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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLETE

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Fire, 192:A similar knowledge of group sound, and their complete unification. This causes the most perfectFire, 201:conscious rejection of the not-self after its complete subjugation and utilization. Fire, 218:By its correct or partial sounding, by its complete or incomplete reverberation, are the formsFire, 219:results in their non-attachment and in their complete freedom from each other; it also keeps themFire, 231:of the Ego or Self, sees that expression more complete, brings the form more under control andFire, 244:the Mother, to a point of full realization, of complete self-consciousness, and to full and activeFire, 277:to a solar Logos it might be considered as one complete revolution of the Sun in space, with allFire, 277:In connection with the solar Logos it is the complete revolution of the solar system around itsFire, 284:type of cycle or the period involved in the complete circling of an orbit, or the revolution of aFire, 304:[304] cycles in the three worlds correspond to a complete round in the cycles of a Heavenly Man.Fire, 318:physical plane, as a unified whole, under the complete control of that cosmic Entity Who is seekingFire, 351:and unify them with our own system so that one complete vital body forms the manifestation of thisFire, 421:of man from the lower three kingdoms, and his complete freeing from lower form domination at theFire, 483:as follows: Opinion must be reserved because: Complete explanation for initiates only. Only aFire, 539:all blend and merge. The [539] inner three which complete the twelve, and which are concerned withFire, 575:system we shall add the next two vibrations that complete the scale, and our Logos will then haveFire, 576:dominated by love, for the interaction will be complete. The human race came into the chain at aFire, 590:is developed, and the head centers will be complete. This achieved, our Logos has triumphed, andFire, 591:to do at any time, and it will find its most complete demonstration in the next, or fifth round. InFire, 591:the fourth Initiation the crystallization is complete, and the inevitable shattering that is theFire, 650:be the result of several things but will only be complete when he can function on the fourth cosmicFire, 710:for full activity as the aeons slip away, and is complete in all its threefold nature. The matterFire, 719:therefore, they must return to continue and complete that which has been left undone. Owing to theFire, 738:puzzling and utterly worthless without a more complete explanation; Subperiod 2nd is 'very long';Fire, 789:atom to be vitalized. The physical plane is a complete reflection of the mental; the lowest threeFire, 806:period, and as this body is the only complete sphere in the threefold lower man, it is the mostFire, 868:are: fervent aspiration, spiritual reading, and complete obedience to the Master. The word which IFire, 878:it cease their activity. Again, the solar Angels complete their initial sacrifice by a final one,Fire, 905:comes to full self-consciousness. This involves complete physical vision, and the use in perfectionFire, 910:each entity is a separate unit of the one life, complete in itself, yet one with the whole. [911]Fire, 915:only general hints are given. This list is not complete and does not include the grosserFire, 927:The etheric body of the solar system is now complete, though it will not be perfected till the endFire, 996:the control of the lunar angels and their complete subjugation. They are arrayed against him,Fire, 1009:the Path, the indwelling Self takes a more complete grasp of its lower vehicle, and descends to aFire, 1042:is a cosmic atom. Each plane is an atom or complete sphere. Each planet is an atom. Each HeavenlyFire, 1052:are only touched upon as no tabulation would be complete without them. There is also to be borne inFire, 1100:then the fourth order with the fifth will complete the sacred nine." The specific alignment,Fire, 1118:the egoic lotus when it has reached the stage of complete unfoldment. The radiance of its color isFire, 1121:of the purificatory and aligning processes are complete, the vehicles of the initiate present aFire, 1188:This tabulation should form the basis of a complete phase of study along this line and is one ofFire, 1194:earthly concerns. The Dharmakaya body is that of complete Buddha, i.e, no body at all, but an idealFire, 1194:keeps, of the Sambhogakaya, only the great and complete knowledge, and remains in his Nirmanakaya.Fire, 1210:system preceding this, and their failure is so complete (from the standpoint of consciousness) thatFire, 1233:nature of the latent idea is ever more potent, complete and full than the form or symbol throughFire, 1257:the "Lotus sleep," as it involves a condition of complete negation where the form side ofFire, 1260:fourteen and seventeen. This will serve as a complete blind to the average reader, but will carryGlamour, 3:is functioning there is, momentarily at least, a complete loss of the sense of separateness. At itsGlamour, 4:but as a fact in one's experience, of one's complete identification with the Universal Mind, ofGlamour, 80:of the Dweller upon the Threshold, and thus complete the brief outline of our problem which theGlamour, 103:the initiate demonstrates his ability to produce complete at-one-ment between the