help, and a power to supplement or complement each other which will be of use in balancing
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