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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLETE

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Discipleship2, 552:Imagine yourself achieving, with effort, that complete silence which will enable you to hear aDiscipleship2, 558:the activity of karma and adheres to the complete working out of the effects of earlierDiscipleship2, 562:the disciple must accustom himself to a complete negation of concentration upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 570:- as you think - by me. This is caused by your complete identification of yourself on mental planesDiscipleship2, 602:Polarization. Every disciple has to achieve complete freedom from racial limitations and to breakDiscipleship2, 602:the integration of the personality will be complete and you will be ready for a major step onwards.Discipleship2, 603:and forced achievement but the impersonality of complete self-forgetfulness. The task is so vitalDiscipleship2, 606:body - a body equipped to render the service and complete certain karmic adjustments during thisDiscipleship2, 610:come into your mind, for when the merging is complete, humanity and the Hierarchy will be one;Discipleship2, 610:outer or inner and no middle chamber, but only complete unity. Later in our planetary history, thisDiscipleship2, 614:have not yet taken the third initiation, such complete innocence is far from likely. What reallyDiscipleship2, 617:love where exists but doing so with complete detachment. That is the concept or ideaDiscipleship2, 634:develop the ability to pass before you have the complete freedom of the Ashram. You have alreadyDiscipleship2, 652:escape into the Ashram, they are in a place of complete security where naught can reach or hurtDiscipleship2, 655:apt to forget that when they reach a point of complete dependability (because the lower self hasDiscipleship2, 672:1946 MY BROTHER: I approach you today with such complete understanding that I believe you willDiscipleship2, 702:to see, in the next few years of your life, a complete reversal of the past. I look to see youDiscipleship2, 715:will be time for accomplishments? My answer is: Complete cessation from all meditation work for aDiscipleship2, 728:living upon the physical plane, and by a complete refraining from all thought anent the futureDiscipleship2, 734:to work with it and function in it but with complete detachment from it - just as you do notDiscipleship2, 753:two then integrate with the mental body and thus complete the personality expression. This isDiscipleship2, 756:of the Master. In the Hierarchy there, is complete unity, based upon a recognized isolation ofDiscipleship2, 761:I gave you last year and in this one, you have a complete unit of teaching which can suffice youEducation, viii:proper setting. Here we have the elements of a complete theory, as follows: (a) SubjectiveEducation, 16:until the sum of each soul's experiencing is complete. Thus, symbolically, the three basic ideasEducation, 26:there can be the free play of consciousness and complete identification with the One Life, thusEducation, 28:objective of evolution in form is now relatively complete. When this stage has been reached, theEducation, 49:has been already done. They should beautify and complete the structure already erected and shouldEducation, 51:the world of spiritual being also, and yet with complete continuity of consciousness and with aEducation, 51:complete continuity of consciousness and with a complete triple integration. Not all can pass intoEducation, 79:of certain carefully chosen individuals and a complete neglect of the masses. Asia and Asia aloneEducation, 80:and techniques which will fit a child for complete living and so make him truly human - a creative,Externalisation, 12:the intuition is unawakened the illusion is complete and real. Devotees can therefore tune in withExternalisation, 25:five days of meditation, I call you to a more complete 'fasting,' to a grave silence, to an innerExternalisation, 56:as a Whole, is an expression of divinity, a complete expression, plus the allied fact of the divineExternalisation, 112:for 28 is 4 x 7, which are the years of a complete personality cycle. I do not wish you to inferExternalisation, 125:into two clearly defined groups is now so complete that the final struggle has become possible.Externalisation, 130:and the altering of boundaries so that a complete readjustment of the map of the world in Asia,Externalisation, 157:as you are capable of achieving. Then you aim at complete self-forgetfulness and when that has beenExternalisation, 172:crisis and such problems must be solved through complete self-forgetfulness. I ask you to work anewExternalisation, 212:reasonable brevity and clarity, and I do so with complete freedom from what you call bias. I speakExternalisation, 226:care and answer with sincerity and to your own complete satisfaction the questions I put to youExternalisation, 231:the German people within that unhappy land, so complete is the glamor under which they areExternalisation, 235:for what they profess so much to cherish. A complete refusal to fight on the part of the Allies andExternalisation, 239:effort to visualize a world in which there is a complete defeat of the Allies, expressing as theyExternalisation, 246:will enter the battle against evil; with complete self-forgetfulness, he will take up the cause ofExternalisation, 246:of spiritual unity and shared resources with complete confidence because his sense of values isExternalisation, 259:flood, and through the flood there was almost complete destruction of the civilization of thatExternalisation, 296:in the task of clearing the way for Him, and complete selflessness. Only when humanity has itselfExternalisation, 298:Next