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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLEMENTARY

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Astrology, 24:kingdoms of nature. The quality of the Earth's complementary planet, which is the Earth's polarAstrology, 361:literature, and its true supplementary and complementary planet. You have thus established a doubleAstrology, 647:earth planet Our planetary polar opposite Our complementary equilibrizing planet is committed toExternalisation, 250:the physical plane effort on your part; it is complementary to that, and the more you are servingExternalisation, 456:spiritual forces and powers which - though complementary or supplementary to the self-initiatedFire, 33:many the revolving rounds, but only when the complementary colors recognize their source, and theFire, 133:Ray as the unit desiring manifestation, or on a complementary Ray) are attracted by his will andFire, 875:be enumerated as follows: Mutual attraction, Complementary suitability, Instinctual appeal,Fire, 1011:is the same as their own Ray, That which is complementary to their own type of force, Their polarFire, 1018:earth planet, Our planetary polar opposite, Our complementary or equilibrising planet, is committedFire, 1172:therefore, are centers of attraction, are complementary, or are antipathetic to each other, andFire, 1190:pull of the planetary Logos Who is the complementary Life to that of our Logos. This involves aFire, 1191:differentiation. The quality of our earth's complementary planet. The quality of the attraction ofHealing, 421:Ray as the unit desiring manifestation, or on a complementary Ray) are attracted by his will andHercules, 135:of the feminine component should act [135] as a complementary influence. The Libran instinctivelyIntellect, 144:but in two apparently opposite but [144] really complementary directions... On the one hand he isMagic, 111:to the ray of the monad, or it may be one of the complementary colors to the primary. The ray ofMagic, 112:with people whose monads are on a similar or complementary ray it will be found that they approachMeditation, 65:is desirable that people on the same ray or on a complementary ray form a group. It is desirableMeditation, 207:the key. One or two hints however I may give: Complementary colors may be spoken of in occult booksMeditation, 207:will be predominantly blue. Orange, which is the complementary to blue and which has directMeditation, 285:the line of the first ray, and its affiliated or complementary ray. Meditation, 286:line of the second ray and its affiliated and complementary rays. Later it is the all-inclusiveMeditation, 318:their personnel teachers on some one ray or its complementary ray, with pupils on the same ray orMeditation, 318:ray, with pupils on the same ray or complementary ray. For instance, if the school is a second rayMeditation, 335:will be brought about by the use of his complementary color, and disintegration of unwanted matterPsychology1, See pa:one of the seven subrays of a major ray or a complementary ray is implied. - The Publishers.] ThePsychology2, 343:the personality ray becomes a quality of, and complementary to, that of the soul, making soulRays, 275:The two phases of the work are necessarily complementary to each other but must not be regarded asSoul, 14:for all the facts, and that each is really complementary to the other. Thus we may establish aSoul, 112:to the corporeal state in two different and complementary ways, by the blood as to the caloric
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