higher and lowerGlamour, 107:instincts, are apt to deal very simply and with complete directness with the facts of existenceGlamour, 110:thrown him, and to establish his freedom by a complete control of the astral body. This heGlamour, 121:of selfish responsibility. The glamor of too complete an understanding, which negates right action.Glamour, 126:subjugation of glamor and escape from the complete thralldom of illusion are indications to theGlamour, 131:regarded as the entire presentation, as the complete story or solution and as being separated fromGlamour, 158:In the Atlantean racial crisis (which was also a complete human crisis), the history of which isGlamour, 165:that the power of materialism is broken by the complete defeat of the Axis Powers and, secondly, byGlamour, 172:most practical form and the use of matter with complete impersonality. The goal of this techniqueGlamour, 178:and essential. It is a tension brought about by complete control of the personal self so that it isGlamour, 222:makes it most difficult to penetrate. Their complete assurance proves a serious obstacle toGlamour, 228:a preface to this group work is ten minutes of complete silence in which the group members attemptGlamour, 242:to express his desires and his ideas. This complete identification with the transient creation andGlamour, 264:in the appropriate centers because there will be complete indifference or non-identification withGlamour, 270:the Angel is sure, automatic and all-enveloping. Complete obliteration of [271] the personal selfGlamour, 271:what then is the destiny of the disciple? It is complete control by the soul and this, in practice,Healing, 8:easily to achieve the end desired - which may be complete healing, or it may be the establishing ofHealing, 8:and, through the portal of death, to pass to complete health. [9] Healing, 61:of life will come (and it is rapidly coming) complete immunity from tuberculosis. In the secret ofHealing, 105:I would emphasize the urgent necessity for complete silence and reticence in relation to allHealing, 110:of the material or physical probabilities. Complete spiritual healing will be divinely possibleHealing, 122:body. For the average disciple, before there is complete soul control and monadic direction, theHealing, 126:the Hierarchy, integration with the Whole, until complete unity and identification has beenHealing, 126:to another, making mistakes, arriving often at complete discouragement, identifying himself withHealing, 141:to be found in the physical body. They are all complete in themselves, all contributory to both theHealing, 152:the first initiation, signifying entrance into complete physical control). It is the organ for theHealing, 175:ajna center into the head center, signifying the complete unification of all the energiesHealing, 182:are in training and give them a somewhat more complete picture, but which will protect the ignorantHealing, 188:in the body - one consummating point of complete fusion. I give each of these in the sequence ofHealing, 203:personality). These two centers will then be in complete rapport, expressing the full nature of theHealing, 211:aspect. The nervous system then comes under the complete control of the spiritual man, and theHealing, 212:the dependent nervous system are in a state of complete imbalance. [213] Disciples need to learn toHealing, 222:familiar settings and experience the novelty of complete loneliness, when the normal inhibitionsHealing, 230:in genealogies and relationships, and the complete horror of the occidental thinker over theHealing, 236:trend of human selfishness will then die out. Complete cures, implemented by science, will bringHealing, 244:upon a temporary and passing scale, but the complete cessation of vitality within a form. "Times ofHealing, 246:[246] from the planet, brings about the complete disruption of the bodily organism and itsHealing, 254:the fullest cooperation. Neither group can do a complete task without the others; all areHealing, 266:is unalterably true. A generalization is never a complete expression of the truth. But, viewing theHealing, 291:is ignorance, leading to irresponsibility and complete lack of thought and there is attached toHealing, 295:I will here give you Law IX, and thus complete a group of laws which, when followed, will be foundHealing, 298:to the fact that They have not yet achieved complete divine expression. These Lords of the SevenHealing, 298:imperfection because of His imperfections; their complete "healing" will set the term for HisHealing, 305:the goal of the highest initiate was to attain complete control over matter, to unfold the mindHealing, 354:you can indeed feel, think and function as one complete unit - several personalities and one soul -Healing, 355:to see this group body of force and light as one complete form and as one expression of the groupHealing, 379:give you the clue. I am also handicapped by the complete ignorance of A.A.B. on these matters whichHealing, 385:from the difficulties which lie between him and complete healing. When Christ so frequentlyHealing, 386:the part of both healer and patient to express complete harmlessness. The value of this will repayHealing, 401:particular theological certainties, either to complete annihilation as in the materialisticHealing, 406:the time of the second initiation. It is then a complete episode and is consciously registered.
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