century, when the seventh ray has achieved complete manifestation and the Piscean influence isExternalisation, 325:and the effort which resulted, though not a complete failure, was not adequately strong enough toExternalisation, 327:the raw products of civilized living and the complete disorganization of all human affairs in everyExternalisation, 350:of the opportunity? The two Full Moons form one complete cycle of work and should be prepared forExternalisation, 358:that the power of materialism is broken by the complete defeat of the Axis powers and, secondly, byExternalisation, 376:and utter barbarity and cruelty, plus their complete lack of all humanitarian feeling, the AxisExternalisation, 377:are realizing their helplessness and their complete dependence upon their larger neighbors, andExternalisation, 378:can already be dimly seen; the failure - complete, obvious and irremediable - of the old order andExternalisation, 404:One in the East and the Other in the West - a complete and perfect representation of Deity; byExternalisation, 425:to subjugate the human consciousness through the complete control of men's minds, through theExternalisation, 426:must be wrenched from their high place, and the complete defeat and annihilation of thoseExternalisation, 430:poised, and victory will be theirs when there is complete unity of purpose, concentrated attentionExternalisation, 432:mentally and emotionally undeveloped; they are complete realists and see life in its bare outlinesExternalisation, 442:Have I to continue explaining the need for the complete triumph of the Forces of Light, for theExternalisation, 443:understanding of their relationships. For two complete generations there must be a peace which willExternalisation, 451:plane methods having resulted only in the complete devastation of Europe and in casualties whichExternalisation, 457:stagnant. The tendency to over-fatigue and to complete collapse - once the war is over. ThisExternalisation, 469:not whether they suffer eternally or attain complete annihilation. This surely cannot be so. NoneExternalisation, 481:only when both Germany and Japan are under the complete control of the United Nations, through whomExternalisation, 481:working. This will not imply the attainment of complete peace, but it will mean the end of allExternalisation, 489:seven in number, and they will constitute His complete, new utterance. I have only been able toExternalisation, 493:have been used first of all to bring about the complete destruction of all opposing the forces ofExternalisation, 508:work it is to inaugurate the new age and so complete the work He began in Palestine two thousandExternalisation, 525:latter absorption will lead eventually, when complete, to those volcanic episodes and those basicExternalisation, 535:hundred years the chain of Hierarchy has been complete; by this I mean that the planetary rainbowExternalisation, 535:to sphere and from glory to glory." It is this complete establishment of relationship betweenExternalisation, 574:candidate emerges into the light. The stage of complete economic reorientation; in this, humanityExternalisation, 589:century, integrating not only history into one complete story of the revelation of divine qualitiesExternalisation, 592:love that leads unerringly to world service, to complete self-forgetfulness and to radiant,Externalisation, 596:and largely outside of them) is general and complete, and a turning to God is to be seen on everyExternalisation, 607:the Founder of the Kingdom of God on Earth, to complete the work He started, and again toExternalisation, 609:group of world servers and the men of goodwill - complete His with the Will of God (HisExternalisation, 614:possibilities, he is apt to register a sense of complete frustration; he longs to help, but knowsExternalisation, 663:also the sacrifice He is making in order to complete His work on Earth and bring a new salvation toExternalisation, 687:upon the physical plane, and yet to remain in complete sympathetic and understanding contact withExternalisation, 690:and to [690] Humanity, ushers in the cycle of complete defeat of cosmic evil upon our planet,Fire, viii:worked with her; and Alice A. Bailey worked in complete recognition of her own task in thisFire, 25:The forms are left behind, and Parabrahm stands complete. The Lord of the cosmic Third utters aFire, 57:of the blending of these two fires, which is complete in a normal and healthy person, shouldFire, 80:and within it, until the interpenetrating is so complete that the two forms make but one unit; theFire, 120:consciousness therein until the polarization is complete. He functions then consciously on it whenFire, 123:which is the point of conjunction, and of complete merging, of the fire from the base of the [124]Fire, 126:the intensity of the united fires results in the complete burning away of all barriers, and theFire, 127:dual expression of mental fire, succeed in the complete destruction of the physical permanent atom,Fire, 131:shape is no longer present, and dissipation is complete. Matter persists, but the form no longerFire, 139:has circled unimpeded up another channel is the complete merging with the fire of manas effected,Fire, 167:the two poles and demonstrates at the moment of complete at-one-ment, the occult truth of the wordsFire, 176:Masters or Initiates is transferred it causes a complete readjustment. When a Master likewiseFire, 176:up work elsewhere, it frequently necessitates a complete reorganization, and a fresh admission ofFire, 180:great triangle - a triangle which is not yet in complete vivification at this stage of evolutionaryFire, 192:quality called telepathy) demonstrates as complete comprehension, for it has involved two things: A
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