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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLETE

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Discipleship1, 36:higher levels of the mental plane. This involves complete alignment, so that soul-mind-brain areDiscipleship1, 36:levels of the mental plane. This involves the complete integration of the personality or lowerDiscipleship1, 41:but the force is shared by the group if there is complete group at-one-ment. In this way, eachDiscipleship1, 43:in this ashramic work, to work together in complete unity of purpose and of relationship. It may beDiscipleship1, 59:is said or suggested by any group brother with a complete and carefully developed "divineDiscipleship1, 64:this work is carried forward selflessly and with complete freedom from personal prejudice andDiscipleship1, 64:the highest united point of meditation and with complete obedience to my decisions in the matter. Discipleship1, 66:those whose minds you seek to impress. Silence, complete and unbroken as to what you are doing, isDiscipleship1, 83:the mental plane to the physical, has achieved a complete reversal or distortion. An acceptedDiscipleship1, 97:origin and thus "clear the decks" for more complete and uninterrupted service to humanity at aDiscipleship1, 97:like to take up with you so that there may be complete understanding. There come periods in theDiscipleship1, 99:effort on the part of the Hierarchy to prevent a complete collapse of the structure of humanDiscipleship1, 119:assets and your liabilities - viewing them with complete detachment. The occult sentences in whichDiscipleship1, 137:for the group. In connection with my disciples, complete frankness is an essential and the goodDiscipleship1, 168:for initiation. Viewing you, therefore, as a complete unit, your rays are: The soul ray - the firstDiscipleship1, 170:ray types. Fight it by non-recognition and by complete absorption in the immediate task; I refer toDiscipleship1, 177:an integrated whole; its personnel is not yet complete; but it does constitute already a harbor ofDiscipleship1, 186:we are planning to do together, we work with complete and open frankness, seeking to hide nothingDiscipleship1, 188:of new endeavors when the time in which to complete those for which you are responsible isDiscipleship1, 192:moment your mental activity ceases there is a complete break. You then function as a sentient,Discipleship1, 230:a point as possible. Then take five minutes for complete silence, of both the inner and the outerDiscipleship1, 308:act of the will, see three things occur: complete alignment, definite integration with theDiscipleship1, 314:from long habit, but it involves also a complete readjustment of the entire lower threefold man toDiscipleship1, 346:(for this is quite a long time, my brother) of complete silence, preserving, if you can, an unmovedDiscipleship1, 369:to the plan laid down." "But the plan was not complete. Some knowledge of the ground plan uponDiscipleship1, 378:your personality vehicles; then you will have a complete picture of the forces with which you haveDiscipleship1, 380:their needed opportunity and training, but in complete self-forgetfulness. To aid you and in orderDiscipleship1, 391:What is required is an inner attitude of complete abandon to the will of your soul which is theDiscipleship1, 404:doing, because I gave you a sufficiently complete analysis in my last instruction. What I thereDiscipleship1, 464:you seem to recognize it not. You are ready for complete service and yet you hide yourself awayDiscipleship1, 470:by any one individual unless there has been complete release from all selfish intent, from allDiscipleship1, 486:which leaves the personality in a state of complete exhaustion, must in itself be considered aDiscipleship1, 499:as you pass on to fuller surrender and to a more complete usefulness, I give you simply some wordsDiscipleship1, 579:Now I ask you to take several months of complete quiet, giving the solar plexus time to relax, andDiscipleship1, 580:which comes from loving truly as a soul, from a complete refraining from all tortuous questions,Discipleship1, 615:But to do this, you must reach the point of complete self-surrender and demonstrate yourDiscipleship1, 621:for you. You must now learn to be personal with complete impersonality - a paradoxical acquirementDiscipleship1, 637:group of serving brothers must wait for a more complete indication of their individual work - anDiscipleship1, 650:Until your inner relation to them is one of complete yet loving detachment, they will be apt toDiscipleship1, 667:in your mind. It may be of assistance to you and complete the information given in your firstDiscipleship1, 680:to personal feeling and health reactions. Complete dedication to the meeting of human need; [681]Discipleship1, 687:or between the disciple and the Master was complete and soundly established. The entire question isDiscipleship1, 702:vision and of vibration, plus mutual respect and complete freedom - particularly the latter. As youDiscipleship1, 708:(or loss of direction) and with a feeling of complete destitution. The disciple needs to bear inDiscipleship1, 713:of still closer identification, where there is a complete blending of the Lights, but. there is noDiscipleship1, 717:the world of men and, from the standpoint of complete identification with matter (the mother), heDiscipleship1, 745:to his group. Spiritual tension, as a result of complete dedication of the personality to theDiscipleship1, 746:here a colloquialism. I can assure you that a complete inhibition rests upon him when the call mayDiscipleship1, 749:by most disciples, because it connotes almost complete at-one-ment between the disciple and theDiscipleship1, 754:each other's auras in such a way that there is a complete blending and fusing. Every AshramDiscipleship1, 757:ray; two disciples are needed to bring about the complete liberation of a Master from all ashramicDiscipleship1, 771:the same time, preserving an inner attitude of complete harmlessness and loving understanding. For,Discipleship1, 778:outside the Theosophical Society itself; complete devotion to the Masters was also emphasized -Discipleship1, 784:import, presumably believing that a position of complete neutrality, where both good and evil areDiscipleship2, 24:handling the problem of self-effacement and complete dedication to their fellowmen. "What can IDiscipleship2, 33:having learnt the lessons which an interlude of complete aloneness can give to the ardent discipleDiscipleship2, 33:of the children and to preserve them from complete disintegration. K.E.S., who died prior to theDiscipleship2, 43:postponement of all-out help today, plus complete dedication to human need, is easily condoned onDiscipleship2, 53:out of the required assigned technique and a complete refraining from [54] any interest inDiscipleship2, 101:and thus to pass over to the other side with complete dedication to the hierarchical Plan. This isDiscipleship2, 102:of all the Ashrams under the spiritual Plan is complete and the interlocking relationships will beDiscipleship2, 103:groups. There exists amongst its personnel a complete unity of purpose and an utter dedicationDiscipleship2, 106:and synchronous precision in working is the complete freedom of the Ashram from any spirit ofDiscipleship2, 106:strengthened. One of the reasons I had for the complete frankness and so-called exposure of yourDiscipleship2, 108:veil. I have asked A.A.B. to send each of you a complete list of all who were in the earlier groupsDiscipleship2, 119:magnetic field of the group life can you complete the meditation. The Full Moon work will remain asDiscipleship2, 119:for the remainder of the year, but we will complete the meditation and I will now outline for youDiscipleship2, 120:and should take only a [120] few minutes to complete. It is in the nature of a preface to the one IDiscipleship2, 125:your personal instructions, I shall speak with complete frankness and shall not spare you eitherDiscipleship2, 140:between Purpose, Will and Intention. A period of complete focused silence as you seek to present anDiscipleship2, 149:seven in number, and they will constitute his complete, new utterance. I have only been able toDiscipleship2, 161:Logos. This new Invocation expresses this complete interdependence in an unique manner. Discipleship2, 176:between Purpose, Will and Intention. A period of complete, focused silence as you seek to presentDiscipleship2, 190:life. This meditation, therefore, provides a complete and rounded-out form for the disciple toDiscipleship2, 193:certain extent, and that for you the need is to complete and strengthen the Rainbow Bridge and thenDiscipleship2, 218:the task of reconstruction, leading to a complete reorganization of human living and to a freshDiscipleship2, 255:of the old goals. Here comes, consequently, a complete test-out of past hierarchical methods andDiscipleship2, 287:and - under the Law of Sacrifice - he will complete the task, no matter how many aeons it may take.Discipleship2, 325:stand simultaneously. Together they can think in complete accord; together they are [326] tested,Discipleship2, 328:to you if I point out that this sharing involves complete knowledge of all the personalityDiscipleship2, 337:deserted by both attentive groups. There, in complete silence and in a condition of "isolatedDiscipleship2, 373:because it would entail the writing of another complete treatise and this would also be largelyDiscipleship2, 377:by the will; this will can only fully complete its task when all three [378] aspects of the will -Discipleship2, 378:that (having done this) he must demonstrate his complete freedom from the phenomenal contact of theDiscipleship2, 380:and the suffering of sacrifice in the sense of complete abnegation of all that might be regarded asDiscipleship2, 382:the aspirant grows increasingly towards a more complete fusion with the group. He knows himself toDiscipleship2, 417:the wills of men, but both are needed to complete the whole. Radiation and magnetism, invocationDiscipleship2, 427:of this fifth point of revelation, a most complete picture is given of the three stages of theDiscipleship2, 463:themselves with other people must involve complete identification with all their experiences, moodsDiscipleship2, 464:problem. Your karma... holds you back from that complete freedom and liberation which you deeplyDiscipleship2, 465:inner unfoldment of your love nature and your complete decentralization were a vital protection. HeDiscipleship2, 467:to be ready for this awakening. Hence the complete silence hitherto held upon this subject.Discipleship2, 468:who was the first of our humanity to achieve the complete realization. This point is of vitalDiscipleship2, 469:third initiation - to the ajna center, and the complete racial "transfiguration" will take place.Discipleship2, 488:when going to sleep at night. After achieving complete comfort, as far as may be possible, attemptDiscipleship2, 510:your place in the Ashram is secure enable you to complete the work which you have begun. NOTE: ThisDiscipleship2, 515:us. This reaction will be felt in your soul as a complete surrender in time and space; in theDiscipleship2, 519:the book which I seek to have you write and to complete. You see, my brother, it is a book whichDiscipleship2, 549:who has him in training, but to refrain from a complete surrender through fear of losing his senseDiscipleship2, 549:contact with the Master demonstrate to him the complete and utter freedom which governs the entire
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